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Jan 31, 2011
Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions!
This will save time for both you and us so please do search for an answer here before creating an /assistance in-game, posting support ticket on our main website, or a topic on this forum.

If you're looking for further info about starting your journey on Red County Roleplay then make sure to check out our RC:RP Newcomer Guide!


What should I do if I find a bug?

If you happen to find a bug, please report it on the forums. The proper section can be found here.
Please keep in mind that exploiting a bug will result in a permanent ban.

Where can I submit a suggestion?

All suggestions should be submitted in the relevant forum categories here.
Please use the search function to see if someone has already suggested your idea.

Where can I find the changelog?

Changes to the in-game script can be found here.
Changes made to the UCP (User Control Panel) can be found here.

How can I donate and are there any benefits?

You can donate via PayPal. More information about donating and the perks that you can receive can be found by clicking on the Donate button on the main website.

Who is the server owner?

The server owner is TommyB. He goes by the name of William Silver in-game.

How can I become an admin?

New admins are selected by the Management team. Those who get chosen are those who put time and effort into helping others; both in-game and on the forums. You cannot apply to become an administrator and you should not ask for the position.

How can I become a helper?

Helpers are picked via an application process. You can find all of the information you need here.

Master Account

How can I create a new character?

A new character can be created by clicking Create on an empty slot via the My Characters page. You will need to have an approved Master Account in order to do that (so you'll need to pass the roleplay knowledge quiz and submit a written application and have it accepted).

How can I delete a character?

Deleting characters is not possible anymore. Please do not create support tickets or assistances in-game asking for a character to be removed.

I created a character before the master account panel was created, how do I retrieve it?

In the new version of the User Control Panel, you cannot import characters created before the master account system was released. You will have to make a new master account and characters.

How can I change my registered email?

Go to the Settings page on the UCP and enter a new email where your current email is displayed, then confirm the change by clicking a confirmation link sent to your email inbox.

How can I change my master account password?

When logged into your master account, select Settings and then Change password.

My password doesn't work / I've forgotten my password

Go to https://redcountyrp.com/password/remind and enter your email address.

Why was my master account application denied and what should I do?

The reason why your application was denied should be specified in the email which was automatically sent to you, as well as on your User Control Panel. If you were denied temporarily then you still have a chance to correct any mistakes after the temporary denial period has expired. If your application was denied permanently, then you can appeal the denial here.

I'm a youtuber/streamer, can you give me quick access to the server?

Being a Youtuber or a Twitch streamer does not give you any advantages on our server. You will be treated the same as everyone else who wishes to join our server. Please be patient.


Where can I find the in-game rules?

The in-game rules can be found here.

How can I contact a helper/admin in-game?

If you require assistance in-game, then use the command /assistance and describe your problem as in-depth as possible.

What is the current roleplay year in-game?

We roleplay in the present time, so the current roleplay year is 2020.

How do I get XP points and level up?

Every payday, you get XP points. To understand how to get your payday, read the question called "How can I collect my paycheck?" The amount of time you played since your last payday will influence how many XP points you get. 31 minutes is 1 XP point, 61 minutes is 2 XP, 91 minutes is 3 XP and so on. The amount of XP needed to level up depends on your current level. The formula to figure it out is your level * 10. So to become level 2 you need 10 XP, level 3 is 20 XP, level 4 is 30 XP, level 5 is 40 XP and so on. Once you get the needed amount of XP to level up, use /buylevel. This will tell you how much XP it will use and how much XP you have. If you have enough, use /buylevel confirm. Also, it's worth noting that payday experience will stack, so if you did not collect 5 paydays for example, you don't have to worry about it as you will receive all the stacked XP upon signing the next payday. You can view your playtime via /stats.

What are paychecks and how do they work?

Paychecks are how you accumulate money and experience points. They are automatically deposited to your account after 1 hour of playtime. The amount of money and experience points you get depends on what faction (and rank) you're in, what job you have, and your current donator level

Where is the DMV and how much are the tests?

