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Jan 31, 2011

Red County Roleplay Newcomer Guide

Welcome to Red County Roleplay! You're not quite sure about what you're supposed to do on the server, or you just want to know a little bit more about it before playing? Then you're in the right place, this guide should answer all the questions you have, ranging from explaining the basic roleplay terms to specific script-based features.

Table Of Contents
I - Roleplay tutorial, terms and commands
II - First steps after joining
III - Sidejobs
IV - Getting richer
V - Joining a faction / gang
VI - Useful commands
VII - Level unlocks


I - Roleplay tutorial, terms and commands

In short, it's acting as if your character was a person in real life. Before you start playing, think of what you want your character to look and be like, and ask yourself a few questions: Do you want to roleplay as a male or female? How old do you want to be? Do you want to be american, russian, or maybe chinese? Do you want to keep yourself fully legal, or face the possible consequences and go illegal? Design your character in any way you want to, but remember to keep it realistic. Also remember that you can't change your race, age or similar traits in real life - for example, if your character is black, you may not suddenly begin roleplaying as a white person.


The most important commands you'll use while roleplaying are /me and /do.

/me is used to describe any actions your character may perform, ranging from simply winking towards someone, through spinning a key in the car's ignition, to stabbing a person with a switchblade.
/me raises his left hand above his head, indicating the crowd that he wants to say something.
This will appear in the chat as:
John Smith raises his left hand above his head, indicating the crowd that he wants to say something.

/do is used to describe things that cannot be described with a /me, for example what clothes you're wearing, the fact that there's a pistol laying on the backseat of your car, or that a window in someone's house is broken (of course only if that really has happened).
/do There are two security cameras attached to the ceiling of the gas station, aimed at the pumps.
This will appear in the chat as:
There are two security cameras attached to the ceiling of the gas station, aimed at the pumps. ((John Smith))


IC and OOC
IC - the basic abbreviation for 'In Character', is everything that relates to your character, it's the whole world your character lives in. You cannot use knowledge gained OOCly in the IC way. To speak ICly (In-Characterly), simply open up the chat and type, no commands needed. Only people that are close to you (about 15 meters away max.) will be able to hear what you're saying. There is a few IC chat commands though, for example /l (speaking in a low voice, small radius), /s (shouting, large radius) or /w [Player ID] (whispering, can only be heard by the person whose ID you typed in). Remember though, if you use an OOC term in any form of IC chat, it will be considered mixing and can be punished. If you miss-type an OOC word (for example you forget to use the /b command), you may indicate that what you just said was OOC by using double brackets - (( like this )).

OOC - Everything that relates to you in real life, you as a player and as the one making decisions for your character. Occasionally, you'll want to talk to your friends about something that doesn't connect to your character's roleplay. The simplest way to do so is using the /b command. This will input chat to any players that are near you (radius similar to the IC chat one), and will automatically put double brackets (( Like this )), around the text. Brackets symbolize OOC chatter, and you may gladly use any form of OOC abbreviations and talk about anything pertaining to the outside world. There's a few other ways to talk OOCly (Out-Of-Characterly), for example /pm [Player ID] (used to talk directly with one person).


Metagaming (MG)
In short, it's using Out Of Character information In Characterly. That means you may not use anything you know Out Of Characterly while you are playing In Characterly, if you did not somehow obtain that information ICly earlier. Here's a few examples of metagaming:

You are at Blueberry Ammu-Nation and someone wants to meet you ICly to sell you his car, and he PM's you to meet.
[PM from John Smith]: Where are you?
[PM to John Smith]: I'm at Blueberry Ammu-Nation.

*5 minutes later John Smith comes to you at Blueberry Ammu-Nation and proceeds with selling the car to you ICly.*

It is metagaming, as he was informed OOCly that you're there. He has to find out your location ICly if he wants to use it ICly, for example by calling you via phone and asking where you are.

John Smith is near you (lets say your name is Jack), but he doesn't know you ICly & he hasn't ever heard of you (or he knows your name, but doesn't know what you look like). He then proceeds with:
John Smith says: Hello Jack!

In this case, John metagamed your name by looking at the nametag above your head, which is OOC. The correct way of talking to you would be "Hello, what's your name?"

