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Dec 30, 2010
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Script Changelogs

Changelog for the RC:RP game server can be found here:
Server Changelog

Forum threads with update announcements for the RC:RP game server can be found here:
Update Announcement Threads

Changelog for the RC:RP website and the UCP (User Control Panel) can be found here:
Website & UCP Changelog

Changelog for the RC:RP forums can be found here:
Forum Changelog

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Jan 6, 2010
Re: Script Changelog

New changelog starting from version 1.0.50.


Dec 30, 2010
Texas, USA.
Re: Script Changelog

Open this spoiler to find the changelogs from before 2.0a.

1.9.6 R1 (Old)
Updated the server to SA-MP 0.3z R2, you can find the link to the new client here
Weapon Damage is now logged per limb (e.g, Head, Torso, Legs, Arms and Groin)
Weapon damage will now vary depending on what limb you shoot (Lesser damage for arm shots and high value for head shots)
Reworked the paytolls to attempt to prevent them from bugging out.
Paytolls will now open automatically for emergency vehicles that are using /siren or /elm.
Remade the /adminlist command to display all player accounts of each administrator.
Altered both the boombox system and weed growing system removing their text labels and implementing alternative commands in an attempt to prevent mask labels from becoming bugged.
Altered the method the mask system uses to update as a possible fix to the desync and lag issues.
Fixed a bug allowing players to access business related features from other accounts after using /logout.
Fixed a bug where buying a new skin in a clothes shop would prevent you from exiting.
Fixed a bug where logging out in an interior would prevent you from exiting.
Fixed a bug where cars would randomly spawn in awkward locations.

1.9.6 (Old)
Admin levels are now assigned to Master Accounts along with Admin Statistics.
/acceptpm is now /togglepm and can be used with the on, off and ID parameters instead of /ignore.
Completely removed the newbie chat and all related commands.
Reworked the way /changemyname is handled by Administrators.
Removed the sandstorm weather from being randomly selected.
Removed the all of the Christmas mapping and login music to wish farewell till next Christmas.
Added in new HQ mapping for Elite Trucking.
Replaced the newbie chat with a brand new Helper system which can be accessed using /assistance.
Helpers now have access to a variety of commands to enable to assist players further.
Revamped multiple Administrative systems for ease of use.
You can now /setsubrank for a player who is offline.
Players now have the ability to /logout to change characters.
Health and Armour will now save on relog.
Players will be returned to the last position before logging/crashing if reconnected within 10 minutes.
Owned Vehicles in range of the player will now respawn with with you at the last known position.
Fixed a bug where /lr would display the players name even if they were masked.
Fixed a bug where DoC and FD pagers could be seen across both departments.
Fixed a bug where players were losing boomboxes when the lost connection.
Fixed a bug where calling 444 or 118 and pressing cancel on a payphone would bug a players camera and phone.

1.9.5 R2 (Old)
Fixed a bug with Nitrous and Hydraulics were not saving for player vehicles properly.
Fixed a bug where not all repair types where free for the DoC.
Fixed a bug where /fadvert would charge you the incorrect value.
Fixed a bug where exiting a taxi from RTCR would not take or clear the fare.
Fixed a bug where you can spam /duty as a member of RTCR.
Fixed a bug which allowed anyone to use PD vests.
Fixed a bug where Axiom couldn't take a Camera or Nightstick.
Fixed a bug where players could exit Prison or Admin Jail prematurely.
Reworked the trunk system to fix the faction vehicle trunk bugs.
Applied a fix to the FD and SANews mappings to prevent people or vehicles from bugging through them.
Applied a fix to prevent players from falling through interiors upon entering them.
Applied a fix to prevent vehicles created for players and factions being bugged as admin vehicles.
Altered Aperture to now display as DNS in all commands.
Removed the SPAS 12 from the DoC weapon cache.
Added a Camera and Teargas to the DoC weapon cache.
Added a method to attempt to prevent the use of cheating/hacking applications on the server.
Altered the amount of bank interest you recieve per PayDay.
Faction Adverts are now free for Donator Level 4 and half price for Donator Level 3.
The Lottery will now run at every :00 instead of every :59
/navto now will allow you to find Points of Interest and Flat Blocks properly.
Added /pager, /pagermsg and /checknumber for DoC members.
Added additional DoC Security Doors and Gates.
Added /clearcaller for RTCR so they can clear fake or AFK callers.
Extended the length of the message splitting system.
Helped Simon trim his bush.

1.9.5 R1 (Old)
Added a garage entrance point for the SACFD.
Applied a fix to prevent mapping bugging out on entering interiors.
Applied a fix to prevent people from overwriting their weapons when taking them out of trunks.
Fixed a bug where playing, stopping or picking up a boombox would stop /carmusic streams.
Fixed an issue where players couldn't use /carmusic stop.
Corrected a grammatical error in the /mybizz command for sidejob businesses.
Fixed an issue where ESU couldn't revert from /scba.
Fixed a bug where members of the SASP couldn't retrieve armour from the trunks of their vehicles.
Added additional dances to /dance.
Added in new DoC gates.
DoC now qualify for free tolls, fuel and repairs.
/releaseprisoner now sends a faction message to all on duty members of DoC.
/su(spect) will now show to only the members of the faction that it was submitted by.
/su(spect) can now be used on police officers.
Altered the Siren, ELM and vehicle lights to now work under single commands (/siren, /elm, /lights)

1.9.5 (Old)

Fixed an issue where the roadblock deletion timer would not clear when a player disconnected.
Fixed an issue with roadblocks messages being sent to the wrong ID.
Fixed an issue where sidejob business owners could not see their earnings in /mybizz.
Fixed a bug where the lottery draw time would display -1 if it was 11:59
Fixed a bug where speed cameras would give speeding tickets to push bikes.
Fixed the Palomino Creek bridge bug by adding a new speedbumper that forces you to drive slower.
Fixed an exploit where buying a briefcase would give you $500 instead of removing $3,750.
Fixed an issue regarding fuel type not being reset upon repair causing vehicles to break down.
Fixed an issue with 'FUEL' displaying even when it's full.
Fixed an exploit where using 'lol' ICly would set a player free from prison.
Fixed Axiom door co-ordinates.
Fixed an issue regarding a shotgun not being shown in ammunation despite having correct license.
Fixed an issue regarding /duty off causing a spam of messages when done repeatedly.
Fixed an issue with markers being set at wrong location when locating businesses inside of the Fort Carson Mall.
Fixed a bug where bus routes said Montgomery Pizza Stack instead of The Montgomery Park.
Fixed a bug where you could use /afk to get out of being frozen.
Fixed a bug where you would still get messages of remaining ajail time if an admin released you.


