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[SOLVED] 'New-Player' Quiz - Failing?

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Oct 27, 2014
United Kingdom
Hi guys,

I've been a player for RedCountyRP back in the day of its 'birth', but today I've decided to go ahead and re-try the new features from what has been an extraordinary face-lift since the server first set foot into SAMP.

Problem is the new quiz I am taking is somewhat impossible to complete successful - WITH proofreading to the smallest degree by pressing my face against the monitor. I'm getting a little frustrated with why I'm achieving marks like 19 out of 20 and the odd 18 out of 20.

I'm starting wonder if the quiz has a few mistakes inside because most of the rules that require an answer within the quiz are either crossed out or wrong. I've used my past-experience of roleplay and even freshened myself up using the official RedcountyRP rules to help me achieve 100% within the quiz.

Its just god damn hard! But what am I getting wrong? Could I please have any tips on what I'm getting wrong? I do proof-read before I submit...

Kindest regards,
Callum Haynes.
Not open for further replies.