Powergaming (PG)
In short, it's using the powers of your character on any other player without giving him a chance to resist, or decide the outcome of your actions. At first, this may be hard to understand, but after a little bit of practise you'll get ahold of it. Basically, if you want to do any action against another player in which he might want to resist, you have to either attempt it or begin it, letting the other person decide how it ends, using the /me and /do commands.

You're somewhere with an afro-american and you're a white, racist skinhead male. The afro-american taunts you, and you decide to attack him. The afro-american realizes that before you make a move and does:
/me throws a quick punch towards the man's jaw, knocking him down onto the floor.

This is considered powergaming, as you might of wanted to roleplay, for example, getting hit but stumbling backwards and landing on a wall, staying on your feet. The correct way to do this would be:
/me throws a quick punch towards the man's jaw. Later followed by yours: /me stumbles backwards, regaining a steady position after reaching a nearby wall.


Deathmatching (DM)
In short, it's killing and/or injuring someone without a proper IC reason. It doesn't neccessarily mean going out on a street and leftclicking and punching random people just to laugh at them having to roleplay their injuries. It may also be doing it for a reason that's not deemed realistic, and/or isn't good enough for certain actions.

John Smith just purchased a brand new Esperanto, and, unluckily, got in a small car crash with you in which his front bumper got damaged. He decides to go mad ICly, pulls out a pistol from a hidden holster and fires a few shots towards your head.
That is not considered a proper reason to shoot someone, as it's highly unlikely that anyone would risk spending years in prison for murder just because of a small car crash.

Revenge Kill (RK)
In short, it's killing someone because they have killed you before ICly. After dying, you forget everything that relates to the roleplay situation in which you died (names, faces, places, everything), and may not come back to the spot you died at, or use any kind of informations you gained during the roleplay, including killing your previous killer.

Character Kill (CK)
In short, it means that your character is dead just like in real life. You have to change the character's name and RP from the beginning, your stats will not be lost, but your new character won't know anything that the previous one knew. You can see it as making a new account while keeping your properties and statistics. Also, you may simply create a new character and start from the beginning. Have in mind that in general, a Character Kill cannot be forced upon you. There's a few exceptions to this however, for example committing a suicide to avoid arrest / criminal charges / lawsuits equals a CK; also, most illegal factions will be able to force a CK upon you leaving or getting kicked out of the faction (this has to be stated in the official gang's rules first, which you accept by getting hired).


II - First steps after joining


The beginning
First off, if you haven't decided on who you want to roleplay as, this is the right time to do that. After reading through the ingame tutorial you will be prompted to select the place you want to spawn. Your options will be limited to, your house(s), your business(es), your faction spawn(s), as well as public spawnpoints such as the Montgomery Trailer Park, Blueberry Trailer Park, Fort Carson Trailer Park or Angel Pine Trailer Park. Later on you will also be given the chance to spawn at your last location before logging out. The most populated city on the server is Montgomery, and it's an area where it's the easiest to find someone to roleplay with, being s a newbie with no IC contacts.


Buying clothes
Alright, you spawned, great! You also surely noticed that your skin isn't too appealing, and you most likely want to change it. To do that, you'll have to visit one of the clothing stores - in most of the towns you'll find stores called called Locals Only, which is the main clothing store brand on RC:RP. However, there's a few stores that use brands from the original game, such as the Didier Sachs in Montgomery or the ZIP at the Fort Carson Mall. After you find a store, walk over on the icon and type /buy - this will cost 50$. You will then be asked if you want to buy clothes or clothing items, selecting clothes will bring up a skin selection interface. You can choose any skin you like, including lots of custom-modeled skins made exclusively for RC:RP - but remember, if you begin roleplaying as an old person, you may not turn into a 18 year old, just like you can't change your race. Common sense will do well here. You will also be able to buy some clothing items such as glasses, canes or hair, which you can attach to your skin by using /clothing.


