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[Tips] Marketing techniques


Apr 11, 2015
South Africa
I'm going to teach you a few marketing techniques I use to buy and sell cars. When I was banned and I re-joined the server, all my balance was gone. I've worked hard, and just from buying and selling vehicles/houses, I've profited quite a lot.

If you have no money to start off with this technique, make some from side jobs and eventually ditch them when you have enough to purchase your first asset.


If you are a level three donator, it is suggested you do /padvert as you get free adverts. If you're not, you should just use /advert, as it's much cheaper.

When you are going to buy a vehicle, business or house, you need to find a cheap price. Usually, I'd look for buying it about under 60% market price, and selling it for about 70% market price. A very important aspect is to find good deals. Patience is key.

Here is an example of a good buying advert:
[Private Advert, Phone 123456789] [Buying] Buying a Huntley. Budget is thirty five thousand dollars! Call or SMS.

Here is an example of a bad one:
[Advert] Buying a Huntley. [John Doe, Phone 123456789]

Once you buy, you are ready to re-sell. Don't forget to use private adverts if you are a donator. It just looks cleaner, and catches peoples' eyes.

When selling, as mentioned above in the previous technique, you need to sell it for a price higher than what you bought it for, else you're obviously going to be losing money. You can even hire people to do this for you and try to find buyers, and give them a small cut of your profits. Even if you profit a minuscule amount, like a thousand bucks, you're still going to be making money with minimal effort, especially if you hire someone to find buyers.

Here is an example of a good selling advert:
[Private Advert, Phone 123456789] [Selling] Selling a Huntley for $37 500. Price is negotiable. SMS.

What you can do when selling, is put a price that's much higher than what you bought it for, and just say that it's negotiable in the advert. That way, people will negotiate down to the price you actually wanted in the first place, making them more likely to buy it. Otherwise, they're just going to try to negotiate the lowest you'll go, making you lose a buyer.

Here is an example of a bad selling advert:
[Advert] Selling a Huntley. [John Doe, Phone 123456789]

Once you have completed these steps and sold your first vehicle/house/business, you will have more experience as to how the whole process works. Remember, this is very slow paced and may take a while to make profit! If you want to try to get better profit, you can mess around with the percentages of the stock value, for example buy for 60% and sell for 90%, but it might be hard to find buyers then. You can also try pushing numerous assets out at once for a small profit count. For example, if you sell three things for only $2k profit, you'll be profiting $6k every time you sell. The more money you have, the more money you make.

Here's a sneak peak of how much I made in three days. I started at absolutely nothing.

That's $151,182 when you add the cash and bank up over the course of three days. If you are very active, and constantly do this, you will be able to make way more money.
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Jul 10, 2011
Economy 101, literally.
Although it does seem that you put effort into it and tried to make it as detailed as possible so :thumbup:


Jul 11, 2016
Very nice, but why is it good to place private adverts instead of normal ones?


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Sep 29, 2015
Nice guide man! I think that guide was needed already when Entity was around, I wanted to join, but had no idea how marketing works.


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Mar 8, 2017
I've been trying to sell for the last two days (including a Sunday) a Buffalo, got it for 50% and trying to sell it for less than 60%. I found myself that it is actually really hard to get somebody to buy it, thought this car would be an easy sell. Any idea if I'm doing something wrong, or should I wait more time? I was just /advert by the way.
Might the economy changed THAT big since you made this post?

Any help on which are the key cars to buy and sell? (The most demanded ones.)

Thank you, guide is super instructive aswell


Sep 16, 2015
I suggest adding detail to make it look more professional/realistic.

Selling a 1977 Declasse Clover in good condition, SMS offers."