Added the ability for /makehelper to be used for offline players.
Chat commands such as /me, /f, /do, /a, etc will now continue onto a second line if the message is too long.
Donator levels are no longer required for /housemusic and /bizzmusic.
Anybody may now open and search a trunk if it is unlocked.
Trunk commands such as /opentrunk, /closetrunk and /locktrunk are now in the /trunk command.
The /rob script has been removed.
/psa now checks for the valid leader rank of the faction (rank required for /hire, /frespawn, etc) instead of a rank set in the command.
Hydraulics and nitro now save to vehicles.
/changedob costs have been made free.
Reworked the 911 system to show call message details on multiple lines.

New Features

Members of ESU in the SASP can now use /ladder, /scba and etc.
Boomboxes can now be purchased from electronic stores.
Players may now stream music in their cars with /carmusic.
Added the ability for players shouting to be heard inside and outside interiors.
Added in multiple new mappings for the FD and Aperture.
Added a new garage interior mapping for SANews.
Added a Christmas tree mapping in Montgomery.

1.9.4 R5 (Old)
Fixed a bug where if you had armor greater than 50 and used cocaine, your armor would be set down to 50.
Fixed an issue with RTRC's taxi commands.
Fixed an issue where members of RTRC could not use their faction commands in faction vehicles that weren't taxis.
Fixed a bug where taxi drivers could not use their commands.
Fixed an issue with /checknumber.
Suspended licenses now show up in /licenses.

1.9.4 R4 (Old)
Fixed an issue where nametags would not show up on players who were masked but not hiding their name.
Fixed an issue with /aspray not saving colors to the vehicles the command was used on.
Fixed an issue where RTCC's services would not show up if they were called via payphone.
Fixed an issue with RTCC's hotline.
Fixed an issue where RTCC's commands would not appear in /help faction.
Fixed an issue where the /enter pickup was still visible at the old prison.
Added /resetwvest for Aperture Research.
Added /showbadge for RTCC.

1.9.4 R3 (Old)
Fixed an issue where player's vehicles would not delete when they disconnected.
Fixed an issue where a player's AFK or masked label would not disappear when they disconnected.
Fixed an issue with the Journey's interior coordinates being incorrect.
Fixed an issue where the Copyright symbol on the "Welcome to Red County Roleplay" message was turned into a question mark.
Fixed an issue where old pickups from Donum Dei were still visible at their old HQ.
Added teargas back to the RCSD's /swat command.
Added phone numbers to Axiom's 118 number so when customers request their services, employees can call them back without issues.
Added /checknumber for Aperture.

1.9.4 R2 (Old)
Fixed an issue with S.W.A.T's duty pickup being invisible.
Fixed an issue where donators could not use /ignore, /unignore and etc.
Fixed an issue where Axiom's ATM run could be started. (This was not supposed to be in this update as it is incomplete and seems to crash the server because of it.)
Fixed an issue where 1626's Mapping magically reappeared!
Fixed an issue where going off S.W.A.T duty wouldn't update your current skin properly. (If you did not have your clothes set to skin slot 5 and you tried to change it back to either slot 1-4, you would not be able to.)
Disabled /relog in order to investigate issues with the user getting banned messages from other players upon selecting a character.

1.9.4 R1 (Old)
Fixed a bug where someone could find out a player's identify if they were masked when using /nametags.
Fixed a bug where the lottery would not cycle properly.
Fixed an issue when detecting whether or not a player had /b toggled.
Fixed an issue where /find was unavailable to the RCSD.

1.9.4 (Old)

Fixed animation sync issue with /walk (other players could not see the animation).
Players are now kicked when the server is restarted, to prevent a crash on re-join. Players must quit the game and re-connect.
Players no longer 'die' when changing skin/clothes in a clothes shop (/buyclothes).
Fixed a bug where players couldn't hang up a payphone if they didn't own a mobile phone.
Fixed a bug where players couldn't buy a new fishing rod after their old one broke.
Fire department's oxygen tank positioning fixed (was upside down).
Removed delay when equipping a stretcher when exiting an ambulance (player would stand there briefly, then a stretcher would appear - this is now instant).
Added /engine (/e) - toggle engine on/off (if it's on, it will be turned off, and vise versa).
Fixed /knock showing 'You can not knock on a door from inside a house' when not inside a house.
The Lottery is now picked and drawn at the correct time. (Was one minute off previously).
Fixed an issue with roadblock timers after the player who placed them disconnected.
Fixed an issue with Aperture's /enter for their gates.
Masks are no longer removed upon death.
Fix global messages that show the wrong IPs.
Audio streams now end when the player dies.
Fixed a bug where players could be banned for "Health Hacking" if they were killed while inside of a vehicle.
Fixed a few bugs where players could find out if an administrator was spectating them by using certain commands.
Fixed a bug where you could not use /payspeedingticket in the Dillimore Sheriff's Department.