Getting a license
So you purchased some clothes and are able to begin roleplaying like anyone else - but how to do that without cash or vehicles? You should start with getting a GVL-1 license (a license that allows you to drive normal cars). To do that, you will have to visit the DMV building, which is located in Montgomery behind the Well Stacked Pizza Co. If you can't find the place, you can ask someone on the street for directions, purchase a phone from an electronics store and use the GPS function to locate the DMV, or just simply call a taxi - the number is 444. The test will cost you 100$, and if you follow all the tips on your screen you should have no problems with passing it. Note that you'll still be able to drive vehicles without the required license, however you will probably get into trouble if the police stops you and finds out that you don't have it.


Now you surely want to earn some cash. The best way to start off on RCRP is by doing sidejobs (they will be explained in the next chapter of the guide) and fishing. Fishing is a great way to earn some quick money in a peaceful way, away from the everyday rush. To be able to fish, you'll have to visit the Palomino Creek Bay and purchase a fishing permit, a rod, and some bait. You might not have enough money for all that by now - but don't worry, find an ATM or visit a bank and you'll find some more cash in your bank account.
After you've purchased all the neccessary goods at the shop near the lake, you can go ahead and try to catch a bunch of fishes from the jetty. You can also hop onto the fishing Reefer and fish from the middle of the lake which will grant you bigger fishes - but remember that you need a boat driving license to operate it legally, so during your first hours you will most likely have to rely on luck and hope that more experienced fishermen with a license will operate it for you. Besides, on a different note - remember that the fishing Reefer is to be kept in the Palomino Creek bay at all times, it is not allowed to take it out, in the interest of fairness. After you catch 5 fishes you can head back to the fishing shop and sell them all - the amount of cash you get will equal the weight of the fishes times three.


Receiving a payday
Every 60 minutes of time spent in-game you will receive a paycheck. The playtime will only increase if you're actively playing, it will not count the minutes spent on idling or being /afk or alt-tabbed (which is a prevention for payday farming). The payday will grant you 2 XP points, payment from your job (if any), payment from your faction (if applicable) and interest gained from the bank. The XP points can be used to 'purchase' higher player levels as well as weaponskill levels. To level up you'll need an amount of points 10 times higher your current level - for example, when going up from level 1 to level 2, you'll need 10 XP. You can use /buylevel to purchase a higher player level and /buyweaponskill to purchase a higher weapon skill level.


Adverts, phone and a watch
If you want to put up advertisements from the news office you'll need a phone - it can be purchased from one of the Electronics stores. You will then be given your very own phone number, which people can use to call you (you can check it by using /pinfo). Remember to buy some phone credit and recharge the phone from time to time, using either a free recharge point in the electronics stores, or by using a recharge kit in your owned vehicle / house (It costs over 3.000$ though, so it'd be better to save the cash for something better for now). The phone allows you to use the GPS feature, which lets you search and generate a dynamic route on the minimap to most locations in Red / Flint / Bone County. You can use it to find various Points of Interest (PoI) as well as addresses of houses and businesses..A watch is a very useful item too, it can be purchased in any General Store. It will let you use /showtime to make the current server time appear on your screen. As for advertisements, you'll be able to post them from any News Office (for example the one at Montgomery) or any Town Hall, by stepping on the right icon and using /advert (public advert, displays your character name and phone number) or /padvert (private advert, displays your phone number only). It will then appear in the chat for all players, allowing you to find buyers or sellers for goods you might want to buy or sell.


If you're already level 2, it's a good idea to get yourself a full time job. You can currently choose from three of these. You can be either a Mechanic (abillity to repair others' cars if the engine is broken, change engine oil, repair punctured tires and install NOS, payment from other players and during paydays), a Maintenance Worker (after using /jobduty on [1-3] you'll be able to use a litter pick to pick trash up from the pavements, for which you will be paid after you bring them to the headquarters), and Taxi Driver (lets you access the Cabbie Co dispatch system and drive those players who call 444 (the taxi number). You need to own a Taxi, Cabbie, or purchase a Taxi sign vehicle attachment and attach it to any of your personal vehicles to be able to get this job. Payment from players and during paydays).


Renting a car
If you're tired of having to walk everywhere, if there are no taxis available, and you still don't have enough money to buy your first car, then simply rent one. The car rental lot is located in the Montgomery Information Center (opposite the newbie spawn), in the parking lot on the lower level, and it provides a variety of cheap cars for your use. To rent them, simply enter the one you want to drive and use /rentvehicle (pay attention to the price to avoid paying too much). The payment is automatically done every hour - if you don't return the car within an hour, you will be charged for another hour. If you damage the vehicle, you will be charged with additional fees upon returning it. To return it to the lot, simply use /returnvehicle.


