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Winter Roleplay 2017

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Jan 31, 2011

Winter Roleplay 2017

Hey there, fellow roleplayers!

Winter is coming. And that means that cold temperatures, snow, ice, long nights and all that are coming too. And just like every year, we're going to roleplay those effects globally - and what does that mean? In short, it means that the administrators will announce how the weather conditions look like, and all the online players will have to roleplay accordingly. For example, if we say that it's snowing heavily - you won't be able to fly helicopters or drive as fast as you normally would. Everything will be announced via in-game asays by administrators, so make sure to pay attention to the chat! Except for asays, a /snowlevel command has been implemented, which can be used by any player at any time to check the current level. The current snow level will also be included in the player MOTD (Message Of The Day), so pay attention to it while logging in. You can also see the MOTD on the RC:RP Homepage. The /snowlevel info and the MOTD will be updated by administrators along with weather-changing asays. Please note that with the implementation of /snowlevel, the current level will no longer be updated in the title of this thread, as it used to be in previous years.

The amount of snow will be based on the SnowFX modification, which you're all encouraged to install (although it's not mandatory). There's five levels of snow, from 0 to 4 - each of them describing a different amount of snow falling from the sky / lying on the ground (they're described thoroughly below). You will be required to roleplay the snow and the effects accordingly. Like it was said earlier, administrators will make announcements throughout the day with notifications on the current level of snow, using the levels applied in the SnowFX modification. There's also the SnowAndreas mod, which will replace all the textures from the core game to winter textures - basically adding snow everywhere. It is also not mandatory, but we encourage you to use it aswell, as it greatly increases the immersion.

Winter roleplay gives you a large sum of completely new things to roleplay - use this as a chance to develop your character to the best of your ability and roleplay passively with your friends. Here's a couple examples of what opportunities winter RP brings:
  • Vehicles getting stuck in snow / on ice
  • Wearing warm winter clothing
  • Power outages caused by massive snowfalls
  • Spilling ash / sand / salt on your driveway to fight ice
  • Diesel vehicles refusing to start up in cold temperatures
  • Car crashes caused by icy roads
  • Plowing the snow
  • Giving shelter to the homeless during large snowfalls
  • Snowball fights / sledding / singing "do you want to build a snowman?"
Anything you can imagine really.

Snow levels

The weather announcements will always have a snow level included in them. Here's what the levels mean.​

Level 0
Roads are cleaned, there's either very little snow or no snow at all.
You may go full speed, and you may drive on dirt roads. Off-roading is allowed. You're allowed to fly aircrafts and drive motorcycles.

Level 1
Roads are pretty clean, but there's snow on the ground, and some snow falling from the sky now and then.
You may go maximum of 80mph (Off-road vehicles - maximum of 90mph). Off-roading is allowed when going slow (max 30mph; this includes dirt roads). You're allowed to operate aircraft and drive motorcycles.

Level 2
Roads are getting snowy, snow plows may head out to clean them. Moderate snowfall.
You may go maximum of 65mph (Off-road vehicles - maximum of 75mph). Off-roading is allowed when going really slow (max 15mph; this includes dirt roads). You're allowed to operate aircraft and drive motorcycles.

Level 3
Roads are quite full of snow, snow plows are required for them to be passable. Lots of snow falling from the sky. Visibillity reduced to approx. 100-150 meters.
You may go maximum of 45mph (Off-road vehicles - maximum of 55mph). You may not drive on dirt roads and off-roading is not allowed, with the exception of 4x4 vehicles capable of heavy offroad (max. 15mph). You're not allowed to operate an aircraft and drive motorcycles with the exception of the quad (which you may roleplay as a snowmobile).

Level 4
Roads are full of snow, impassable without being cleaned by snow plows. Heavy snowfall. Large snowdrifts on the roadsides. Visibillity reduced to approx. 50 meters.
You may go maximum of 20-30mph (Off-road vehicles - maximum of 35mph). You may not drive on dirt roads. Off-roading is not allowed. You're not allowed to operate an aircraft and drive motorcycles with the exception of the quad.

List of vehicles deemed as offroad-capable:
Landstalker, Huntley, Rancher, Yosemite, Mesa, Police Ranger, BF Injection, Patriot, Quad, FBI Rancher, Sandking, Bandito, Dune, Barracks, Flatbed.​

You have to roleplay accordingly to the current snow level. If you don't, a punishment will be handed out.​

Snow textures mod & SnowFX

One of our community members, OutWorld, has created a great tutorial for downloading and installing the snow textures mod and SnowFX mod, here's a link to it: https://redcountyrp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=111083.

Direct links to all the mods and programs used to install them:
SnowAndreas - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3ZTDZDLSbmMRXFyOGwtU3JpYzA/view?pli=1
SnowFX - http://www.gtainside.com/download.php?do=comments&cat=124&id=16201
Cleo 4 (required for the SnowFX mod) - http://cleo.li/download
Mod Loader (useful for installing the snow textures mod) - https://redcountyrp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=296&t=101778
Asi Loader (required for Mod Loader to work) - http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=21709

And that's all! So don't wait any longer, wear some warm clothes, bring some friends and have a snowball fight to celebrate the beginning of winter 2017! And don't forget to drink a cup of hot chocolate afterwards or you'll end up catching a cold. :)
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