/phonebook(and any other associated command) has been removed.
/checknumber can only be used by law enforcement factions.
Phone numbers are now listed under the information received from /lookupplate.
Added /e as a shortcut for for /enter and /engine.
Added /str as a shortcut for /stretcher
The Bank PIN system has been removed.
Removed /address.
Made a slight adjustment to /ram.
Adjusted the confirmation SMS players receive when selling a home at the Fort Carson Estate Agency.
Business tax has been reduced. (Previously would deduct 25% from payout but now deducts 10%
The MDT/MDC has been reverted to the old version.
Shortened some vehicle display names when being repaired.
Members of the RCSD may no longer speak ICly whilst using the CCTV.
The level limit for /setforsale and vehicle dealerships has been removed.
/changeclothes, /setskin and /skin no longer work when entering or exiting a vehicle.
Cocaine will only grant a maximum of 50 armor.
Club UCNU has been changed to a business.
SMALLS has been added as a business.
The automated messages for bong and cocaine use has been reworded.
Corrected a grammar issue with the /sweep message.
The Fallen Tree Mall has been relocated to Fort Carson.
Added frequently used numbers to /call when no number is specified.
/ram can now be used on businesses.
/fo has been renamed to /fch and now checks to see if members are the correct ranks to use it.

New Features

You no longer need licenses to drive motorbikes, cars and large vehicles.
/relog has been readded and is now available to everybody.
Faction chat can now be toggled by using /togf.
You can now use /nametags to show/hide player's name tags.
Players can now use /cancelnamechange to cancel a namechange request.
Players now lose the arms dealer job when quitting a faction.
Players can now transfer armor to another player via /give.
Players can now see when they are being ignored.
Donators now have the proper discounts for /fadvert.
Players may now tog their paycheck textdraw with /togpay.

Faction Changes

Factions can now have 5 spawns rather than 3.
Aperture: Added /bill [playerid] (Max: $500,000)
Aperture: /wvest and /vhelm for a white kevlar vest and helmet.
Aperture: Fxied an issue with /sirenon for Aperture vehicles.
Aperture: Can /drag and /detain like the SD.
Aperture: Fixed a bug with the satellite.
RCSD: The number of maximum roadblocks has been increased from 20 to 30.
RCSD: /ram can now be used on businesses
RCSD: S.W.A.T now receives 125 armor when going on S.W.A.T duty.
RCSD: /unjail has been added for the RCSD.
RCSD:: Skin slot 5 is now returned to members of S.W.A.T when they go off S.W.A.T duty.
RCSD: S.W.A.T members no longer lose their weapons when going on/off S.W.A.T duty.
RCFD: Stretchers are now deleted after 10 minutes of creation.
RTCC: Added taxi side job commands for RTCC faction members
RTCC: Added Limo, Heli, Private Driver and Talk to an Employee option to /call 444
Axiom: Weapon ranks and prices for /weapons have been redone.
Axiom: Added nightstick and camera to /weapons.
Axiom: /cancelinvoice [PlayerID] has been added to remove misplaced invoices.
Axiom: Members must now pay $250 for armor instead of $100.
SANews: Money gained from /advert has been increased to 20% of the initial payment.
SANews: Members may now start and conduct an interview anywhere with a telephone signal.

Admin Changes

Fixed an issue where the string for /tban was too short, causing punishment reasons to be cut off.
Admins can now use /ignore and /acceptpm without being a donator
/aspray has been added to respray vehicle colors.
Fixed an issue where administrators would teleport to the center of the map when spectating a player who was either kicked or banned.

1.9.3 (Old)
RCSD: New interior has been added.
A new shopping mall with multiple businesses has been added near Fallen Tree.
A new interior for Journeys has been added.
S.W.A.T members will now get their standard patrol gear back when they go off "S.W.A.T mode."
Players will now automatically be uncuffed when they are released from jail.
Removed a conflicting tree from ADMC's Clubhouse.

1.9.2 (Old)
Players will no longer take damage when they are shot by a taser.
SADVLA has been descripted and the old DMV tests have been re-added.
Hospital bills have been lowered.
Mask objects will now be removed when a player aims a camera or a sniper and re-added when they stop aiming.
Add faction HC chat. (/f(action)o(officer)
Add a faction announcement command. (/fan)
Weapon damages have been redone.
/weapons have been removed from 1626 and CHC.
Fixed a bug with spamming /fish.
Tec 9s, UZIs and sawn-off shotguns are now one handed instead of two.
/bizzmusic has been added for donator level 4s.
Aperture, RCSD and RCFD will no longer have to pay for vehicle repairs for their faction vehicles.
Added /sirenon for Aperture's Premiers
Aperture agents may now switch from their silenced pistol to a desert eagle and vice versa.
Aperture may now satellite another player without needing to use /satellite off.
Changes have been made to the feedback messages of the Aperture satellite.
A slight green tint has been added to Aperture's satellite view.
Removed Axiom's exemption from speeding tickets.
Added a disarm function to Axiom's /weapons.
Fixed SAN's /enter for their garage.
Removed skin 240 from SAN's /skins.

1.9.1 (Old)
Added an automated /ame which displays whenever a player sends an SMS to another player.
Removed textdraws which displayed when sending/receiving text messages.
Added a disarm function to /equip and /weapons for RCPD and and Aperture respectively.
Added a new Blueberry scrapyard, removed the /gate, allowing players to enter the yard freely.
Fixed bugs with ADMC's clubhouse interior.

1.9 revised (Old)
Fixed a bug where players could change their bank pin without entering their current pin.
Fixed a bug where players could not purchase a new fishing rod after their previous rod was broken.
Fixed some miscellaneous bugs.
Added an interior for Walker's Garage.
You may now /enter and /exit with a vehicle at Walker's Garage.
Replaced all of the gas pumps with indestructible pumps.
Admins will now get a notification whenever a player uses /kill.
Elite Trucking: New HQ mapping.
ADMC: Clubhouse interior added.
Axiom: Securicars are now bulletproof.
SANews: You can now start interviews inside of the studio as well as news vans.
SANews: Renamed /endbroadcast to /endinterview
Aperture: /ram can now be used by agents.
Aperture: Added sirens for various faction vehicles.
Aperture: A bug with /satellite has been fixed.
Added a new MDT and Aided Dispatch system for the RCPD and RCFD.
Added /vest for the DoC.
Added /take for the DoC.
Fixed an issue with weapon licenses.
Lead Admins+ can now release prisoners from the DoC prison using /releaseprisoner.
Removed Herobrine.

