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Jan 31, 2011

RC:RP Vehicle System

Development OverviewFeature Name: Vehicle System
Script Author: Alec & TommyB
Documentation By: Earl
Special Thanks: Thekillergreece (Updates)
Feature Version: Various versions


A proper vehicle system is one of the most important scripts a roleplay server can have. During the years of development our system has been expanding and new features were introduced from time to time, allowing you to do various things with your vehicle and personalise it as you please. This thread serves as a complete list of things that you can do with your vehicle, including basic features such as controlling engine and door status, as well as more complex features such as customising your vehicle via attachments.or playing audio streams with your car radio.

Obtaining a VehicleThere's a couple ways for you to obtain a vehicle, some being less legal than the others. First two of the means listed below are permanent (the car is legally yours and you receive access to all commands reserved for vehicle owners), while the remaining three / seven limit you in one way or another.


The most obvious way of purchasing a vehicle is via a dealership. At the moment we have four dealerships on Red County Roleplay - cars can be purchased at the Dillimore Vehicle Dealership, motorbikes at Mr Grant's Bike Shed (also in Dillimore), large vehicles at Hammer Down Heavy Vehicle (Fort Carson) and boats at the Victor's Vessels Boat Dealership in Rockshore Docks.
It is not possible to purchase pushbikes, helicopters or airplanes. Some vehicles might also not be available in the dealerships, but still be available
as donator vehicles - and some are completely restricted (e.g police vehicles or vehicles with mounted guns).

Prices at the dealerships might be seen as somewhat high compared to the prices on the market (player to player sales), which is understandable as you're purchasing a brand new vehicle and you can do that whenever you please, without the need to wait until someone decides to sell a vehicle you desire. In order to view the available vehicles and potentially purchase one of them you can use /buyvehicle while standing on the yellow 'i' icon at a dealership.
Remember that you need at least one free vehicle slot (from a total of three to seven) in order to be able to buy a new car. You can also use this feature to estimate the market value of a used vehicle before purchasing it from a player (prices of used vehicles are usually at least 25% lower than their respective dealership prices).

Other players
Players often advertise selling their vehicles, usually either via in-game advertisements (dark green lines in your chat with [ADVERT] at the beginning) or via the forum section called
Marketplace. Whether you get in contact with the seller via forums or by calling their phone in-game - you'll need to meet up and finalize the sale in person. In this situation the price of the vehicle fully depends on what you and the seller agree on. In order to sell your vehicle to a player you have to use /sell vehicle, which will show you a list of your vehicles with their IDs - then use /sellvehicle [player ID or name] [ID from the list] [price]. The buyer will need to accept it via /acceptvehicle, after which the car becomes theirs.

Rentable vehicles
The rental lot can be found in an underground parking lot of the Montgomery Information Center (opposite the trailer park newbie spawn). To rent a vehicle all you have to do is enter any of them and use /rentvehicle while inside. You will be charged an appropriate amount (shown in your chat upon entering the car) and the car will be yours to drive. If you don't return the car within an hour - you'll be automatically charged the same amount again. In order to return the vehicle, drive back to the rental lot and use /returnvehicle. You will be charged additionally for repairs if the car is damaged upon returning. You are also able to rent boats - some of them are docked at a jetty in the Palomino Creek bay and some in the Bayside Marina.


Shared keys
A player may wish to give you the keys to their vehicle, allowing you to drive them freely, with the ability to turn the engine on and off, lock and unlock it, etc. In order to share a car with a player you have to use /givesharedkey, it will return a list of your vehicles with their IDs - then use /givesharedkey [player ID or name] [ID from the list]. A shared key can be removed via /removesharedkey. You can view the shared keys you possess by using /mykeys.

You are able to steal a vehicle from a player. If they leave a car with the engine on and the doors unlocked - all you have to do is enter it and drive away. Alternatively, you can use your toolbox to hotwire a vehicle's engine to switch it on and drive away, if the vehicle is unlocked. Locked vehicles cannot be jacked in any way. If a vehicle has a rolled down window, you can use that to your advantage to unlock the vehicle, enter and drive away or hotwire it if the engine is off.
However, you are not able to steal faction-owned vehicles.

