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Silver Trading 2018-2019.

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Jan 19, 2016


2018 was huge! After the implementation of Rockshore with the help of Earl and Razr, we exceeded our $180,000,000 goal majorly, and managed to remove $205,860,898 from the economy. We managed to remove $178,555,981 in 2017. Many may ask "Why is this needed?" and the answer is simple; money is being spawned into the server constantly, through lottery jackpots, illegal weapon crates, faction payouts and so on. By removing all of the money gained from Silver Trading throughout the year, we keep the economy fair and balanced so you don't see average houses selling for extortionate prices.

Our main goal for 2019 is to remove another $200,000,000 from the server. We also plan to get the rest of the Rockshore Businesses which aren't faction management properties out on the market, providing more roleplay opportunities to the town.

I'd also like to use this topic to announce that Head Admins, @Arky and @Menace now have access to Silver Trading commands and can assist you for any inquiries you may have in game.

Thanks for helping us keep the economy balanced, let's hope for a more successful 2019!

- dex, on behalf of Silver Trading.

Not open for further replies.