1.8 R6 (Old)
Fixed a bug where houses and vehicles would not save to the database correctly.
Fixed a bug where players could randomly log onto another account after a GMX.
You will now lose your clothing in slot 5 when you are fired from or leave a faction.
Members of gangs no longer spawn with bats.
Added /emptyfc which allows you to empty the contents of your fuel can.
/assistance now tells you your place in the queue of assistance requests.
Teleport to player command added for moderators and above (/tptop)
Added a /cars command which allows administrators to view all of the vehicles on a player's account.
Roadblock 1 has been changed to a traffic cone.
You may now place up to 20 roadblocks.
Roadblock respawn time has been increased to 20 minutes.
RCPD: Fixed a bug where SWAT weapons would reset when /swat was toggled.
RCPD: FBI Truck/Enforcer now have increased health.
RCPD: A message now sends to every online officer when a player is granted a weapons license or uses /swat.
RCFD: Stretchers are now automatically removed after 10 minutes.
DOC: Implemented a fix for the DoC's island.
Added the following commands for DOC members: /elm(on/off) /siren(on/off) /m(egaphone)
Level 4 donators can now use /relog again.

1.8 R5 (Old)
Removed the sniper headshot system.
The interior freeze time has been reduced. (Can be changed ingame if the server is lagging, etc)
Fixed a few bugs where players could take damage when they were AFK, frozen or entering an interior.

1.8 R4 (Old)
Added a /removefires command for Moderators and above.
Added the ability for RCPD to use /swat inside of an Enforcer.
Increased the amount of Max Houses.

1.8 R3 (Old)
DoC Fixes: Imprisonment now shown on MDC, commands having the prefix Officer changed accordingly, can no longer be cuffed etc by other members/cops, added a /showbadge, made the remaining unlocked door /lockpdoor'able, weapons no longer taken away at the hospital, fixed cell door 20.
Slightly adjusted the Axiom map, new gate.
Fixed a money exploit regarding sidejobs.
Fixed bugs related to mask/afk/etc labels being attached to the wrong players.

1.8 R2 (Old)
Fixed a bug with SADVLA /equip.
Fixed a bug with watering weed, you would get water instead of losing.
Fixed a bug where alt admins were not on /admins.
Fixed a bug with 1626 interior and exterior fence which was blocking the entrance.
Fixed a bug where you could potentially login with your Master Account name instead of character.
DoC: Added /lockpdoor /unlockpdoor, Fixed /buyfood, Fixed /weapons, Fixed taser.
Removed some maps/objects that are no longer being used.
Added the ping kick exemption, for you Giga.

1.8 (Old)
Department of Corrections Faction and Prison: The prison island and all related maps/interiors were added for DoC allowing a new type of jail and roleplay. DoC staff specific commands are /prison /editprison /releaseprisoner /celldoor /prisoners /pan.
Most weapons now have an increased damage capability.
New login system: You must now login with your Master Account name instead of a character name. Edit your SAMP name box to your MA and then connect. Enter the MA password and select one of your characters from the list.
Drug System: Weed: Revamped the weed drug, you can no longer buy it as it must be grown by yourself in your house. Furniture needed will be a plant pot and high powered light. Weed must be watered with water from stores, failure to water and keep the plant in good light will slow its growth or stop it all together. Maintaining good levels of water and light will speed up the growing. Commands needed are /plantweed, /waterweed and /harvestweed. Weed seeds are in stores.
Local OOC Chat Revamp: Added /togb for each player allowing you to show and hide /b. If everyone in the /b radius has it disabled then any player trying to speak in /b will see 'No one in the area has local OOC chat enabled.' which allows for the possibility to completely remove /b whining.
Bank PINs: Added ability to secure your bank with /pin. You or anyone on your character will need the pin to do anything with your bank balance/deposits.
Injuries: Anyone with health less than 50 will go into an injured mode with varying screen effects and drunkess to simulate injuries.
Automated /me's for hotwiring a car have been made into automatic /ame's.
The 'Mask' item is no longer avaliable in the general store, instead you just buy it from the clothes shop and can wear it immediately.
You can now only /spray at garages just like /repair.
You can no longer use /lon and /loff on boats and aircraft.
Replaced all the automatic /me's with taking and storing from the trunk with automatic /ame's with less detail of the item involved.
Fixed issue with fuel, speed, time and payday textdraws being darker than they should.
You can now ride bicycles without the motorbike license.
Added /clearchat.
There are now forced limits on /fine amounts to comply with rule 41.
You now need to be close to the player to use /revokelicense on them.
Phones will now save power state (on/off) when logging off and back in.
Added /notepad show so others can be showns your notes.
Ability to use /revokelicense for EVOC and TVOC.
Phone signal will always be avaliable in houses and businesses since interiors in the sky could have no signal before.
Changed /lastonline, it now shows login and logout times.
Allowing the use of /report and /pm in Adminjail.
Paytolls are now free for all level 1's and on-duty government people.
Fixed all bugs with the menu in Pizza Stack and changed the menu.
More realistic general store prices and a couple of new items added.
You can now /sms [conatct name].
Name changes are now cheaper.
Aperture: Base mapping, /drag,
SADVLA: Added /equip in the HQ.
Axiom: New HQ map and interiors/map features.
1626: Added the new HQ in PC with /weapons inside.
Maps: Basement has been added in Nice buns, stair case at old FBI HQ, SANews has a recording studio inside the montgomery offices now.
Fixed bug with repeatedly headshotting people after there dead.
If you are fired from a faction while on a reserved radio frequency, you will no longer stay there.
Fixed the taxi fare infinite money exploit.
Fixed bug/exploit with /callback on payphones.
Fixed bug where you could not escape the bank deposit screen asking you for how much money you want to deposit when you had no money TO deposit.
Fixed bug with storing armour over 400 in your trunk and losing it anyway.
Admins: Added /afrespawn, /whois, /delv [id], changed /checkaccount [now takes id or name], check who spawned a car with /whospawned, /b chat bug with /gotop while inside house fixed, /gotov while speccing allowed now, sightly altered some admin messages.
Might have forgotten some other small things but I'm sure you'll find it.

