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[Zakey's Roleplay Guides and Ideas] How to get money through RP


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Feb 2, 2016
This is the second part in a series of guides and tutorials about how I personally think your RP could be improving. This episode, it's about getting money through RPing rather than jobs/sidejobs.

So, as many people only make money through either selling, which is totally fine, or sidejobs or jobs, which is not as fine, I will write a guide about how to get money RPly instead of boring and dumb jobs.

So, to start this guide off, I want to address why you should even bother to RPly get money.

Firstly, it's important from an OOC perspective that sidejobs and jobs pay pretty lowly and well - it's really not enjoyable or realistic to grind and grind and grind just for a small wad of cash.
Secondly, it's also far more fun to get players engaged in your roleplay and enjoy what you are doing - they might be able to hand out more of their money to you if you do that after all instead of begging or just doing jobs.
Thirdly, it's more realistic of course to do a job that is actually realistic and possible in the real world, and it really makes the towns seem more alive. It is also a great way to prove your roleplay abilities to admins and other players, and who knows - maybe you are to be accepted in your favorite faction due to your passive roleplay after all.

So, for the second part, I'll talk about how actually to do that, and what criteria an RP job needs to meet for you to have fun and get money for it.

So, all your job needs is a connection to other players. As simple as this sounds, it is really the most important thing you have to meet.
The majority of jobs you will be doing is services. That can be manual work to improve or repair other people's houses and flats, or it can be a straightforward, spontaneous service on the streets, where the important factor are people who walk by and see your work.
So, focusing on the second one, you need to be obvious for potential customers, so they know what you do and that they can order you to do something, a great or at least good RPer for obvious reasons and most of all - ICly friendly. Nobody gives away a huge amount of money to a random person on the street who spat on their car a few minutes back.

Fun suggestions to improve the activity
  • Try to RP buying your equipment
  • Talk to strangers about your job and give them your number
  • Advertise a lot
  • Give out free samples of your work if you create something, or present it if people want to
  • Ask an admin to map in something for your little job, make sure to RP that thoroughly
  • Use /s if you need to.

Examples and ideas

These examples are of course not final suggestions and one-and-only guidelines, but rather ideas what to do for an RP living.

Suggestion 1: Roleplay being a plumber and make advertisements, then go to people's houses and plumb.
Suggestion 2: Roleplay having a small box and a piece of cloth with you, and work as a shoe-shiner.
Suggestion 3: Dress yourself up in a costume (/clothing) and dance around for money
Suggestion 4: Wash people's cars for money
Thanks for reading! :3


Dec 11, 2016
Very great ideas always wanted a hobo character alt lol would probably wash cars