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Staff Team Changes - November 2018


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Mar 25, 2012


Staff Team Changes - November 2018

Opening Note
.Hello all,

The management team have recently decided that we will be introuducing a new role into the administration team. The new role will be Head Administrator, the purpose of the new role is to mainly reduce waiting time that community members currently experience waiting for a member of management due to the fact that we often have so much going on at once.

Head Administrators will gain access to more in-game commands, which up until this point have been restricted for Management only, in addition to this they will be able to handle monetary refunds up to $1,000,000 and the ability to handle some of the support tickets that are currently tagged for management.

The rest of this announcement will just be me announcing our newly appointed Head Administrators as well as the merging of Head of Refunds and Head of Bans.

Note: The in-game ranks are not quite ready yet and will be released as part of the next update. However, the decision was made to still announce and appoint these roles and they will receive the in-game ranks/commands once the commands have been implemented. Hopefully the commands will be in within the next week.

Smally, Bauer, Earl, TommyB
We have decided to appoint two Head Administrators at the moment, the reason behind this is to allow for a third member of the administration team to progress into this rank instead of filling all three positions straight away. Please join me in congratulating the following on their promotion to Head Administrator:
  • Menace
  • Arky
With these two being promoted to the role of Head Administrator, we have decided to promote two admins to the role of Lead Administrators. The administrators that have been chosen are:
  • Payne
  • Mason
The above have been chosen due to their outstanding work during their time in the administration team, and we have no doubt that they will do a great job in their new positions.
Head of Refunds & Bans
As stated above these rules will be merged and be the shared responsibility of the Head Administrators.
  • Head of Bans - Not much will change in terms of the way this role works, instead of the Head of Bans being the sole responsibility of one person, it will now be a collective effort. If you are making a ban appeal for an administrator who is no longer part of the team, nothing has changed you will still tag it for the Head of Bans and it will be dealt with by the Head Administrators.
  • Head of Refunds - Currently this role is occupied by Llamas but has no real purpose as such other than the fact that is generally given to the person who handles the most refunds historically. Going forward refunds can be handled by Administrators+ instead of Lead Administrators. However, refunds can only be handled by a Lead Administrator+ in-game. The purpose of the Head of Refunds will now be merged into the Head Administrator role and be the go to point if you feel your refund was handled incorrectly.