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Jan 31, 2011


Rule changes and forum design update

Over the past few weeks the Admin Team has been discussing a couple rule additions and changes, most of which were sparked by threads in the Administrative/Community Suggestions section. We managed to compile a list of approx. 15 rules that are either making their first appearance on the server or are updated versions of existing rules, all of them can be found further in this announcement. During this process we've also decided that it's the right time to rework the design of our rule threads and all important stickies and announcements we have on RC:RP to make them more appealing to the eye, [profile]Bauer[/profile] and myself have spent a long time on editing all the formats and hopefully we've managed to achieve that. We hope you'll like and enjoy these changes!

Complete rework of the main rule thread
The main server rules thread received not only a visual update, but also general enhancements - some rules were added, some rules were removed due to being duplicates, some were reworded to be easier to understand, some were merged with other similar rules, etc. Majority of rules have also changed their numbers, so for easier reading we've added rule titles in brackets in the summarization below.
Most of this editing/formatting work has been done by [profile]Bauer[/profile], thanks [profile]Bauer[/profile]!

List of the changes can be found below (excluding minor changes such as fixing typos):
  • Rule 35 added (Abuse of the RC:RP script, SA:MP or GTA San Andreas)
  • Rule 36 added (Time consuming actions)
  • Rule 37 added (Pulling out weapons)
  • Rule 13 added (Driving/vehicle rules)
  • Rule 42 (Drive-by shoot on any bike) moved to newly created rule 13 (Driving/vehicle rules)
  • Rule 11 (Robbery limits) merged with Rule 13 (You may not rob any player who is level 1 or 2) to form Rule 15 (Robbery/scamming limits)
  • Rule 15 updated (Robbery/scamming limits)
  • Rule 27 updated (If an item is script wise in your posession [...] )
  • Rule 18 updated (Binds)
  • Rule 5 updated (CLEO mods)
  • Rule 33 (No OOC Lying) merged with rule 7 (OOC Conversations)
  • Rule 32 (Respecting others) merged with rule 7 (OOC Conversations)
  • Rule 15 removed (Killing after/before robbery) -> Will be implemented in the Robbing Rules
  • Part of Rule 1 removed (Payday Rushing)
  • Rule 16 removed (Revealing identity of a secret faction member) -> No longer used
  • Rule 19 removed (Roleplaying character younger than 16) -> No longer used
  • Rule 22 removed (Stealing goods script-wise during house burglaries or by hijacking a car's trunk when it is locked is not allowed.) -> Duplicate rule, same can be found in the Robbing Rules
  • Rule 25 removed (Mick's Monster Truck) -> No longer used
Please continue reading the announcement to know the details of all rule changes.
New thread design
Most of the informational threads we had on RC:RP used to look quite bland, old, and let's be honest - ugly. Myself ([profile]Earl[/profile]) and [profile]Bauer[/profile] have reformatted them completely, giving them a brand new design (making use of the new BBcodes added to the forums a while ago), and they're (hopefully) much less of an eyesore now (hopefully this will make ya'll read the rules and actually abide by them!

General Server Rules
Forum Rules
Teamspeak Rules
Robbing / Scamming Rules
Under 16 Roleplay Rules
Roleplay Guidelines
Gang Rules
Marketplace Rules
Refund Rules
Server IP thread
Discord information thread
Teamspeak information thread
Script changelog link thread
Administrator Task List
Guide on how to post a guide
Admin Complaint information thread
Player Complaint information thread
Ban Appeals
Faction leadership Q&A (sticky in general OOC)
RC:RP Criticism Thread
Commend an Administrator thread
Suggestion Guidelines
Head of Bans info thread
Refund Information thread (merged 3 threads into 1)
Marketplace - Acceptable threads
General IC Information sticky
(NEW) Rule 35 - Script abuse
This rule might seem like common sense, but it was never actually written down in our rules, so we've decided to implement it to avoid any misunderstandings or grey areas.

