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Unrealistic Interiors and players who login to retain assets


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Mar 25, 2012


Unrealistic Interiors and players who login to retain assets

Unrealistic Interiors and players who login to retain assets
Hello all,

There have been a couple of issues raised within the administration team regarding both completely unrealistic interiors and those who log in-game purely to retain businesses. The administration team have now decided that both of these will no longer be tolerated and as such will be putting in measures and actions to stop players doing both of the above. I will address the issues in two parts as they are both completely unrelated.

Unrealistic House Interiors
Players that are granted the use of the custom interior are expected to use it within the guidelines stated in the house and business customisation rules as stated here. Over the next couple of days the administration team will be reviewing all houses with the custom interior and those who are found to be in breach of the rules will be sent a PM. The PM will issue a warning giving them one week to ensure that their house complies with the rules linked above. If after the week the house still does not comply with the rules then management and/or property administrators reserve the right to pickup your furniture leaving you with just the blank interior once again. It is worth noting that repeat offenders may not be given any notice if their house if found to be in breach of the rules.

If you are able to prove that you purchased the house with the interior in question, and provide evidence to back it up, then I will refund you 10% of what you paid for the house to cover some losses. However, as previously stated this will only be an option if you can prove that the interior was already there when you purchased the house.

Should you decide to attempt to sell your asset after receiving a PM about the above, but before you have made the listed changes then you will be punished and force to refund the player the full amount they paid for the asset.

Players who login to retain assets
Another big issue is those who currently own assets and simply login in-game to retain said assets. Whilst with some businesses and/or houses this is not a big deal since they don't have much RP capability and thus it's not an issue if a player wants to retain those assets. However, with certain business types such as clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants that have such a large RP capability it is in the best interest of the server that the administration team interject and obtain these assets and loan/auction them off to those who will use them as they are intended. If players are to be found to hold such assets and not use them the correctly then management and/or property administrators can take action by doing one of the following:

  1. Issue you a warning stating that you must use the business to provide roleplay.
  2. Giving you the opportunity to auction of the property.
  3. Offer to acquire the property from you, for a reasonable price.
  4. We do not always have to do the above and we reserve the right to simply take the property and place it under the ownership of Silver Trading.
I will reiterate the fact that those who are affected by the above currently will receive a personal message shortly, if you do not receive a PM then there is no action required from you.

If you have any questions about any of the above then please feel free to contact a member of the administration team either in-game or via a forum PM, and we will be happy to respond.


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May 4, 2011
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I'm still in the process of writing out the PM's now so pls don't freak out, if your interior needs fixing you'll know within the next 30 mins or so.