1. Billy_Vestol

    Selecting character after logging in

    Hello, I am a new player and was just accepted. I created a new character, and load up GTA SA. First, it claims it has to download 533 models and textures which all fail due to unresolved hostname error. It then asks me to login, which I do successfully, and it shows me my new character. This...
  2. Hello

    When i try to join rcrp it says incorrect version please help
  3. need help with app

    my app has been pending for 2 days and every time I go to check it says I have to do the app again can someone help me ?
  4. Allerion

    Unable to take screenshots.

    So since yesterday this is going on. I reinstalled GTA, happens again, I have no clue what's wrong, please help me. It just doesnt' save. I have screenshot folder and I have no clue what's up.