Rule 35
Abuse of the RC:RP script, SA:MP or GTA: San Andreas

Abusing the script or game physics in any way to give an advantage over another player is not allowed.

Developing often brings bugs, this can be our very own server script, a SA:MP issue or a bug within the game itself. Sometimes these bugs can give an unfair advantage against other players and this is strictly not allowed. If you come across a server side bug you must report it immediately using the "Bug Report" section on the forum (If the bug is able to be abused then forum PM your report to a Tester). If you knowingly let someone else but abuse without reporting them you may also be subject to punishment..
PunishmentPunishments may vary depending on the severity and frequency of offenses that are committed by a player.

(NEW) Rule 36 - Time consuming actions
A rule about time consuming actions has been implemented in order to make certain situations more fair.

Rule 36
Time consuming actions

There are certain actions that would realistically take a long time, but are shortened and simplified to avoid forcing the players to wait for extended periods of time. However, in some cases doing these actions could lead to an unfair advantage over other players, and you are required to act accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Repairing and/or respraying your vehicle cannot be done while you're in an active roleplay scenario, unless it's a direct part of the scenario itself (eg. mechanic RP). This applies mainly during police/player chases and when you're being actively looked for (eg. after the said chase). You are allowed to repair/respray your vehicle after the 20-minute timer is up (as per rule 30).
  • Healing major wounds at a hospital puts you out of the roleplay scenario you were wounded in. In most cases members of the FD will transport you to one of the hospitals after you've received significant wounds, but due to the simplified hospitalizing system you will be able to walk freely very soon after. This does not allow you to get right back to the roleplay you were wounded in - for example, if you were shot during a shootout and got transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound, you would realistically spend at least a day or two in a hospital bed. For the sake of fun this roleplay is skipped, however for the sake of fairness you are not allowed to return to the scenario you were wounded in, as you would realistically be either undergoing a surgery or lying in hospital bed in pain. You are allowed to participate in any RP scenarios unrelated to the previous one (similar as with the Revenge Killing rule.)
PunishmentIf you're found to have resprayed your vehicle or skipped your hospital time for your advantage, you will be subject to a temporary ban or a date ban, depending on the severity of the rulebreak.

(NEW) Rule 37 - Pulling out weapons
The rule about asspulling used to be a part of the clutter under Rule 1. It has been moved out and is a separate rule now. Additionally, following a community suggestion we've decided to make it allowed to skip the roleplay of pulling out small firearms such as 9mms, Silenced 9mms and Desert Eagles.

Rule 37
Pulling out weapons

It is not allowed to pull out a large melee weapon or a firearm without roleplaying the action with a /me or /do, unless they're visibly holstered on your body via /holster.
Rule 37This rule does not apply to small melee weapons or firearms, which can be pulled out with no roleplay even if not visibly holstered.

Weapons that fall under the "small" criteria are:
  • 9mm
  • Silenced 9mm
  • Desert Eagle
PunishmentAsspulling a large weapon will result in an admin jail.

(NEW) Rule 13 - Driving/vehicle rules
This rule is not entirely new, because it's made up of rules that previously existed as part of Rule 1. They did not exactly fit there, so we decided to form a new rule with all of them in it, to ensure easier reading and transparency. Additionally, the rule about drive-bying on bikes (previously Rule 42) has been moved to this rule aswell.
No changes has been done within the actual rules.

Rule 13
Driving/Vehicle Rules

We all wish to promote fairness towards everyone while driving a vehicle, therefor there are a few rules considering driving and vehicles in general.

Adding NOS/hydraulics script-wise is allowed only after proper roleplay of installing these mods has been finished.

Ninjajacking (using the GTA physics to jack someone from a vehicle without any RP) is considered powergaming and is not allowed. You have to fully roleplay such an action and give the other party a chance to react.

Tapping the 'lean forward' key while riding any bike allows you to gain a large and unrealistic speed and therefore is not allowed.

Using side-job vehicles for personal use for personal use is not allowed, as it is unfair towards players wishing to use the vehicles for their intended purpose.