The DMV is located in a little town called Montgomery. To be exact, it's behind Well Stacked Pizza Co. building, next to the VICE club. It is marked by a little a car image on your mini-map to help you find it. Here are a few pictures which I hope would be of assistance to help you find it.

First picture shows the exact location of where it is on the map. It also shows a few things around which would help you to find it if you are somehow lost.
The second picture shows the location from a third person perspective.

GVL-1 - Standard license for smaller passenger vehicles. Price: $100, Vehicle used: Admiral
GVL-2 - License for larger vehicles such as trucks. Price: $3000, Vehicle used: Mule
MB - Motorbike license. Price: $2500, Vehicle used: Sanchez
B - Boat license. Price: $4000, Vehicle used: Coastguard
A1 - Helicopter pilot license. Price: $15,000, Vehicle used: Sparrow
A2 - Airplane pilot license. Price $25,000, Vehicle used: Dodo

How do I get my own vehicle?

You can buy a car at any dealership or from another player. - There are currently 4 dealerships: Vehicle Dealership located in Dillimore, Mr. Grant's Bike Shed Dealership (motorcycles) also located in Dillimore, Hammer Down Dealership (heavy vehicles) located in Fort Carson and Victor's Vessels Dealership (boats) located in Rockshore. Exact locations of the dealerships can be found on the screenshots below.


Keep in mind, you can buy from any other player at any level - the car will be pre-owned, but that doesn't mean it isn't a vehicle you can use! You need to contact someone IC'ly by calling them after, for example, an advert has been posted, stating that someone is selling a car, or you can look out for the cars that are labeled as 'For sale', with the price attached. You can buy these types of cars by calling the number that is attached on the label.

What are the vehicle prices?

You can find a full list of vehicle prices right HERE

What kind of features do we have for vehicles?

Red County Roleplay has lots of features for vehicles. Of course, the most important feature is being able to travel from A to B, but you can also store all kinds of inventory items in your trunk (for example drugs, guns or a fuelcan). You can play music streams in your car by using /carmusic [link/stop]. You can modify your vehicle by going to any garage and typing /mod, or customise it by manually attaching objects to it via /vattachments. More commands for vehicle purposes can be found by using /help vehicle in game.

Note: Every 500 miles you drive you need to change your oil. An icon will appear on the speedometer letting you know that you have to change the oil. You can change your engine's oil by buying Supreme Engine Oil in the Palomino Creek Garage. After that you need to open the hood of your vehicle by using /hood and use the command /changeoil afterwards.

How can I refuel my vehicle?

Your can refuel your vehicle at any gas station around Red County, Bone County or Angel Pine. Once you are near the gas station you can use the command /refill petrol/diesel depending by the vehicle you use. You can use the command: "/einfo" in order to get the type of fuel your vehicle needs. If you have an aircraft, you may refuel at the Aviation Gas Station at the Abandoned Airport. If you have a boat, you may refuel at the Rockshore Docks Gas Station in Rockshore, Las Venturas.

My vehicle/bike ran out of gas and I'm not near a gas station, what should I do?

This happens a lot in the server, but luckily we have a solution for this! You can buy a fuelcan from any general store, then visit any gas station and use the command /refillfc. Once you've done that you can walk back to your vehicle and use the command /fuelcan whilst inside your vehicle. You may also call for a mechanic through the number "118" and someone should attend to your call.

I can't find my vehicle anymore, what should I do?

You can create an /assistance and ask for a Helper/Admin to locate your vehicle.

My vehicle is damaged, what shall I do?

