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Your Password Security And Untrustworthy Mods

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Dec 30, 2010
Texas, USA.
Hello everyone.

It has come to my attention that multiple people downloaded a fishy CLEO mod posted by a a fresh-off-the-boat forum user. Since this happened, their RC-RP accounts have gradually been breached one by one over the course of the last few days. I'd like to make it clear that users should never trust random, too good to be true mods posted by new community members. Recent events are a prime example of why you shouldn't do that. Anybody who downloaded this file is encouraged to scan their computer, delete the mod and more importantly reset their passwords as soon as possible. This is not exclusive to RC-RP services, by the the way.

Moving on, I'd like to reconfirm to everyone that their RC-RP account passwords are safe. RC-RP has never had a direct database breach, and after the incident in October 2016 we made more efforts to secure the backend of our server (which was already fine, but hey) and also implemented a new and far more secure password hashing algorithm. The likelihood of a similar incident happening is close to zero, so there's nothing to worry about and recent account breaches shouldn't raise any concern. If there was any, hopefully this announcement squashed them.



Apr 5, 2011
2Fabulous said:
TommyB said:
Karner said:
Good work! What did this CLEO promise for so many people to DL it?
fps boost
Having an ancient PC I was naive enough to think it might actually work, good thing I didn't DL it yet, shit.
Yeah, never download any script editing files direct from mediafire or any sharing platform. If it's not hosted by a modding site or trusted modder it's not worth the hassle, like Tommy said. The issue with CLEO is that it's raw C# (Or C, can't remember) so it can do some really out the box stuff.

I assume it keylogged while in game?
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