Driver drive-by (using GTA's drive-by mechanic as the driver of a vehicle) is not allowed due to the excessive damage it causes compared to on foot gun usage.

Drive-by shooting as the passenger of any bike, motorbike or quad is not allowed, as it moves the hitbox of your character in an awkward manner and makes you more or less invincible.

Carsurfing (standing on top of a moving vehicle) is not allowed. Some vehicles (eg. pick-up trucks) are exempt from this.

Non-RP driving is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: heavy offroading with non-offroad vehicles, stunting, mountain climbing, cliff jumping, drifting on sidewalks.

Unrealistic driving may only be done if you have a proper reason to disregard road laws (for example being in a chase or a race). Speeding dangerously, swerving into oncoming vehicles, drifting, etc out of OOC boredom is not allowed.

Crossing roadblocks - you are not allowed to cross or go around police/emergency roadblocks just to get to your destination quicker. It is considered unrealistic and you're supposed to have a detour instead.

Locking a vehicle in a Non-RP manner where your character would be unable to do so is not allowed (e.g. while downed or held at gunpoint).
PunishmentThis offense will result in an admin jail. Persistent rule breakers may be permanently banned from the server.

(NEW) Rule 15 - Robbery/scamming limits
This rule also isn't completely new. It consists of two previous rules - Rule 11 (Robbery limits) and Rule 13 (You may not rob any player who is level 1 or 2), which were merged together.

Additionally, a major change has been made to the robbery limit, following a large community discussion. The robbery limit has been lowered to $5.000. The limit when forcing a player to take out money from their bank account has been lowered to $2.500 accordingly.

An exception to the rules has also been introduced - from now on it is allowed to rob/scam an under-level-3 player, if they're committing illegal acts such as dealing drugs or using weapons.

Rule 15
Robbery/scamming limits

It can be difficult for players to make significant money in the server and we feel that there should be some protection of the funds gained by the players.

The robbery limit is
Rule 15$5,000 and the scamming limit is $50,000.

The player being robbed / scammed MUST be level THREE or higher. It is not allowed to rob level 1-2 players.

You yourself need to be level THREE or higher in order to scam and/or rob. You may also not assist when robbing and/or scamming a player until you are level THREE in the interests of fairness.

You may only rob up to
$2,500 if you are forcing someone to take money from any of their assets or their bank account.

Exception to this rule: In the interest of fairness, committing illegal acts such as dealing drugs or using illegal weapons as a level 1 or 2 removes the under-level-3 protection. This means that other players will be allowed to rob or scam you in such a situation, despite of your level not being high enough.

We have a separate thread for all rules related to robbing and scamming, it can be found here:

PunishmentPlayers found breaking this rule will be admin jailed or temporary banned, depending on the situation.

Rule 27 - If an item is script-wise in your possession...
Rule 27 has received an update following a community discussion. Additionally, a sentence about hiding holstered weapons completely in your ped/character model has been added. This applies to weapons that cannot be invisibly holstered (for example the AK-47).
The new parts have been colored red and bolded in the rule below.

Rule 27
If an item is script wise in your possession, it is in your possession.

If you are searched and are carrying any items that the searching player wishes to confiscate; you may -NOT- RP that the item is elsewhere.

If you've specifically roleplayed hiding your goods to make them harder to find (for example stuffing cocaine bags into your shoe or strapping a handgun under your car) - you are expected to provide screenshot proof of those actions to everyone who requests it. The screenshot must have time-stamps enabled. If no proof of hiding an item is given - it is up to the person conducting the search to believe you or not.

Rule 27The game physics don't really allow for much concealment when it comes to dropping items such as weapons or drugs, so we consider it acceptable to roleplay hiding such items and keeping it on your character. Similar as in the paragraph above, you will need to take a screenshot of the roleplay and show it to whoever requests it. This can be done only during active roleplay scenarios such as gun/drug deals and similar.

