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Red County Roleplay - Ultimate New Player Guide

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Nov 29, 2010
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Here at RCRP, we respect that being new to the server can be a rather daunting experience. We understand that the features may all seem too complex, all of the different locations seem slightly confusing and the whole Grand Theft Auto atmosphere may be a new roleplay experience for some. In order to make new players feel more comfortable and to make your playing experience easier, I along with the RCRP Helper team have compiled a "Newbie Guide". The newbie guide contains all of the frequently asked questions that we're asked on a daily basis, that may just help you one day! The topic is currently being written and developed as we speak by the Helper team, so if something's not here currently you can always contact a Helper, a member of Helper Administration or myself and we'll do our very best to answer your query for you.

This guide can be used as a quick reference when you're unsure about something, or if you're a new player it may be a good idea to read through it entirely. Whichever you'd prefer.

Where can I view all of the guides?
Ironically, most of the information players need is listed here, in our very own Guides and Tutorials section. Members of the Helper team post guides on a daily basis to help players and make them feel "at home". Guides are posted in regards to anything surrounding RCRP, whether it's about in-game, the forums, the UCP or Teamspeak - there's a guide for all different aspects of each software!

How can I collect my paycheck?

To receive your paycheck, go to any town-hall - these are located in Palomino Creek, Angel Pine, and Fort Carson; head inside and approach the rotating yellow 'i' and use /signcheck [number] - your paycheck's unique four-digit number comes by every hour at XX:00; it will show up under the HUD of your health bar and cash counter. The money will go into your bank and you can collect it from any bank located around the counties; you can also collect it from any ATM.

When collecting your paycheck, be sure that you don't Payday Rush! This is where you UN-RP'ly park your car, run inside the town hall, etc. for the sole purpose of getting your paycheck as quickly as possible; be sure to walk and sign your check accordingly before walking out and leaving the area in an RP manner.

How do I level up?

Every payday, you get XP points. To understand how to get your payday, read the question called "How can I collect my paycheck?" The amount of time you played since your last payday will influence how many XP points you get. 31 minutes is 1 XP point, 61 minutes is 2 XP and 91 minutes is 3 XP. The amount of XP needed to level up depends on your level. The forumla to figure it out is Your level * 10. So to become level 2 you need 10 XP, level 3 is 20 XP, level 4 is 30 XP, and level 5 is 40 XP. Once you get the needed amount of XP to level up, use /buylevel. This will tell you how much XP it will use and how much XP you have. If you have enough, use /buylevel confirm.

"How can I change my clothes?/How can I buy accessories?"

To change your clothes you need to head to any clothes store, commonly known as 'Little Lady' and 'Locals Only' - head inside and approach the icons that you'll most likely see upon entrance; here you need to use the command /buyclothes. You will be given a choice to purchase a skin or accessories and you will be taken to an interface where you can browse the skins and accessories that are available. Once you're happy with one, go ahead and buy it - you can change clothes with /changeclothes [clothing slot number], and you can wear an accessory with /clothing.

Where can I buy a car?

You can buy a car at any dealership or from another player - in Dillimore there is the Dillimore Automotive Shop for cars and Mr. Grant's Bike Shed for motorbikes. In Bayside, there is the Bayside Marina Dealership where you can purchase boats..

Keep in mind, you can buy from any other player at any level - the car will be pre-owned, but that doesn't mean it isn't a vehicle you can use! You need to contact someone IC'ly by calling them after, for example, an advert has been posted, stating that someone is selling a car, or you can look out for the cars that are labeled as 'For sale', with the price attached. You can buy these types of cars by calling the number that is attached on the label.

How can I buy a home?

If you are looking for a home then you may make an advertisement at a SANews Corporation Office, they are located in Montgomery and Fort Carson. You may also make an advertisement inside Palomino Creek Townhall and Angel Pine Townhall. You can also check the auctions tab on the forums and the Silver Trading properties office in Montgomery.

Where can I get furniture and other items for my home?

You can purchase furniture using "/buyf" inside your house. You may also search for a specific furniture by using "/SearchF".

How and where do I get a cellphone?

You can purchase a cellphone at any of the Electronics Stores around the server! It will cost you $300. The cellphone allows you to make and take calls from everywhere. The phone relies on credit and a battery though. You can get both those things at the Electronics Store as well. The phone will give you your own phone number too. You can check the battery life, the amount of credit, and your phone number via /pinfo.

Where is the DMV?
  • The DMV is basically located inside a little town well known as "Montgomery." To be exact if you keep on moving South bound Montgomery Main Street you would notice at the far a little building with a traffic light that keeps changing color every few seconds. Or if you just spawn at Montgomery Newbie Spawn you could just get out of the trailer park and you would notice that it is the next building to your left. Note: It is marked by a little a car image on your mini-map to help you find it. Anyways here are a few pictures which I hope would be of assistance to help you find it.

First picture shows the exact location of where it is on the map. It also shows a few things around which would help you to find it if you are somehow lost. NOTE: The red dot represents its location and not the cursor.

The second picture shows what I mean when I said the little building with a traffic light that keeps changing color every few seconds.

The point of the third picture is to basically show you the little car picture that would appear on your mini-map which would also be a great deal of help.

How much are the tests at the DMV?

GVL-1 (( They are the normal vehicles license, NOT the big ones, more like civilian vehicles )) Price: $100, Vehicle Used: Admiral
GVL-2 (( They are the big large vehicle licenses when you have acquired both licenses GVL-1 and GVL-2 you can basically drive any land vehicle )) Price: $3000, Vehicle Used: Mule
MB ((Those are the motorbike licenses)) Price: $2500, Vehicle Used: Sanchez
B ((Boat Licenses)) Price: $4000, Vehicle Used: Coastguard
A1 ((Helicopter Licenses)) Price: $15,000, Vehicle Used: Sparrow
A2 ((Pilot Licenses)) Price $25,000, Vehicle Used: Dodo

What kind of features do we have for vehicles?

