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The Christmas Screenshot Contest! [Winners announced!]

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Jan 31, 2011
The Christmas Screenshot Contest

Dear Red County Roleplay!
The winter is upon us, and the Christmas Eve is getting closer and closer every day. It has been snowing in Red County for the whole week, and most of you have installed the snow mods. Many of you have also roleplayed snow-related situations in-game, such as wearing warm clothing or shoveling snow off your properties. This time, however, we are asking you to do something different. Everyone will agree that winter and snow can be really pretty at times, and in this contest - your goal will be to make a screenshot of said prettyness and post it as a response to this thread.

Contest Rules
Your screenshot has to be made on Red County Roleplay. Not singleplayer, not any other server.
It is not obligatory for your character to be visible on the screenshot.
The usage of CamHack is allowed for making the screenshot.
The usage of a snow texture mod is obligatory.
Only one submission per player is allowed.
The usage of any other mods is permitted but is not obligatory.
Photo editing is allowed, as long as it's only cropping / colour enhancing / adding borders.
You can replace your old submission with a new one as many times as you want before the contest closes.
Do not put any kind of text on the picture. It is meant to be as raw as possible.​

The three best screenshots will be awarded with a cash prize.
First place -250.000$
Second place -100.000$
Third place -50.000$
The entries are to be posted as a response to this thread. The contest will be closed on Sunday, 16th of December, 20:00 (GMT+1), so you have a week to install all the mods you want, take the best screenshot then edit it as you please. After the event is closed, the admin team will choose the three best screenshots, which will then be announced here, along with PMs sent to the winners. The screenshots will also appear in the snowmod thread.

You are allowed to post your comments and thoughts in this thread. The entries will be later copied out into the admin section.

Good luck!


Sep 9, 2011
Re: The Christmas Screenshot Contest!

My entry into the contest.

I do not participate with these screenshots into the contest, they were made just for fun.

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