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Apr 5, 2010
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After yesterdays admin meeting we've discussed and made several decisions to improve and raise the standard of this server with one goal; Make it even better than it used to be. In the end, it's us admins trying to give you an enjoyable roleplay environment by spending our freetime here, so a little patience and help from YOUR end wouldn't harm as well. We're a community here, if we want to have a better server, we ALL need to work on it. There are things that only admins can change, but then again there are things that only players can do! I will not make a list of things we ask for to be changed by the players, that's something you should think about yourself. One little hint; It would improve the RP by (I'll just kick in a value) 70% (I'd say) if you all just thought about what you would do IN REAL LIFE before RPing something in game.

"What would I do if I was in this situation?". That's it. That would help staying realistic and lowering the powergaming rate on this server. Believe it or not.. I've seen this before.

With the last admin meeting we had we decided to change several things within the administration itself. Promotions and the way we're going to handle non-rp situations in the future, plus the way head admins are going to handle punishments for other administrators as well. We hope to improve step by step together.

One more thing I'd like to say regarding the admin complaints and those who tend to complain about literally everything: Think twice or even more before making a complaint. Those of you wh are known well in the admin team for making ridiculous complaints for the smallest things while 90% of the complaint is just (sorry, but..) BULLSHIT, are not taken seriously anymore. I mean it. You should first think if the admin complaint is going to improve things or not, but unfortunately most of the players in RC-RP just want to see an admin being punished. Let me tell you something, I don't know HOW but the playerbase somehow got the idea of equality between admins and players. Of course, we are all regular people, but everyone should know, and I actually wanted Alec to post this but you will hear this from me now: We are all just human beings (with a few exceptions I might say, TommyB is not a human for example). The rank administrator automatically gives an admin more rights on the server, we can do things like going OOC or messing around whenever we want to (with restrictions, see below).

WHY? Simply because we are spending our time here assisting people and dealing with all kinds of players, some are easy breezy to handle, some are just killing your nerves with an axe. Reducing our stress which we relate to the IG happenings, we tend to go run around and have some fun, and nobody has the right to restrict us from this, except the thing which we discussed on the meeting; The location for OOC fuckery. Administrators will be doing this far away from any players now. But if you see one in the city screwing around, don't go rush to the complaint form unless it disturbs and seriously fucks up someones roleplay. Send it to me directly then..

Administrators need to be respected, if I see a player not respecting a moderator or administrator, he/she will hear from me. Same thing will happen if you don't respect each other.

If an admin is on duty and you see him on the streets and you start shooting at him or punching him, driving him over, trying to kill him, expect a punishment any time, it's completely up to the admins judgement from that point on. And if you are punished, don't rush to the forums or start crying, it will be your own fault. I'm sick and tired of people seeing your blue nametag as an invitation to go OOC and fuck around! Stop that!

Oh and those who want to become admins, one little hint; don't PM ANYONE (or ask on TS) for such a position. Your chances will be lowered by ~70%. Oh and those of you which think they are smart to go to Alec directly will be redirected to me anyway, so if you can't resist and want to get some information on how to become an admin, just come directly to me.. Saves everyone the work. ;)

I hope this topic doesn't look like a rant topic, just a few thoughts from my end including the opinion of other administrators. The aim of this topic was to show that things are being worked on, but we need your support to do it. (we could do it alone but that'd take more time and could be a little unpleasant for some of you).

PS: We'll also be more strict with the punishment of players to raise the RP standard, you should be prepared for that.

Laaaaaaaast but not least, I want to thank all of you who still support and help improving the server. Including the administrators!


Dec 28, 2010
Good luck trying to improve the server's RP standards. We seriously need it.


Jun 15, 2011
Nicely said but i want to see RC-RP changing into a friednly server not like now, everyone hate, provoke and whine from simple things. :thumbup:


Apr 5, 2011
There are two massive problems.

Admin score has ruined the point of being an admin, before they were assessed on their personality and we had people like Brian Donnelley, Phil, Cruzito, Cook, Jetty, Lee etc., compare them to todays admins and there is a big difference and anyone who is a relative old timer will agree.

Assistance points / admin score is given per minute of admin duty and per assist, this means that admins are in a sense getting score to sit on admin duty whether they assist people or not, meaning that just because they're on a little bit more than another admin they will get more score despite the other admin doing 30 assists in 10 minutes.

Another problem is that reports are never handled, before admins would literally drop what they are doing to handle one, now there's no need, they're not scored to do so, administration now-a days is very lazy, all around and after a LONG talk with a specific ole timer, Jetty and Icewolf I feel they would definitely agree with the points he brought up, I know I do, I'm bringing them up now.

Even outside of the administration team there are a lot of issues, these are that people are put into positions because they have been here for a long time or for bad reasons, yes I can understand that the strength and integrity of some players in the community has massively lowered but that doesn't mean we should lower our standards when it comes to administration positions and faction head positions, there has been some really butt fuck stupid changes regarding the Court.

Whenever a player genuinely offers help to the community as a player, they are often shot down and the only way to actually help for them is to spam /n with answers (In which case it is locked by an admin) or by helping in random forum topics, which doesn't impact the server. You say that the players help build the community and we have strived previously and made the community the best it was.

Why? Because we were developing together, players developed regardless of who they were, we had players who no-one here has heard of but were literally the benchmark, we set the MA system to higher our standards but all it has done is made the admins do more work and become lazy, yes, lazy and people with poor grammar, and I mean Vito Andretti poor, are getting in.

Whilst the players and the admins themselves aren't the problem, I feel the reluctancy from admins and Alec to actually take risks and leaps regarding the server has taken a massive downfall. There are plenty of people that can offer help with the script but are refused, myself included, and there are many others who want to help in ways that make the admin's lives easier but they are also refused, why? Because they're not admins.

It's a massive trust and laziness issue, nothing else.
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