Red County Roleplay got lots of features for vehicles, you can store weapons/drugs/materials in your trunk. You can also change your car music by using /carmusic [link/stop] or you can just travel around in your vehicle! More commands for vehicle purposes can be found by using /help vehicle in game.

How can I refuel my vehicle?

Your can refuel your vehicle/bike at any gas station around Red County, Bone County or Angel Pine. Once you are near the gas station you can use the command /refuel. It will ask you whether you want to use petrol or diesel, the type of fuel depends on your vehicle. You can use the command: "/einfo" in order to get the type of fuel your vehicle needs. If you have an aircraft, you may refuel at the Aviation Gas Station at the Abandoned Airport. If you have a boat, you may refuel at the Bayside Marina Gas Station in Bayside.

My vehicle/bike ran out of gas and I'm not near a gas station, what should I do?

This happens a lot in the server, but luckily we have a solution for this! You can buy a gas can from any general store, once you've bought a gas can from the general shop, you need to visit any gas station and use the command /refillfc. Once you've done that you can walk back to your vehicle and use the command /fuelcan whilst inside your vehicle. You may also call for a mechanic through the number "118" and someone should attend to your call.

The engine of my vehicle is smoking, what should I do?

In order to repair your vehicle, you've to bring it to a garage. Once you are at the garage you need to drive towards the "I" sign and use the command /repair. You might notice that it asks you what kind of repair you want, it's up to you what you want to repair. Keep in mind that repairing your vehicle depends on the damage of the vehicle, the higher the damage, the higher the price will be.

My vehicle broke down and I can't drive it anymore?

That's another situation which happens a lot, in order to get your vehicle to a garage you can try to call a mechanic. The mechanic hotline is 118. Once you've called the hotline, a mechanic should hopefully call you back and tell you they are coming. Sometimes it may occur that a mechanic isn't available and unfortunately you can't do anything with your vehicle then, you've to leave your vehicle behind and continue your way on-foot.

Why did I get a text "Engine Oil" above my fuel meter?

This message appears once you need to change your engine's oil, every 500 miles you drive you need to change your oil. You can change your engine's oil by buying Supreme Engine Oil in the Palomino Creek. After that you need to open the bonnet of your vehicle by using /bonnet and use the command /changeoil afterwards.

I can't find my vehicle anymore, what should I do?

You can create an /assistance and ask for a Helper/Admin to locate your vehicle, you need to tell the ID of your vehicle before a Helper or Admin can locate the vehicle for you. You can acquire the ID of your vehicle by using /mycars.

I have found a bug, what should I do?

Once you found a bug you need to head over to the Bug Report section on the RC:RP forums. In order to post your bug report you have to copy the Bug Report format in this topic > http://redcountyrp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=93203 Once you've done that you can create a separate topic in one of the Bug Report boards. I also suggest you to read the following topic > http://redcountyrp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=93202.

What kind of side-jobs do we have?

Red County Roleplay has a total of 5 side-jobs, currently we have the sweeper, trucker, coalminer, delivery and the trash master side-job. Side-jobs is a great way to earn money, one side-job pays better than the other however it may take longer than the low-paying side jobs. You can also level-up in a certain side-job, in order to do so you need to keep doing the side-job until you've enough of points. The amount of points in order to level up can be seen by using /jobs.

What happens if I level up in a side-job?

Once you level-up in a certain side-job, you will earn a bit more money once you finish that side-job, also the spam timer will decrease by 5 minutes every time you level up.

I can't seem to find the side-jobs, where are they?

Sweeper is located in Palomino Creek, Trucking is located in Dillimore, Delivery is located in Montgomery, Coalminer is located in Bone County and Trash master is located in Bone County as well. For a more accurate location you have to ask around ICly.

What kind of jobs do we have?

Red County Roleplay has a total of four jobs. Currently we have the Maintenance, Mechanic, Taxi Driver, and Drug Dealer job. Jobs is another great way to earn money or to fill up your empty time. You will also get some extra money on your payday once you got a -legal- job. You can only choose one job and if you want to quit your job you can use the command /quitjob. However you've to wait 30 minutes until you can get another job. You can get a job by visiting their HQ and walk over to the Briefcase sign and use the command /getjob.

I can't seem to find the jobs, where are they?

Maintenance worker is located in Palomino Creek, Mechanic is located in Palomino Creek as well, Taxi Driver is located in Montgomery, and Drug dealer is located in Blueberry. For a more accurate location you have to ask around ICly.

How do I create a character?

  • Firstly, you need to register on the UCP. (UCP Registration)
  • Secondly, you must complete the quiz without cheating or copying information relevant to the questions as you will get denied for this. (Read the rules to help with some of the questions: IG Rules and Forum Rules)
  • The next step, you will be asked to create a character story which is what your characters does, may want to do, how was his/her past, did he/she want a fresh start, have they come over to be with family or friends? Anything about your character.
  • Once you have complete those steps, you can then begin creating your characters.

This guide is constantly being updated by the Helper team.

The following members of the Helper team have helped me in writing the bulk of this guide. As it gets edited, more names will be added to the list of credits. This guide wouldn't have been possible without them.

Happy playing, and once again - if you have any other questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact a member of the team. :cowboy:

Red County Roleplay Helper Team
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