Regular Usage Information

There's a couple things you should know after you've purchased your first car (applies only to the first two methods from the list above). At this point you will probably find yourself either inside the vehicle or near it - the most important thing to do now is to drive to a place in which you want the vehicle to spawn (preferably near your spawnpoint) and use /savecar to save it there. However, it will not automatically spawn there after you log in, you will need to use the command /mycars in order to spawn the vehicle. Every player has three vehicle slots by default and can have all of them spawned at the same time (although it is suggested not to spawn your cars unnecessarily to avoid unnecessary lag for other players). More vehicle slots can be donated to increase your character's vehicle slots to buy and spawn.
Despawning a vehicle after you've spawned it via /mycars is not possible in order to avoid abuse. Vehicles will automatically despawn 30 minutes after owner's logout.

Remember that you'll need a driver's license in order to legally use a vehicle (type of the license depends on the type of the vehicle you want to purchase). And in case you need to check the status of your vehicle (spawned, not spawned, in a repair garage, requiring recovery, impounded, etc) or provide the ID of your vehicle so an administrator or a helper can help locate it for you - /mycars provides this info as well.

When you enter a vehicle and turn the engine on (can be done by pressing space bar or using /e) you will notice a HUD pop up in the lower right corner of your screen. Those things will be:


  • Speedometer - shows you how fast you're going.
  • Fuel bar - informing you how much fuel you have left in your tank.
  • Mileage - tells you how many miles the car has already driven.
  • NOS bar - shows you how much nitrous you have left (if installed).
  • Lock icon - shows whether your vehicle is locked or unlocked.
  • Engine icon - appears when the engine is broken.
  • Oil icon - appears when your vehicle needs an oil change.
  • Lights icon - appears when your vehicle lights are on.
  • Location name - shows the name of the area you're currently in.

In order to keep your vehicle safe from greedy criminals you'll need to remember to lock it everytime you leave it - this can be done either via the /lock command while near the vehicle or by pressing the N hotkey. Forgetting to lock your car could result in having the contents of your trunk stolen, or the vehicle itself being stolen.

The command /lights can be used for both turning the lights on and off. However, if you're a lazy person, you can also use a hotkey. Pressing the 2 key on your keyboard (over the letter W, not on the numpad) will flash your lights once (useful for communicating on the road), and holding 2 for at least 1 second will turn the lights on. And if they're on - just tap 2 in order to turn them off.

Controlling the windows of your vehicle can be done via the /rw command (shortcut for /rollwindows). As the driver of a vehicle you have access to /rw - it will roll down the driver's window; and /rw all - it will roll down all windows in the vehicle. You can also use /rw [1-4] to roll down/up a window of your choice separately. As a passenger, you can only control the window next to you via /rw. An important thing to remember is that people on the outside of your car won't be able to hear your chatter unless you roll the windows down or shout (/s), so it's a good way for discussing things in private.

The trunk of your vehicle can be used for storing your items such as weapons, drugs or money. The amount of goods that fit in the trunk will depend on the size of the vehicle (so e.g convertibles will hold less weapons than vans and such). You can secure the trunk from unauthorized access by locking the vehicle. The trunk can also be accessed from the inside of the vehicle. In order to open the trunk you can use /trunk open, then (depending on your will) you can use /trunk store, /trunk get, /trunk show (to show the contents of the trunk) and /trunk close.

Every car runs on fuel, so you'll eventually find out that your fuel tank is almost open. In order to refuel your vehicle you'll need to visit one of the gas stations scattered around the counties (or the Rockshore Docks in case of boats and the Verdant Meadows airstrip in case of air vehicles such as donator Mavericks or faction-owned aircraft). Drive up to the fuel pump and use /refuel - you will be asked to step out of your vehicle and proceed to the fuel cap. Upon stepping on the red marker you'll be asked what fuel you want to put into your vehicle - if you don't know if your car uses petrol or diesel you can use /einfo to find out. After you choose the type of fuel - simply wait until the car is refueled and you're all set.