1.7.7 (Old)
Fixed a bug with mileage counting wrongly when set to KPH.
Fixed a bug with mileage being slightly miss-calculated.
Fixed a bug with /repair getting some of the prices wrong/undercharging for a full fix.
Fixed a bug with the assistance timers not being counted correctly.
Fixed a bug with /lastdriver not working.
Changed a few things with the estate agents to try and fix money related bugs. You might get a message telling you to contact me with a few details, especially when using the collect money option.
Added a new estate agents for houses and businesses of inactive players.
Added ability to /call a contact name, for example you can now '/call Alec' if you have a /contact called Alec.
Houses can now have a maximum of 10 weapons stored inside, added /houseviewguns to check them.
Added several new hats in the mask shops like cowboy hats.
Added EVOC and TVOC licenses at SADVLA.
ATM's now have a $5,000 withdrawal limit and you can only take out amounts that can be created with $10 notes.
Added new map for the Blueberry area by Earl.

1.7.6 R4 (Old)
Removed unnecessary objects with FD and BCSD mapping.
Added /selectflist for selecting house furniture without a collision/unclickable.
Fixes several house interiors: removed last few remaining objects, removed all furniture from houses that werent originally wiped. If you had the interior with the invisible kitchen area, then your kitchen has been re-fitted.

1.7.6 R2 (Old)
Removed a bugged gate from Aperture.
Added /uncuff for Aperture.
Added /showbadge for BCSD.
Fixed a bug with /l not working outside a vehicle.
Fixed a bug where you can put out fires with a spraycan.
Fixed a bug with stretchers not updating interior/world correctly.
Fixed a bug with /selectf showing the wrong name.
Changed position of dropped guns slightly.
Attempted to fix a bug with the furniture system unplacing too many items and spamming the chat sometimes.

1.7.6 (Old)
House Furniture: Converted several standard furniture businesses into enterable showrooms where you can buy furniture for your home. Use /browsef(urniture) to chose items using the mouse or /browseflist near an item if the item seems unclickable. When in your house, you can then use /placef(urniture) and position items where you want. To edit an item use /selectf(urniture). You will have placed and unplaced items, ie you can 'pickup' placed items so they go back to the house inventory where you can delete them using /removef(urniture) or /removeallf(urniture). You can use /pickupallf(urniture) if you intend to sell your house and KEEP your items, selling a furnished house to another player means you will lose the placed items. Most house interios have been emptied out to allow space for your own furniture.
Made /m and /s can be heard inside an interior from the outside.
Added drop drugs/materials objects along with the matching /pickupitem.
Added administrator logging.
Added /createstillfire allowing admins to create any sized fire that will not spread.
Fires can now be created in interiors and will not spread.
Added /slapdown for Admins.
SANews Network: Hotline for reporting news #726.
Axiom: Gate for HQ entrance.
Aperture: Lasers for M4, Permanently close gate to the airstrip, New Base Defence map
Fire Department: Station Interior, Longer Station Bell, /stretcher drop & pickup
Sheriff's Department: /bulletvest /duty /psa /health /sirenon /elmon /m /sheriffhat /cuff /su /equip /taser /backup /r /d /mdc /lookupplate /rb /stinger /skin /find
Hitman: /equip and /health in Blueberry Brewery, Remove "me" from /plantbomb, /find to allow hitmen to track player phones, Attach GPS to vehicles.
Fixed a bug where lasers wouldnt detach when switching weapons.
Fixed a bug ladders disappearing when putting out fires.
Fixed a bug with /invoice.
Fixed a bug with Aperture north-side gate moving the players without the car.
Fixed a bug where /l could be heard outside a vehicle with the windows up.
Fixed a bug with /give santa hat.
Fixed a bug where rank 10 members wont show in /members.
Fixed a bug for sale labels could appear on the wrong car occasionally.
Fixed a bug where not all names would fit on bank transfer screen.
Fixed a bug where you can /relog to a capitalized name.
Fixed a bug with lottery messages displaying at the wrong time.
Fixed a bug in ammunation: cant buy mp5 and C license problems.
Fixed a bug with sadvla bookings, wrong license would start if the name of the license was in the players name ex "John CARter".
Fixed a bug with server cars being gone forever if you quit and it was in a repair shop.
Fixed a bug where brand new dealership cars wouldnt have the plate set correctly.
Fixed a bug in which taxi drivers were considered unemployed.
Fixed a bug where tasing a masked player would expose their name.
Fixed a bug where admin's skin would change when exiting fly mode.
Fixed a bug with /checknumber 0.

1.7.5 R2 (Old)
Fixed a bug where you can see multiple mask types in /browsemasks.
Fixed a bug where fires can be extinguished with a spray can.
Fixed a bug with assistance waiting times.
Fixed a bug where /resetmask wont always work.
Fixed a bug where the police taser could be used as an alternative ban hammer.
Fixed a bug where /recovervehicle works even if you have negative/not enough money.
Admins can now use /resetmask [id/name] to remove over sized masks from players.
Mask command is now /mask [hide name? yes/no] for if you do not wish to hide your name(just use the object). You must be level 8 to hide your name, otherwise its for everyone.