You are allowed to hide your visibly holstered weapons inside clothing items such as backpacks, purses and duffle bags.
You are NOT allowed to fully hide them inside your character's model.
PunishmentThe breach of this rule will result in the item(s) being removed from you or/and lead to a temporary ban, depending on the situation.

Rule 18 - Binds
The rule about binds has been updated, an explanation of what a bind is has been added, the part about briefcases has been removed as briefcases are no longer a thing, and a paragraph about binds with multiple actions in them has been added.

Rule 18

General rules about binds you need to know.

Rule 18Binds are automated messages activated with a hotkey, which can be created using a key-binding program such as AutoHotkey. They are allowed on RC:RP, but should only be used for situations when you have no time to type your message (for example pulling out your weapon or broadcasting a megaphone message from a police cruiser during a chase) and similar. There are certain rules and limitations related to binds, they have been listed below:

You may not use binds which are not clear on what action they represent exactly.
They confuse other players as they have to guess which action is currently happening.

  • William Silver [holsters/unholsters] his [Desert eagle/9mm].
  • William Silver takes out a [AK-47/Shotgun/M4/MP5] from the trunk.

You may not use binds that serve more than one purpose.
As in majority of cases they allow you to finish an action way quicker than it's physically possible to do it. An example of this could be a single bind for opening the trunk of your vehicle, taking a weapon out and closing the trunk.

You are not allowed to use automated binds.
As in binds that repeat a certain action every X seconds. This generates unneccessary lag for the whole server and in most cases is seen as abuse. This includes binds for automatically repeating /fish, as such bind allows you to earn money without even being near your computer. Binds with the /fish command used once per pressing a hotkey are allowed.
PunishmentThose who use binds of this nature will be kicked from the server and forced to remove the bind in question. Repeated offences will result in a temporary ban.

Rule 5 - CLEO mods
Animation mods have been added to the accepted mods list.

Rule 5
CLEO mods are allowed as long as they don't fall under the definition of a hacking tool

Hacks/Cheats are strictly prohibited.

The use of CLEO mods is allowed given that the mod(s) do not give an advantage over another player. Mods like these are considered acceptable:

  • First person mod
  • ELM (for emergency factions only)
  • Streamfixes
  • ENB series
  • Radar mods
  • Cruise Control (this one)
  • SnowFX
  • Reloading mods (reload whenever you press a button)
Rule 5
  • Animation mods (except ones that move your character or distort it)

Mods that give you weapons, health, money, free vehicle repairs, teleports, make you fly or advantages similar to hack programs are prohibited. Tools like camhack are only allowed with permission from an administrator.
PunishmentUsing a CLEO mod that could be considered a hack will lead to an immediate permanent ban (This also applies to using certain tools without admin permission). There are systems in place to detect speed/fly hacks etc and it is impossible to spawn money.

Business interior change procedure
A point-by-point procedure of having a business interior changed has been added to the House & Business Customisation Rules in order to streamline the process and clear up any confusion.

The process of having a business interior added is as follows:
1. You need to acquire a map of the interior. You can either map it yourself via external mapping programs such as Texture Studio, or ask someone else to create the map for you.
2. Once the map is finished - send a forum PM to me (Earl), state the name and location of your business, and present detailed screenshots of the whole interior.
3. I will point out things that need to be tweaked/fixed (if any), which will have to be fixed before the map is forwarded further. When the map is considered of acceptable quality and is up to standards - it will be posted in the hidden mapping section and await a test.
4. The map will be tested by Testers in order to make sure that there's no bugs and that it works as intended.
5. After the test is done I will forward the tester's feedback to you (or the mapper), the bugs will have to be fixed and a new map code will have to be sent to me.
6. The map will be forwarded for testing again - if some bugs are still found then point 5 is repeated, if not - point 7 follows.
7. The business interior change fee has to be paid (and any other fees, if applicable).
8. The fixed map is then sent to Tommy, who adds the map to the main server.

End note
Thanks for reading through all the updates and changes, hopefully they will make your RC:RP experience even better!

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