III - Sidejobs

These are the most important ways of earning cash script-wise (without involving any other players). There's six of these in total - trucking, sweeping, coal mining, collecting trash, bus driving and delivering pizza. Each one of them can be done by simply visiting the right place and using the right command in the general area. Sweeping and delivering pizza requires you to have a GVL-1 license, while all the other ones require GVL-2 to drive the sidejob vehicles legally. If you're having troubles with finding the spot, seek for a red flag on your minimap. After finishing a certain amount of sidejobs you will level up, granting you more cash for each sidejob you do. The cash you earned will be transferred to your bank account, from which it can be withdrawn using an ATM (50.000$ limit per withdrawal) or a bank.


Location: Blueberry Trucking LTD.
How to start this job: You will start this job by using /truck in the lot, which will spawn you a truck.
Pay: Short route: 500$, Medium route: 1500$, Long route: 2000$. Then, your truck level x 75.
What you do on this job: The job will take around 5-10 minutes depending on where you drive to. You shall get a fixed location to where you need to pick up your load. After getting to the load, you will drive into a red marker and a trailer will be attached to your truck. Then another location will appear - you will drive there, and again drive into the red marker; the trailer will detach. You will then have to come back to the headquarters where you first started the job.
Duration: Long
Spam Timer: Level 1: 60 Minutes | Level 2: 55 Minutes | Level 3: 50 Minutes | Level 4: 45 Minutes | Level 5: 40 Minutes.
License required: GVL-2 (heavy vehicle license)


Location: West Palomino Creek, Sweeping Co.
How to start this job: Stand in the lot between the gas station and the Palomino Creek Recycling Center and use the command /sweep to spawn a Sweeper.
Pay: Your Sweeper level x 250 and small random extra.
What you do on this job: This is probably the quickest and simplest side-job. The job is basically driving through the red markers which are located all around Palomino Creek. As soon as you start the job a red marker is placed in front of you, drive through it and another one will appear You will eventually turn up back where you started.
Duration: Short
Spam Timer: Level 1: 60 Minutes | Level 2: 55 Minutes | Level 3: 50 Minutes | Level 4: 45 Minutes | Level 5: 40 Minutes.
License required: GVL-1 (regular vehicle license)


Coal Mining
Location: Outskirts of Fort Carson, Hunter Quarry.
How to start this job: Stand near the entrance to the mine and use the command /coalmine to spawn a Dumper.
Pay: Your Coalminer level x 500 and small random extra.
What to do on this job: One of the less complicated sidejobs. You will again see a red marker appear in front of you drive through it, another shall appear then do the same again until you get to the location you started. When you get to the starting location again the sidejob will be done, but watch out - it's very easy to fall off the cliff while not paying attention, so drive carefully.
Duration: Short
Spam Timer: Level 1: 60 Minutes | Level 2: 55 Minutes | Level 3: 50 Minutes | Level 4: 45 Minutes | Level 5: 40 Minutes.
License required: GVL-2 (heavy vehicle license)


Trash Collector
Location: Bone County Waste Management, outskirts of Fort Carson, near the Hunter Quarry.
How to start this job: You can start this job by standing near the smaller building of the Waste Management compound and using the command /collecttrash to spawn a Trashmaster.
Pay: Your Trash Collector level x 1000 and small random extra.
What to do on this job: One of the longest lasting jobs - as soon as you start the job a location will come up. When you pull up in the red marker you'll have to get out and walk up to a trash bin, take a bag of trash from it and throw it into the back of your Trashmaster. You have a timer of 60 seconds after you leave your Trashmaster to get the trash, put it into the truck and enter it. After you drive through whole Fort Carson and collect trash from all 13 bins, you'll be guided back to the headquarters.
Duration: Long
Spam Timer: Level 1: 60 Minutes | Level 2: 55 Minutes | Level 3: 50 Minutes | Level 4: 45 Minutes | Level 5: 40 Minutes.
License required: GVL-2 (heavy vehicle license)