1.7.5 (Old)
Upgraded to SA-MP 0.3e RC7-2, you must download this version in order to play!
SAN News: Garage map and interior. Duty system for all commands. /news, /interview and /endbroadcast for rank 2+.
Cabbie Co Job: Added /setrate [$0 - $25] to change how much the fare increases every time. Added /myfare to check it.
Fire Dept: Greatly improved fire script including realistic smoke, longer life, spreading of fires, destruction of vehicles and smoke inhalation health loss. /createfire for rank 9+ and lead admins. Added ladders, gas masks with SBCA. New HQ map. Added /equip. Sirens added for various cars.
Axiom: Removed money needed for /weapons. Added pepper spray for rank 1+.
RCSD: Removed /crime. Garage enterance inside DSO and vice versa. New /weapons(now /equip) with the three options being Patrol Deputy, S.W.A.T. and Detective. Made /wanted usable in all faction cars. Added the silenced pistol taser.Added /laser for laser pointers on M4s and Tasers
SADVLA: Garage added.
CHC: New map at flint county farm.
La Onda: New hq map and interior.
Los Diablos: New Basement interior map for the Fort Carson Diner. Given /gsign.
Maximum trunk armour has been set to 400.
Added /adminlist for players to show a list of the RC-RP Administrators.
New mask scripts: Objects will now be attached to match what mask you select. Masks can be resized and repositioned with /editmask. Different mask styles can be browsed and purchased inside all clothes stores with /browsemasks. All changes you make will be saved and will be reapplied once you /mask again. Reset to defaut if you messed up using /resetmask.
Changes to the login screen camera smooth movement.
RCSD can now fully revoke a license when the license is already suspended.
All factions can now have up to 10 ranks upon request.
Made use of the new cuff animation and object.
Removed and repositioned some of the ATMs.
Angel Pine: Enabled the hospital for when you die around Flint County. Added a few hotwirable cars.
Other Interiors: Room above blueberry bar has a new interior, interior added to sherman dam.
Pay tolls no longer visible when doing DMV tests to avoid failing due to having no money to open gates.
You can no longer add the wrong fuel to owned vehicles you do not own.
New animations: /sit2 /chairsit /direct /goggles /inbed(left/right).
Revamped the /drop'ping of weapons to make them objects on the ground, added /pickupweapon to pick one up.
Made mobile phone batteries last longer.
Master Accounts are now banned along with perm bans and temp bans.
/fly added for Admins level 3+.
New weapons license types: A, B and C.
Fixed bug with SADVLA large vehicles licenses.
Fixed bug with vehicle doors not remaining locked after a relog.
Fixed a spawn bug that would occur when being fired when offline.
Fixed a bug with storing materials in a motel room.
Fixed rare bug when /givesharedkey was saying its not a command.
Fixed a bug where cars would duplicate when quitting during a /relog.
Fixed a bug where fuel stations would allow fuel can refilling even if empty.
Fixed a bug where duplicate houses in the estate egent could be made possible.
Fixed a bug where you will get kicked for inactivity even if typing ICly.
Fixed a bug where the fire alarm would sound at the wrong place for RCFD.
Fixed a bug where turning on certain vehicles engines results in 'engine on' spam.
Fixed a bug where vehicles without an engine could become unusable after being destroyed.
Fixed a bug which could cause a newly purchased vehicle to be broken.
Fixed a bug where vehicle IDs would get messed up while recovering a vehicle with the trunk being accessed.

1.7.4 R3 (Old)
Fixed bug where taxi signs could appear on other cars after the taxi driver quits.
Fixed a few SADVLA bugs.
SADVLA: Global faction messages for ending and starting sessions.
Fixed bug where after repairing the engine or 'all', the engine would still be broken broken or have the wrong fuel.

1.7.4 R2 (Old)
Fixed bug where /booksession would say you already have the license in some cases.
Fixed bug where /repair engine and /repair all would be the same price.
Fixed typo in the /repair pickups.
Gangs who get the automatic bat will no longer get it if they already have a melee weapon.
Added /repair Tyres which repairs your tyres only.
Only drivers can use /repair.

1.7.4 (Old)
You no longer lose melee weapons, dildos, cameras etc when you die.
SADVLA: 'The San Andreas Driving Vehicle Licensing Authority gives lessons for different vehicle types, aswell as giving advanced driving courses too'. You must use SADVLA for boat, plane and helicopter licences as well as any other license test you need to resit after it being revoked. You can still use the DMV for GVL1, 2 and motorbike for your first test only. Added HQ map near Montgomery. Staff commands are /viewbookings /endsession /(eb)rake and player commands are /booksession /session /cancelsession.
Replaced Cabbie Co with taxi job at the old Cabbie Co Montgomery. Cabbies and Taxis are avaliable in the garage for people with the job and you may also use an owned Admiral, Moonbeam or Premier as a taxi("TAXI" sign will get added to your roof upon going on duty). All drivers will get hires from the dispatacher but you also have the option of being a private taxi where you advertise yourself. Commands are /jobduty /meteron /meteroff /forcefare /cancelfare /refreshmap.
Added vehicle repair garages in PC,Dillimore,FC,ElQ and BC airstrip to replace /fix. You can choose to fix the engine, bodywork or both and the garage will take the vehicle until it is fixed. Repair fees are based on the amount of damage and the type of car.
Added tow trucks at each repair garage only for mechanics to drive. (suitable for towing cars to repair garages)
Whales are now extinct.
Donator PayDay cash and XP was increased. (Note: no longer shown on "Total Payout" however it gets added to your bank)
Business Tax has been added at 25% for PayDays.
You will no longer get an OOC Online Bonus at PayDays.
Factions who get fbank money from adverts and all types of fines will now get 20% of it instead of 100%.
Added OOC messages in certain circumstances to state rules such as using sidejob vehicles for personal use and no PayDay rushing.
The DMV will no longer fail you for being 'Too Slow' and the speed limits have been revised to match laws.
Fixed a bug with fuel not decreasing in certain circumstances.
Fixed a bug with /mycars not showing due to a bugged shared key.
Fixed a bug where /afk could cause you to be frozen even when /back is used.
Fixed a bug where after a successful account relog, the /relog command would not allowing another relog.

