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[UPDATE] Red County Roleplay v2.1



Red County Roleplay v2.1
Welcome to the new improved Red County Roleplay 2.1 in this version it features a number of fantastic new innovative scripts thanks to our developers and testers! We understand that this release has been something you all have been waiting for a while, we promise that the next updates will be more frequent than ever before. The reason why this version took the longest was because of the weapon system and the reason for this was to ensure no bugs were caused for a rushed script, therefore it has been delayed till the next script revision. We hope you enjoy what we have spent a while working on! Below you will find everything listed in the v2.1 update.

Server Script v2.1
TommyB and I have spent countless hours, days and weeks working in order to get this system out as fast as possible. The reason why this system took so long as it's a mixture between bug fixes and also systems being created. Within this updates, we hope that the ones reported have been addressed and will not occur from now on.

Many new features have been added to the server, I could go on for days speaking about each and every one but it's way too big to be put in here.
The changelog can be found here: Click me

Global Hotwiring
Inside the update, it features a global hotwiring system enabling you to get inside other player vehicles and steal them if unlocked. With having this ability means that there must also be the responsibility from you. We do not want to see people hotwiring a vehicle to smash it up because you have an OOC grudge against someone. Tommy has ran a query to lock all your vehicles when they are first put into the server, from now on it's recommended that you lock your vehicles as you may see it disappear one day.

As of now the system is very basic and encourage any of you to give us some suggestions on the matter once the boards have been unlocked.

Please note: Faction vehicle hotwiring will not be added.

Dropping Phones
Also inside the new update it features a weapon dropping script. Using the command "/drop phone" will allow you to place it onto the floor and allow others to see it. If you pickup a phone which isn't yours in /pinfo it shall display who it belongs to.

Phones are also able to be located to the position you drop it at, which increases the RP and "tracking" procedures by law enforcement factions.

Just like the last system, we're all about improving. Please post on our suggestions board once they've been unlocked.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article. The anticipated wait for 2.1 was worth it and we hope you agree with us too. Hours from the development team and tester team has been put into this release. We would like to thank everyone who has put their time and effort in any way shape or form to help with developing/testing.

Well that's enough of me, thank you and welcome to Red County Roleplay version 2.1! :luvrcrp:

More information can be found about 2.1 here at: Click me


x00 said:
So when is the new weapon system coming?

It has been delayed for the next version where it would have been thought out properly instead of rushed to be put into this one.

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Retired Admin
Jan 1, 2011
do testers actually do something apart from test the new features? like make sure that there are no bugs (aka stress test the script for a few hours), make sure the features that are taken out are COMPLETELY taken out, not just partially (post office icon still there)? i really dont see myself spending time filling out bug reports, when they are so obvious, that a simple tester could do it instead of me (at least its part of his duties) :roll:

Global hotwiring and phones is da bomb doe.