Bus Driver
Location: Blueberry Bus Terminal, behind the Blueberry Brewery (large factory).
How to start this job: You can start this job by using the command /drivebus in the lot of the bus terminal (you will recognise it by numerous bus stops).
Pay: $50 per stop and $1000 for completing the whole route.
What to do on this job: The Bus Driver sidejob is the longest job out of all available sidejobs. When you start it, a red marker will appear, showing you the closest bus stop, at which you'll have to stop and wait a few seconds. You will drive to bus stops all around Red and Bone County, stopping at every bus stop and picking up people who want to use the service. For every bus stop you stop at you will receive 50 dollars. When you reach the Bus Terminal where you started you will get a 1000$ bonus.
Duration: Very long
Spam Timer: None.
License required: GVL-2 (heavy vehicle license)


Pizza Delivery
Location: Montgomery Well Stacked Pizza Co.
How to start this job: You can start this job by standing in the parking lot on the left side of the building and using the command /deliver.
What to do on this job: The sidejob will randomly choose some houses in either Montgomery, Palomino Creek, Blueberry, Fort Carson, Mulholland or Rockshore, these houses will be marked on your minimap with a pizza icon and you will have to drive to each one f them and deliver pizza to the door. You can use /deliveryhomes to bring up a list of addresses and /getpizza to get a pizza from your car after stepping out. Walk onto the house icon to deliver the pizza, at which point you will receive a tip ranging from 0$ to 200$.
Duration: Medium
Spam Timer: Level 1: 60 Minutes | Level 2: 55 Minutes | Level 3: 50 Minutes | Level 4: 45 Minutes | Level 5: 40 Minutes.
License required: GVL-1 (regular vehicle license)


IV - Getting richer

You know all the basics now - but how to earn cash? There's a bunch of ways to do that, all of them can work out pretty well if you put enough effort into them.


Like mentioned earlier, sidejobs are a great way to get some quick cash when you're running low. Visit one of them, or do a quick run, finishing each one of them after another, and you'll find a few thousand dollars on your bank account. You can use /jobs to check how much time you have left until you can do the same sidejob again. It can also be used to check your current sidejob levels (higher level means a smaller spam timer and more money gainer per one sidejob done).


Also described already, it's a very efficient way to earn cash while you don't have too much of it, as it has no spam timer, and can be repeated as many times as you want. Just remember to fish from the public Reefer and not from the shore/jetty, as fishes caught from it are way bigger and grant you more money. And don't forget to buy enough bait so you don't run out of it while away from the dock! Additionally, if you save up enough money, you will be able to purchase your own boat - which in turn will allow you to buy fishing crates and store large amounts of fish without the need to visit the bait shop.


In short, it's buying goods from other players for small amounts of cash, then selling them to someone else for more, gaining profit. How much you'll earn fully depends on who you're dealing with, and on your charisma and lying skills.
Let's say that you want to buy a car from someone who's asking for too much on their end. First off, don't sound too anxious, because right when the seller notices that you really want their item, they'll up the price. Keep calm and cool, find the seller's weakness. If the seller really needs to sell the item, then you'll be able to get a deal. If the seller is being stubborn about his price, try to convince him that you can buy the same car for a lower price that is also less used. A silver tongue will be required to successfully convince the person you are bartering with.
Later on, you may proceed with trying to sell the car by putting up adverts from the news office located in Montgomery, and try to mention every single good side of it while talking to the seller, aswell as totally ignoring the cons. Lie about the dealership price, lie about the amount of cash you've bought it for, lie about the mileage - it's all in character so you can lie as much as you wish.


Illegal deals
First off, a good way to avoid getting scammed is making sure that you never go to a deal by yourself. Always have someone watching out for you, preferably away from the seller's sight so he doesn't get scared off and leave. This will prevent you from getting robbed / kidnapped / stingered. The easiest way to know a stinger operation, is to first off, keep a distance from the deal location. Scout out your buyer/seller, make sure he looks legit. If you see someone seemingly defenseless and alone, then they may be an undercover police officer, with a bunch of his friends waiting to bust you for the possession of illegal goods.
Consider doing the deal in a public place such as a pizza stack (but out of reach of CCTVs). With such a large amount of people around, it'd be less likely for your buyer/seller to whip out a gun and attack, rob or kidnap you. Same as legal items, avoid sounding like you need the item, even if you really do. Keep it cool, and play your cards right and you'll get a decent price. Of course, some people are stuck on a price and they won't do anything. If they continue refusing to cooperate, then just turn around and walk away. Maybe that will get them to break.