Alternatively, if you run out of fuel away from a gas station - you can visit one of them on foot and use /refillfc to refill your fuel can (you can purchase one at any general store). If your fuelcan is filled with the wrong type of fuel, or you're not sure what fuel it has - you can use /emptyfc to empty it. And when you return back to your vehicle - enter it, use /fuelcan and proceed to the fuel cap to refuel it.

Remember, filling your tank with the wrong type of fuel will break your engine!

Setting your car for sale
You can hang a piece of paper in your car, indicating that it's for sale. In order to do that you will need some paper and a pen, both of which can be purchased at any general store. When you have both - enter your car and use /setforsale [price]. A couple of floating text lines will be attached to your vehicle, stating that the car is for sale, what model it is, what's the asking price and what's the phone number of the owner. Now just park your vehicle in a busy place and wait until someone calls you (make sure that your phone is on!). And if you change your mind and decide not to sell your car, or if you find a buyer - you can use /cancelforsale to remove the note.

MaintenanceEvery car should be maintained properly in order to keep it in top shape. After all, you're not going to pick up any chicks if your car is a rolling piece of junk, right?


Repairing your vehicle
Sooner or later you'll probably find yourself having damaged your vehicle, whether it's your fault or someone else's. You are not able to fix your vehicle yourself, you'll need to visit one of the repair garages scattered around the counties (for example the Palomino Creek Garage). After you drive up to the yellow 'i' marker you will be able to use /repair - the command has a few parameters and allows you to fix just the the engine of your car (fixes the HP of the vehicle, but leaves broken body parts), the bodywork (fixes broken parts, but leaves vehicle HP as it is), the tires (repairs punctured tires only), the headlights (fixes headlights only), or a full repair (fixes broken body parts, popped tires, headlights, and raises the vehicle HP to max). The price of the repair will depend on the type of the repair and the class of your vehicle, cheapest cars such as a Clover can cost less than $1000 to repair fully even when heavily damaged, while super cars like a Bullet might easily cost $15.000 even with minor damages. Upon selecting an option you will also be asked whether you want the money for the repairs to go from your bank account or from the money you have on hand.

Your car will stop being drivable when the HP of your vehicle reaches 355 (can be checked with /dl). The engine will turn off, a chat message will appear and the engine will be generating thick black smoke. The car will not explode (like in single player) even upon taxing huge amounts of damage, as the HP will never go below 350. Even if you flip the car - it will remain flipped and won't blow up (although it will be burning), unless you get out of the vehicle before it's flipped back on wheels.

Alternatively, if your engine is broken you can also call a mechanic (/call 118) and pay them to fix the engine for you via /fixengine - however, this will only add a small amount of HP to your vehicle to make it drivable again, you will still need to take it to a repair garage afterwards in order to fully repair it.

Recovering your vehicle
If your vehicle blew up, fell into the water or despawned in any other way - don't worry, it's not gone forever. You can recover it by using /recovervehicle, however it will cost you money (the amount depends on the class of the vehicle). After recovery the vehicle will again be available for you to spawn via /mycars. Remember - recovering only allows you to spawn the vehicle again, it will not repair it if it was broken before. The contents of your trunk will not disappear, so you don't have to worry about that. However, remember that the lock status of your vehicle will remain what it was before despawning - so make sure to lock it again if it despawned while unlocked, or else you'll risk someone stealing your trunk contents.


Oil change
You need to change your engine oil every 500 miles or so. It's important to remember when you've last changed it, because if you don't do it in time - one day the engine of your car will just break down upon trying to turn it on. The oil icon on the HUD will appear a fair amount of time before that happens though, giving you a chance to get it changed before the engine breaks.