1.7.3 (Old)
Added client messages for /ame.
Removed /btest to encourage the roleplaying of sobriety tests.
Added Sheriffs Hats with /sheriffhat [1/2/3/off]
Added Fireman Hats with /firehat [1/2/off]
/recharge will now work in faction vehicles (Provided you have the charger pack required for normal cars)
Added admin command to find the Reefer ID.
Calling 911 is now free.
Added /viewdbans for admins.
Fixed a bug where 1 contract would duplicate into numerous identical contracts and cause a major money exploit.
Fixed a bug where '/sell vehicle' would return \"invalid command\" if one of your cars needed recovery.
Fixed business stock exploit.
Fixed bug where PC garage would not measure stock correctly
Fixed bug with /freeze for admins not being permanent (Taking the ID of the player as the time value instead).
Attempted to fix the bug where players may be frozen upon login and have to be slapped.
Fixed bug where /characters would not show your fourth character.
Fixed bug where /fpay would show the wrong bank balance after a transfer.
Re-scripted head admins faction vehicle commands so it allows for easier deletion and more cars.

1.7.2 (Old)
Added Santa Hats to general stores (/santahat (/drop and /give work with SantaHat)).
Added Cooks Maps: Christmas Tree and Docks.
Attempted to fix the toll booths again.
Fixed potential bug where after accepting a vehicle from someone it could overwrite one of your other vehicles that needs recovered.
Fixed potential bug with for sale labels appearing on the wrong car.
Attempted to fix falling through the ground bug when logging in and spawning at a flat.

1.7.1 (Old)
Attempted to fix the toll booths.
Fixed bug where using /d would show a double message.
Fixed bug where /duty automaticly switches the players skin.
Fixed bug where /fine would overwrite prior fines rather than adding to them.
Fixed bug where /pticket would only allow one ticket per car, rather than add to the existing ticket.
Fixed bug where certain checkpoints would not disappear upon /relog.
Attempted to fix flat interiors not loading when spawning after logging in.

1.7.0 (Old)
Upgraded to SA-MP 0.3d (You must download the new CLIENT version to play!)
Online Registration introduced at redcountyrp.com/register (You can no longer register in-game)
Online Character Management introduced at redcountyrp.com/login
Introduced Master Accounts. You can link your characters or create new characters for your Master Account.
Master Accounts: In-game commands are /malogin /malogout /masteraccount(/ma) /characters(/accounts removed) /changepass. All except first require /malogin
Traffic Lights in Montgomery, BB, PC, Dillimore and FC have been re-designed and have a new layout in some areas.
Passwords entered at login are now masked.
Drunk animation (when drunk) will only activate when you move. Animations such as /fall can now be used when drunk.
The new SA-MP skins are avaliable in the clothes shops. Maintenance workers /jobduty has the new janitor skin added.
Changed /unmask message so it says what kind of mask you were wearing rather than just "mask"
Added a map for the staggered junction between Dillimore and Palomino Creek that should slow traffic down/avoid major corner cutting.
Added /sleep animation and /wounded animation. /cellin is now /callaway.
Added 9mm's, Desert Eagles and Country Rifles to ammunation stores (can only be purchased by those who have valid weapons licenses)
Those with valid weapons licenses who die with a 9mm, Desert Eagle or Country Rifle will be able to keep that weapon/s.
News Interviews will now end automatically when the host or guest disconnects.
New "Top Floor Flat" System: Converted top floor flats to blocks containing 5 rooms each. There are 2 variations of block interiors. Previous owners of top floor flats will now own Flat 1 within their block. This allows for 172 new houses.
Added aircraft refuelling spot at Verdant Meadows Abandoned Airstrip to stop non RP landing on gas station roofs.
Deleted sidejob busses from the new mapping next to the bus station.
If you go AFK while masked, your stranger ID will show instead of your name.
Lottery command /buyticket is now only avaliable inside general stores.
The /contract system should be fixed and will now allow up to 50 contracts at once for the faction which will work dynamically rather than the system refusing to work after 50 hits have passed. REPORT ALL BUGS.
AFK time will now be excluded from total playtime and payday time.
AFK max time will be 30 minutes for regular players and 45 minutes for administrators.
Added /sajail for admins to admin jail people with their Stranger IDs
Added Axiom HQ interior.
Added automatic /ame as soon as /eon or space is used to start an engine.
The command /respawncar is now /recovervehicle.
Added gate on Ganton Pay'n'Spray in Los Santos
Removed some of the mapped trees in Montgomery after everyone expressing their hate towards trees.
Made use of SA-MP's new audio streaming by adding several new login songs.
Replaced /pback, /eback etc with /backup [rcsd/rcfd/aper/axiom] and replaced map markers with approximate location in an IC radio message that is updated when you move location.
Revamped most messages containing amounts of money to include commas: $1000 > $1,000
Added /lastonline so people can check when someone was last logged in.
Added /lastdriver to faction vehicles so faction members can check who and at what time the last driver used the vehicle.
PM's: Added /ignore /unignore /isignored for Donator level 3+.
Added /lp(hone) for when using a cellphone/payphone, it will only broadcast what you say to a small radius.
Fixed bug where masking in an interior then exitting could remove the Stranger ID and health.
Fixed bug with DMV pass music playing at the wrong time.
Fixed bug with /fix not saving the fixed cars damage, if you relog it would still be broke.
Fixed bug where requesting business supplies would not show up on ET's list.
Fixed bug where businesses could not be restocked after drivers delivering either dies or disconnected.
Fixed a weapon exploit.
Fixed a fuel can exploit.
Fixed a vehicle damage exploit. When your owned cars are destroyed, they wont respawn. Instead you will have to /respawncar. (No more free fixes)
Fixed bug where certain vehicles could not have their oil changed due to having no bonnet etc.
Fixed bug where headshots would kill AFK players.
Fixed RCSD SFPD cruisers not being able to have /sirenon and /sirenoff.
Fixed gates and added folding garage doors for RCFD.
Fixed typo in /duty on and /duty off messages by changing the message entirely.

