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Weapons/Faction Vehicle Bug

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Retired Admin
Oct 31, 2010
Dear Community,

It has been brought to my attention that there is currently a bug affecting players personal weapons in game. My recommendation to prevent the loss of your weapon is for you to store the weapon in either your house, vehicle or the post office. Also don't forget to take a screenshot in case you do happen to lose your weapon in order to make the refund process more efficient for the administration and yourselves. Any questions or concerns feel free to send me a forum PM. The bug will be fixed as soon as possible however I'd like to send my dearest apologies to those who have frequently experienced this bug.

EDIT: It has also been brought to my attention that when you place a faction vehicle inside the repair garage it despawns. In order to receive your faction vehicle back you will need to wait until the server is restarted therefore please refrain from requesting refunds in /assistance and on the forums. Under any circumstances do not place faction vehicles inside the repair garage or they will be lost.

Kind Regards,
Doddsy, Senior Administrator.
Not open for further replies.