V - Joining a faction / gang


Joining a legal faction
What is a legal faction? It's basically an in-character company, in which you can get employed. It's the best way to have a whole new set of things to roleplay (for example members of SAN Network broadcast radio shows such as news, weather reports, call-in shows, organise many kinds of IC events, interview people, write articles, etc). It all depends on your imagination - join a faction you like and you will understand why being in one is so much fun.
However, you won't be able to work in one if you're roleplaying a criminal, as all of them are legal (unless you have a clear criminal record). Also, most of them have a set recruitment process, which requires you to post an application in their forum section (official factions) or thread (unofficial factions). After the application is accepted you will most likely have to attend an interview ingame and possibly some training. You can find all the details about faction in their sections / threads, and if you have more questions concerning them or the recruitment process - you can ask one of the high command members.


Joining an illegal faction
There are many kinds of illegal factions on Red County Roleplay, ranging from black street gangs, through mafias and associations to groups of redneck hillbilly farmers and biker clubs. You may never know if the person standing right next to you isn't a member of an illegal organisation.
If you chose to roleplay an illegal person then joining an illegal faction would surely be a good idea. Most illegal factions are based around a certain character trait, for example the race, the country of origin or other characteristics. You won't be able to join a black gang as a white person for obvious reasons, and you have nothing to look for in a biker gang if your character doesn't ride a bike.
Joining an illegal faction is done fully in character and in-game, with no application required. That doesn't mean that it's easier though. If you simply walk up to a gang member and ask "Hey, can I join your gang?" you will most likely just have your ass beaten up. Think of what and how you want to roleplay, try to find something to talk about with one of the members, have him introduce you to the others later, and after some time you might be granted a position in the organisation.


VII - Useful commands


Here's a list of commands that you might find useful when starting your journey on Red County Roleplay. Of course, this list is far from being a list of all the existing commands, only the most important and most used ones will be listed here.​

/me - The main IC command used to roleplay; you use it to state what kind of actions you're doing at the moment. It has been covered in detail in the first section of the guide.

/do - An IC/OOC command to state all things that can't be stated with a /me; it has also been explained in depth in the first section of the guide.

/ame - A "silent" /me, that doesn't appear in the chatbox, but only over your character's head. Usually used for simple, not important actions, such as "/ame Takes a sip of their whiskey." or "/ame Raises his eyebrows.". It does not include your name in the way /me does, so remember to start it with a capital letter.

/my - A command used to describe your character in a sligthly different grammatical form, using it will add a "John Doe's" before your message, for example: "John Doe's nose would start itching from the strong smell of gasoline."

/l - Speaking in a low voice, quietly (don't mix it up with /q - that's how you quit the game). IC chat.

/s - Shouting, screaming - the command has a much higher radius than the normal IC chat and will appear with an orange color in the chat.

/r - Talking into your radio; you must have a radio first (can be bought at an Electronics store), then someone to talk with. You can use /rtune [4-digit number] to tune into a frequency, so when you speak - only people tuned into that frequency will be able to hear you.

/w [player ID] - Whispering into a nearby player. Only the player you've whispered to will be able to hear you, other players will just see an automated /ame over your head, indicating that you're whispering.

/advert & /padvert - These commands can be used at the Montgomery news office, Fort Carson news office, and in the townhalls; and they're used to post global IC advertisements that appear on all players' screens. /advert shows your name and phone number, while /padvert shows the number only.

/enter & /exit - That's how you enter and exit a building. Another way of entering a building is pressing Y.

/changeclothes [1-10] - You can use this command to change your skin to a different one. You can only change into skins which you've purchased from a clothing store beforehand (they're usually named Locals Only or Little Lady).

/clothing - After you buy accessories such as hats, sunglasses etc. from a clothing store, you'll be able to wear them using this command.