In order to do the oil changing process you will need a player with the Mechanic job, unless you have the job yourself. In order to contact a mechanic you can call the mechanic hotline - /call 118, and any available mechanic will be able to call you back and assist you. But let's assume you have the job yourself - you will first need to visit the mechanic shop at the Palomino Creek Garage (or any other mechanic shop) and purchase engine oil. Proceed to the car afterwards, enter it, turn the engine off if needed, open the bonnet (via /hood or /bonnet) and use /changeoil. After that step out of the car and walk to the red marker near the engine - your character will start changing oil, and after approximately 10 seconds the process will be finished and you'll be able to drive your car again. Note: in order to change oil you cannot be wearing more than 6 clothing objects, as an oil canister will be attached to your body.

In case you want to get rid of your car (eg. to free up a slot or because you're simply bored of it), and you can't find a buyer - you can take it to the Blueberry Scrapyard and scrap it. This can be done by using /scrapvehicle near the floating 'i' icon, and upon scrapping you will receive 25% of the vehicle's dealership price. The vehicle will be scrapped permanently and there is no way to recover a scrapped vehicle. You can only scrap your own vehicle; rental, stolen or shared key vehicles cannot be scrapped.

CustomisationThere's a couple ways for you to customize your vehicle. Of course not every way is possible with every vehicle, although in most cases it's common sense.


You can mod your vehicles at the Palomino Creek Garage and Fort Carson Pay'n'Spray. This system uses the default Rockstar vehicle tuning parts, but differs in the way of previewing and applying the mods. Upon driving on the yellow 'i' icon you will be able to use /mod, which will bring you to the window with previews of all available parts for your vehicle (bodywork & tires). You can choose anything you want and it will add to your modding queue. When you're done - click 'close', see if you like how your car looks - use /buymods to purchase them. If not - use /clearmods to clear them or just drive away from the garage and they will disappear. Tuned parts cost money and will raise the repair prices of your vehicle.

There's a few other things you can do at any repair garage (as opposed to modding, which is available only at the two garages mentioned above) - those things are:

  • spraying your car - you can spray your vehicle to any color you wish by using the command /spray (you can find a chart with the color IDs here IDs 000 to 127 and here IDs 128 to 255.
  • installing NOS - you can apply a 10x nitrous boost to your vehicle by using /nos, usable just like in single player.
  • installing hydraulics - similar as NOS, you can install hydraulics to make your car bounce around when you feel like it, this can be done by using /hyd.
  • apply paintjobs - possible only for vehicles that have paint jobs in single player mode, can be done by using /paintjob [paintjob ID].
  • removing mods - you can use /removemods to remove mods from your vehicle, whether it's a bodywork mod, custom wheels, hydraulics, NOS or a paint job. Using the command will not remove all of your mods, it will trigger a window with a list of all of your mods, allowing you to choose the one you want to remove.


Vehicle attachments
The vehicle attachments script allows you to attach up to 5 objects to your vehicle. You are limited to a choice of objects that the development team seen fit for attaching to vehicles, although it still allows for a great deal of personalization and giving your car those fine details that make it stand out from the rest. The command used for the whole vehicle attachments script is /vattachments, remember to use it with your vehicle on perfectly flat ground. Also, with some attachments it can really help if your vehicle is facing north while editing.
A complex feature documentation of the vehicle attachments feature can be found over here.

Registration plates
You can order custom registration plates for your vehicle at the DMV in Montgomery. In order to do that you have to walk on the floating 'i' icon and use /customreg - a list of your vehicles will appear (only ones spawned via /vmenu). When you decide which vehicle you want to customize and what plate you want - use /customreg [vehicle ID from the list] [new plate]. Custom plates are quite an expensive purchase, and while a regular 7-digit custom plate is just $40.000, a 6-digit plate will cost $300.000, 5-digit plate - $1.250.000, and 4-digit plate - $2.500.000. You will need to have the money in hand to buy a custom plate, and to finalize the transaction you have to use /customreg [vehicle ID from the list] [new plate] confirm.

Alternatively, if you're up to some shady stuff, you can screw your registration plate off. In order to do that you have to walk to the back of your car and use /togplate - your character will kneel down by the bumper and remove it from the vehicle, leaving you with a blank plate (ICly roleplayed as the lack of any plate). Just remember that this obviously attracts police attention!

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