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Version 1.0 [ONLINE]

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Jan 6, 2010
Today will see the new version of the script going onto the main server and to ensure there are no problems, certain tasks must be performed. This process will require the server to be offline and/or unavaliable at most stages. Details of the process can be seen below.


Green - Complete
Red - Current Operation
Blue - Incomplete

Server Upgrade
1 - Everyone has secured their cars/houses/businesses.
2 - Server is offline.

3 - A full database backup is saved locally.
4 - New houses, businesses, pickups and faction databases are inserted.
5 - Upload new server files and update server configuration files.
6 - Server is online but no access.
7 - Server sorts out cars/houses/businesses to be sold or deleted.
8 - Player accounts are processed: new phone numbers, assets are saved, misc database additions.
9 - Server is restarted and I begin testing.
10 - If testing is successfull then its ready otherwise it could be down for longer than expected.


I hope this update is appreciated but it should be noted that the update can't include every single request or suggestion that people have made. I can also guarentee there will be some bugs that went undetected during development so please report them all to me or in the Bug Reports section of the forums.

If you currently have a 3 or 4 digit phone number, you will recieve a new 7 digit number with 1.0.
If you have bugged houses, the server will give the house to the first owner it finds, the others will lose it!
If you have more than 2 businesses, 2 will be picked at random by the server, the other will be sold!
If you have more than 3 owned vehicles, 3 will be picked at random by the server, others will be deleted!

Thanks for reading and playing RCRP!
Not open for further replies.