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[03/01/2015] Changes in the development team.



Hello there!

Recently there have been some drastic changes in the RCRP Development Team where I was approached by TommyB and asked if I wanted to take up the role of Lead Developer. Tommy at the moment has taken a break from the development team where his life was taking too much time out of his hands and he was therefore unable to dedicate his time towards RCRP development. There will be lots of changes coming in the near future to the script and also the way we operate as a team.

I'll be going through suggestions more thoroughly and talking through the ones which have potential with the tester team and also mapping teams to get things implemented. I will be speaking with faction leaders personally to see what they want to see in their factions also any issues in the past which haven't been addressed.

Bug Fixes:
Previously development was handled on an old version of the old RCRP script (v1.8) and I was unable to replicate most of the bugs reported and therefore had to ask Tommy to fix them. RCRP now operates on a Subversion network where I can update code real-time and any additions made will also be shown in TommyB's code.

Code Optimisation:
The code at the moment could do with a massive tidy-up. At the moment in-game you may notice strings are also being displayed in places that they shouldn't be or things take too long to execute. I will spend most of my time doing small code editions once I have got most of the bug fixes and new features out of the way.

Kind Regards,
Lead Developer.


K.Wilson said:
Let me know if we need to speak again.

Incase I missed anything I would like to do it again. You'll be informed soon enough :thumbup:

Thanks everyone for the kind words. :thumbup: