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Welcome to our new forum

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Mar 25, 2012

Welcome to our new forum

Welcome to our new forum

Hello all,

I'd like to firstly thank you for being patient during the 5 or 6 hours the forum has been down. Like most large conversions it wasn't completely error free, and I'm sure you will all find bugs over the upcoming days. However, there have been a few things that were noticed after I made the initial announcement regarding this change.

Here are some things that you need to be aware of:

  • For the time being private groups will be managed by administrators, this is due to the fact that there is currently no modification for Xenforo 2 which allows members to made group leaders. It it something that I will be looking into heavily over the next couple of days.
  • There are no global announcements, for some reason Xenforo decided not to implement global announcements. However, I have already began working on a custom plugin to provide this functionality for us, there is currently no eta but I don't expect it to be too long. I will come up with a solution tomorrow regarding a centralized way to alert you of global announcements. However, for the time being please see the announcements board.
  • BBCodes - All but the legend BBcode have been added or well they should have been, if you see a broken one please use the report button and I will look into it.
  • Permissions are still being worked on, if you are missing a board rest assured your board will re-appear shortly.
I have long term plans regarding the theme etc.

If you notice something which could be abused (highly unlikely) then please PM me it and I will deal with it.

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Dec 23, 2015
i couldnt find the reply button for a second LMFAO. great changes
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