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[GUIDE/PSA] Fear of firearms.


Feb 16, 2018
Bf 109 G2/Trop Ace
Every gun is loaded. Every gun is to be assumed as loaded, even if it's not. Don't point it at things you don't want to kill.
Believe it or not, I've been investing myself and reading through the forums. I must say, I noted a trend which consists of people drawing their weapons while someone is aiming at them, or while they're not near any suitable cover or concealment, or generally anything that allows them to gain the upper hand (bar the element of surprise because the other person is, say, typing or some such). And I think that the approach is... ridiculous. So, I've taken the liberty of getting into this. And, this is what a majority of players see.


And you're not entirely wrong. It's a 9x19mm pistol, it's commonly roleplayed across various SAMP communities. Yes, it's no secret that pistol rounds aren't as hard hitting as rifle rounds, be that in-game or in real life. But this doesn't mean that they're harmless. A .22 can kill you. Point is, it doesn't matter what the other person is packing. It doesn't matter if your firearm is more powerful, or has more ammo. The point is that they have it out, and you don't. So, how do you approach this in the most realistic way?
Well, believe it or not, even if your character is a goodie two-shoes good Samaritan Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, this is how you should realistically be looking at it.


The point I'm trying to convey here is that you should always assume that the gun being aimed at you can kill you. Because it can. Firearms aren't a joke, please stop roleplaying around them so carelessly. If someone has a firearm pointed at you, comply or try to outsmart them. How you do the latter is completely up to you, but drawing a gun and opening fire while you're being aimed at is a big no-no. If you're being shot at, by all means. They're already opening up on you, you might as well put up a fight. But realistically, if you're drawing while they're relatively close, unobstructed and aiming at you, you're just trying to come out on top of the scenario for whatever reason. Get the drop on them through roleplay, rather than through OOC cheese strats.

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Feb 23, 2011
Taken from rule 3 and 1:

Committing suicide to avoid roleplay/arrest
Results in a CK and a temporary ban. These CK's are to be paid by the accused. These are Non-RP actions with clear intention to get out of situations. This includes taking out a gun or reaching for it while held at gunpoint.

Not roleplaying fear - Showing a lack of emotions in situations were people would normally be very frightened.

This guide is basically an explanation to why the above standing rules are implemented. :)