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[Tutorial] Custom crosshair for each weapon, Y sensitivity fix & white dot removal


Apr 11, 2015
South Africa
short and simple, how to get custom crosshairs for different weapons. this addon also has a config file where you can fix the Y sensitivity & remove that stupid white square in the middle
  1. make sure you have an ASI loader, you can install CLEO as i think it comes with one
  2. download this
  3. drag and drop the contents to your SA directory
  4. configure it under the 'Crosshairs' folder. you can view all information and other config in Crosshairs.ini, this is where you can enable the sens fix and look at the names for each weapon.
note: sniper.png is the sniper & the camera
another note: default.png is the default crosshair for all unassigned weapons
another another note: click here to download the original SA crosshair
another another another note: the white dot im talking about is this large square in the middle and not the dot you're SUPPOSED to see with the default crosshair:

this is how it's supposed to look:
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