In order to repair your vehicle you have to bring it to a garage. Once you are at the garage you need to drive towards the "I" sign and use the command /repair. You might notice that it asks you what kind of repair you want, it's up to you what you want to repair. Keep in mind that repairing your vehicle depends on the damage of the vehicle, the higher the damage, the higher the price will be. If your vehicle broke down completely, in order to get your vehicle to a garage you can try to call a mechanic. The mechanic hotline is 118. Once you've called the hotline, a mechanic should hopefully call you back and tell you they are coming to tow your car. Sometimes it may occur that a mechanic isn't available and unfortunately you can't do anything with your vehicle then, you have to leave your vehicle behind and continue your way on-foot.

What kind of side-jobs do we have?

Red County Roleplay has a total of 6 side-jobs, currently we have the sweeping, trucking, coal mining, delivery, trash collecting and bus driving side-jobs. Side-jobs are a great way to earn money, some side-jobs pay better than the rest, however thry may take longer than the low-paying side jobs. You can also level-up in a certain side-job, in order to do so you need to keep doing the side-job until you've finished it enough times. The amount of points in order to level up can be seen by using /jobs. Once you level-up in a certain side-job, you will earn a bit more money once you finish that side-job, also the spam timer will decrease by 5 minutes every time you level up.

I can't seem to find the side-jobs, where are they?

Sweeping is located in Palomino Creek, Trucking is located in Blueberry, Pizza Delivery is located in Montgomery, Coal mining is located in Bone County (Hunter Quarry), Trash Collecting is located in Bone County (Octane Springs) and Bus Driving is located in Blueberry. For a more accurate location you have to ask around ICly. You can also use /gps --> set destination ---> first 5 things that'll appear are the side-jobs. Side-jobs are also marked on your minimap with a red flag.

What kind of jobs do we have?

Red County Roleplay has a total of three jobs - the Maintenance, Mechanic and Taxi Driver job. Jobs are another great way to earn money or to fill up your empty time. You will also get some extra money on your payday once you got a legal job. You can only choose one job and if you want to quit your job you can use the command /quitjob. However you've to wait 30 minutes until you can get another job. You can get a job by visiting their HQ and walk over to the Briefcase sign and use the command /getjob. Remember that having a job scriptwise doesn't mean that you have to do it - you can do it whenever you feel like it. Job related commands can be found on /help job.

How do I get my own house?

If you are looking for a home then you may make an advertisement at a SANews Corporation Office, they are located in Montgomery and Fort Carson. You may also make an advertisement inside one of the Town Halls, as well as the Montgomery Information Office. You can also check the auctions tab on the forums and the Silver Trading properties office in Montgomery.

Where can I get furniture and other items for my home?

You can purchase furniture using "/buyf" inside your house. You may also search for a specific piece of furniture by using "/searchf".

How do I change my spawnpoint?

You can select your spawnpoint everytime you login in-game. You can select from a couple of 'default' locations as well as any house spawns, business, faction and the last position before you logged out.

How do I change my skin?

To change your clothes you need to head to any clothes store, usually branded 'Locals Only' or any original game brand such as Didier Sachs or ZIP. Once you find one, head inside and approach the icon that you will most likely see upon entrance; here you need to use the command /buyclothes. You will be given a choice to purchase a skin or accessories, and you will be shown an interface where you can browse through the skins or accessories that are available. Once you're happy with one, go ahead and buy it - you can change clothes with /changeclothes [clothing slot number], and you can wear an accessory with /clothing. As a side note, if you want to get rid of some clothes, use /drop clothes.

Why can't I find a specific skin/vehicle/weapon?

If you're unable to find a specific skin, weapon, or vehicle then it's restricted and not supposed to used by the general public. Admins will be reluctant to set or spawn any restricted item in-game, so please do not ask.

How can I sell something to another player?

If you wish to sell something to another player, then use the /sell command to get the full syntax.

How does the business system work?

Each business has a specific payout that will be added to your paycheck. You will also earn money from entrance fees if your business can be entered, and also a percentage of anything purchased inside.


Where can I find the forum rules?
The forum rules can be found here.

How can I get unbanned from the forums?
If you're banned from the forums, then make a support ticket or ask someone else to post a ban appeal for you.

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