/call [number] - After you buy a phone, you'll be able to call people (7-digit numbers) and organisations (3-digit numbers). You won't be able to do it if your phone is turned off, or ran out of battery. /callback can be used to call the last person who called you.

/p (/pickup) - Used to pick up a phone call.

/h (/hangup) - Used to end a phone call.

/contacts - Gives you access to the contacts list in your phone.

/recharge - Can be used to recharge your phone at an Electronics store, at your house, or at your car, if you have a car charger (which can be purchased from a General store).

/pay [player ID] [amount] - You can use this command to give money to another player, they have to be close you for this to work.

/buyticket [number] - Command used to participate in the hourly lottery; can be used in General stores, and you have to choose a number from 1 to 99. /jackpot can be used to see how much is currently available to be won.

/b - OOC chat, with a limited radius (can be used to talk to players who are near you).

/assistance - Used to request help from an administrator or a helper (can be used for general questions about the server, aswell as any other help you might need).

/report [player name/ID] - Can be used for reporting a rulebreaking player.

/admins - Returns a list of all the online administrators.

/helpers - Returns a list of all the online helpers.

/searchcommand - Allows you to search for a specific command if you only know part of it.

/changenoobspawn - Changes the place you spawn at (if you don't have a house). You can choose from four trailer parks, located in Montgomery (default spawn point), Blueberry, Hampton Barns and Fort Carson.

/animlist - Gives you a list of all the animations your character can perform.

/factions (/factiononline) - Returns a list of all the RC:RP official factions, along with the amount of members online.

/logout - Sends you back to the character choice screen.

/afk [optional reason] - Indicates that you're away from keyboard, and currently OOC. You're not allowed to go AFK while roleplaying. Also, the AFK time limit is 30 minutes, after they're up and you're not back - you will be auto-kicked.

/showtime - After you've purchased a watch from a clothing store, you can use this command to make the current time appear on your screen.

/pon & /poff - Turns your phone on and off (after you purchase it from an Electronics store).

/jobs - Returns a list of all the sidejobs, your level in each of them, and the amount of time you have to wait to do them again.

/mycars - Lists all the cars you own and allows you to spawn them (you can own no more than three).

/eon & /eoff - Used to turn a vehicle's engine on and off. Another way of turning the engine on is pressing Space.

/refuel - Refuels your vehicle, can be used only when at a gas station. It will prompt you to choose whether you want to use petrol or diesel - the general rule is that cars use petrol and trucks use diesel; if you're in doubt, use /einfo to see what kind of fuel your engine uses.

/savecar - Saves the current position of your car in order to make it spawn there when you log into the server the next time (remember to spawn it with /mycars first though).

/lock & /unlock - Used to lock and unlock your property (houses, businesses, cars, etc).

/blindme - Turns the screen black - useful for taking screenshots of the chat for later use in character story/faction thread screenshots.


VII - Level unlocks


After reaching certain levels you'll be rewarded with various things, here's a list of these:

Level 2+
Ability to get a job (Maintenance Worker, Drugs Dealer, Taxi Driver, Mechanic) (/getjob)
You can now use /frisk on anyone.

Level 3+
You can tie someone up with a rope purchased from a General Store. (/tie)
You can own a house.
You can buy your first business.

Level 5+
You can buy your second business.

Level 10+
Ability to learn fighting styles at the gym (40.000$)

Downsides To higher levels:
You will get more expensive Hospital Bills (calculated with: 75 * your level + a small random amount).
It will become harder to levelup since you will always need 10 times your level in XP points to levelup.​



Some footer info that no one reads:
This guide consists of parts written by both myself and other community members (approx. 70% is written by me, and the rest is others' text edited, with a few things added and removed). It is an attempt to put all the important tips and guides into a single thread, to make it as easy and intuitive as possible for the newcomers.
Credits go to: Alec, Ralf, Kaspar, Doddsy, Icewolf, and myself. Also, credits to Sparky for making the old screenshots which have been now replaced. And credits to all the people who posed for the new screenshots.​
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Extraordinary guide, thanks a bunch!


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Great guide. This is like a complete rulebook for newbies - if a person who's MA got accepted didn't already know everything here then that person's MA needs to be disabled.


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Nice guide mate.
Its very helpful for newbies, and some of the questions in MA Quiz.