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Concise Actions, Stronger Words & More


Mar 20, 2019
Excellent guide.

And while I agree... I cannot fail to notice that sometimes "show, don't tell" is incredibly difficult to not just pull off, but also be understood by non-native English speakers. And non-native English speakers form a very large part of this, and every other, SAMP roleplay community.

"Show, don't tell" is a primarily a writer's advice, and I wish to emphasize what skills one possesses as a "writer".

I personally have a proficient level of understanding of English (certified by international language testing bodies), have been studying English for almost 20 years and have been living in the UK for over 5 years, and this guide is the first place I've heard of words like "wizened", "doddles", or "raspy".

It's more important to be clear in your actions than write a perfect story worthy of a book. If you want to do that a multi-national RP server is probably not the best place.
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