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Concise Actions, Stronger Words & More


Sep 7, 2016
Appreciate the comments and the award this guide got. Pretty impressive to see the community setting the standard on what they want to see.

i agree with most of this guide, but i think some /mes should be more detailed. for example, i like to detail when i have a firm handshake instead of just /me shakes hands, and i like to wipe my seat before i sit down, but everything else was very well said
Details like the ones you outlined are subjective to one's character. Whilst one may have a firm handshake some may have no grip at all and if you think it makes a point in the role-play scenario at hand to say so then by all means do so. If it also makes a point in the scenario at hand that a said character wipes a seat down before sitting then so be it also.

The guide isn't meant to dictate how one's emotes should be. It's meant to convey a plethora of situations and put them into examples. Short and to the point is just more streamlined and more enjoyable in my opinion. To break it down more clearly, I couldn't care less with which hand you take what from your pocket and which side pocket you take it out with and whatever fingers you use to do whatever you want to do unless it makes a point upon my character or unless I want to know, in which case I can ask. Otherwise it's just clogging up the chat and having "complex" emotes does not mean you're a better role player by any means.


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Mar 20, 2019
Excellent guide.

And while I agree... I cannot fail to notice that sometimes "show, don't tell" is incredibly difficult to not just pull off, but also be understood by non-native English speakers. And non-native English speakers form a very large part of this, and every other, SAMP roleplay community.

"Show, don't tell" is a primarily a writer's advice, and I wish to emphasize what skills one possesses as a "writer".

I personally have a proficient level of understanding of English (certified by international language testing bodies), have been studying English for almost 20 years and have been living in the UK for over 5 years, and this guide is the first place I've heard of words like "wizened", "doddles", or "raspy".

It's more important to be clear in your actions than write a perfect story worthy of a book. If you want to do that a multi-national RP server is probably not the best place.
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