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Regarding roleplaying injuries etc.


Jul 1, 2010
Västerås, Sweden
The fire department gets less and less calls these days due to people not roleplaying crashes or general injuries, which is the most frequent task for them and always has been. Therefore I'm going to give you some info about what you can do to help them by giving them something to do. Just take it as inspiration, if you'd like. Even though it's mostly common sense.

1. Car accidents.
This is the most known one for you guys. A lot of people just types "/do Airbag pops." and then steps out, screams at eachother and off you go. This is not very accurate to the reality. There's a lot of stuff the airbag doesn't protect you from, and a lot of things that it does to you. Here some things you can think of even though your airbag pops.
ÔÇó Concussion
ÔÇó Whiplash (Especially if you get hit from behind, this can be caused even from the speed of 5 mph).
ÔÇó Crushed glass falling over you.
ÔÇó Breaking of a/an/several elbow/leg/knee/foot/wrists/ancles/hips/hands/fingers/skull.
ÔÇó Psychical injuries such as being chocked.
So doing "/do airbag pops." is valid, but just ending it there is not. We even admin jail people for that frequently. Do roleplay it from there, and since barely anyone goes under the speed of ~40, you will have injuries from the crash.
To give the fire department some more things to do during an accident, there's some more things you can add to the scenario. Here's a list, you can fill it in using you imagination.
ÔÇó Oil/gas leak.
ÔÇó Engine fire.
ÔÇó You being stuck in the vehicle.

2. Injuries
Most of you guys think of bullet wounds or car accidents when talking about injuries. That's not all. Injuries could be caused randomly by the most ironic things and whenever you expect it the least, so don't be hesitate to RP it that way too.
Frequent injuries thay may occur:
ÔÇó Slipping/falling and breaking something.
ÔÇó Dehydrated.
ÔÇó Getting injured while doing any activity. (Like getting your hand stuck/hurt while repairing an engine/cutting yourself on something)

3. Diseases
This could be absolutely random. Use your imagination of what might happen to your character. Seizures e.t.c is something which the paramedics commonly responds to in real life. Some things you could do if you're bored would be:
ÔÇó Low blood sugar (if you RP a diabetic).
ÔÇó Epilepsy.
ÔÇó Allergy.
ÔÇó Asthma.
ÔÇó Heart attack.
ÔÇó Cardiac Arrest

4. Other things
As you're probably fully aware of, the FD does not only treat injured people. They also run fire calls and other emergency's such as oil leaks. Here comes a list of things you can call the firemen for.
ÔÇó Fire (Obviously)
ÔÇó Oil leaks
ÔÇó Sea rescue
ÔÇó You being stuck somewhere and unable to get up/down from it.
ÔÇó Check if your house/business/office etc need something done in case of emergency.
ÔÇó Asking them to train your employee's in first aid.

Of course, there's a lot more things you can call them for. Keep in mind that non-emergency things such as the last 2 things on the last list is not something you should call 911 for. Also, don't get injured over and over again just for the lulz. Do it decently if you feel like it's fun being taken care of by them.

Thanks for reading and remember, their RP rely on you!


Sep 29, 2010
Ha, Jerquis' disease is on the list. (Roleplaying a diabetic due to him being fat a couple of months ago).

To me this is pretty much common sense, to be on topic.


Dec 4, 2010
Less calls gives them less roleplay, which gets them bored and /quitfaction . I experienced this during my 2 weeks in the old SAES...


Dec 3, 2010
lol, I've been in 2 car crashes;

1st time, I got hit from behind, the guy was going 5-10mph, and we were rammed into another person infront of us.
2nd time, There was a (LARGE) hill covered in ice, my car slid down going 20/30mph, and we hit someone who spun out at the bottom of the hill.

Both times, the airbag didn't go off, and I was completely fine, despite minor neck pains for a few hours after getting hit from behind.

Oh, and don't forget Sicknesses such as the Flu, the Cold, etc.


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Mar 28, 2010
Agreeing with you, also I fail to understand why people who are riding bikes never have to RP injuries after a crash if they don't fall off the bike. Yesterday someone riding a bike crashed into me head-on at 50 Mp/h, I told him to RP his injuries properly and his reply was "I didn't fall off the bike".


Jan 30, 2011
When I was in the emergency services and received no calls, me and the mates created roleplay ourselfes! Try to crash someone and tell that your firetruck/ambulance is extra armoured (>.>) or just ask an administrator to announce a burning building somewhere in the county. It always helps.
On topic, the matter is that roleplaying all the same things again and again is becoming boring and people just can't be bothered to roleplay it. Even more, there are masked people or newbies who drive into you and then go away. Roleplaying on your own is also not the best option, even when there are much better things to do.
But, at the end of all, I have to agree - it has to be roleplayed and often people underrate the importance of this roleplay.


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Nov 21, 2010
Closer to Zion everyday
It's actually quite nice to RP with the Fire Department, had an amazing RP situation with a car crash. They know their shit when it comes to medical thingies.


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Nov 21, 2010
The Netherlands
Rasta said:
It's actually quite nice to RP with the Fire Department, had an amazing RP situation with a car crash. They know their shit when it comes to medical thingies.

Jupp, that's why I create RP for them when I have nothing else to do.