1.6.3 R2 (Old)
RCSD: Added new sirens.
Fixed bug with your spawn not saving correctly when fired from a faction.
Quitting, being fired or accepting a faction will no longer instantly (re)spawn you.
Aperture: Added /m
Fixed a bug with briefcases where you would sometimes not be able to pick them up.

1.6.3 (Old)
New 911 System (Now you ask for "1" for RCSD and "2" for SACFD and MG is removed from calls)
There is now a small delay between starting the engine and the engine being started.
All sidejobs now have a "damage fee" where money will be taken off your pay depending on how much damage you have done to the vehicle. (Too much damage can risk no pay)
A slightly re-designed fuel display.
MDC added to all RCSD vehicles.
Re-scripted /changemyname, easier to use and now requires a reason.
Fixed bug where Aperture /sirenon and /sirenoff wouldn't work for their FBI Ranchers.
Businesses: Slight re-design for entering your own businesses and owners will no longer be charged their own entrance fee.
Removed the global Jail messages and made them for RCSD, FBI and Aperture only.

1.6.2 (Old)
Fixed bug with /fine's not showing up after a relog.
RCSD/FBI: /take now works on drug.
Briefcases can now be seen in /frisk's and taken via /take(RCSD/FBI).
/fix will now cost more if the vehicle is more damaged and damage will now save on owned vehicles.
Sunglasses will now darken your screen aswell as hide your identity.
Automatic "bus due" times at every bus stop and added /viewroute at each stop.
Changes to Weapon System: Arms Dealer restricted to official gangs only, increased /makegun cash and materials, all gangs now spawn with a bat by default.
Factions: /health now costs $100 for all factions that have it.

1.6.1 R2 (Old)
Fixed bug with Montgomery Club objects appearing in other businesses and interiors.
Fixed bug where dropped drugs would re-appear after a relog.
Fixed bug where you could drive other peoples owned cars if your license was suspended.
Fixed bug regarding house inventories not working/displaying half/mixing up items.
Fixed bug where name would not update on business label after getting a name change.
Added 22 new GPS locations.

1.6.1 (Old)
Fixed bug with private adverts not displaying correctly.
Fixed bug with FOR SALE labels not disappearing correctly.
Fixed bug with Elite Truckings /showbadge.

1.6.0 (Old)
Added ability to sell your car with /forsale that adds a small label so people can see its for sale.
Added ability to cancel a called taxi by using /canceltaxi.
Certain legal factions will no longer have their weapons taken away by hospital staff.
All businesses selling items will now have a "stock level" that must be replenished by Elite Trucking assuming the owner requests a delivery.
Added ability to have a flashing roof light for RCSD/FBI/Aperture/SACFD vehicles (designed with mods not in mind)
Edited the Marvins weapon creation with a timer. Come back when the weapons made and use /collectgun.
Engine Oil: Your owned cars will require an oil change every 500 miles done by a mechanic, Oil can be found in the Palomino Creek garage.
Added ability to spawn inside your owned Journey (/changespawn).
Added /friskstranger.
Free server cars will now have to be hotwired in order to drive them, you can buy toolboxes from the store.
Added /elmon and /elmoff for certain factions to toggle server side emergency lights on cars.
Added several new GPS locations.
Added ability to store 1 weapon and 5000 materials in motel rooms.
If you're masked, other people will now see your health and armour over your head.
Added /viewstock at all vehicle dealerships for a quick list of cars and prices.
Added donation transferring commands: /changedonatorveh /transferdonatorlevel
The Fuelcan now uses petrol or diesel instead of just "fuel".
Fixed bug regarding radios being heard in jail.
Improved /drag lag in terms of update interval.
Admin assistances will now automatically end upon either the admin or player leaving the server.
Fixed bug regarding /showbadge showing a /me even if your faction doesnt have a badge.
Added ability to "Sell All Fish" at the fishing/bait shop in Palomino.
Added ability to reply to the last SMS you got by using /smsback.
Fixed bugs regarding vehicle trunks not saving, should eliminate all trunk refunds.
Fixed bug regarding license suspensions not working correctly.
SACFD: Added stretchers. (similar to police /drag) (/stretcher [equip/putaway/load/unload/getoff/intoambu])
Axiom: Added /invoice
RCSD: Automatic messages from robberies now come in radio format so your radio must be on and you must be on /duty.
Added a more realistic Fuel display meter (unrealistic to have an exact fuel percentage shown).
Added ability for level 4 donators to use /relog for an easy way to switch accounts or just relog on the same account. * Feature is currently being publicly tested, possibility of losing items/cash!!! *

1.5.6 R3/R4 (Old)
R3: Bug fixes
SASP: /impound, /rb, /revokelicense and /stinger set as rank 1+.
SASP and FBI can now /changeclothes while on duty to allow undercover.
Factions with /rb now have the road block per player increased to 15.

1.5.6 R2 (Old)
Fixed bug regarding vehicles duplicating in the police impound.
Redesign of /admins.
Axiom: /showbadge /pback
Fixed bug regarding temp bans banning Admins.

1.5.6 (Old)
Scripted faction: Axiom
Fuel meter will turn red when gas is 10 or below.
Motels: Wiped and new system which only allows you to stay for a specified time.
Added Radio Whisper /lr (low radio), so only really close people can see what you are saying into the radio.
Contacts: Name now shows on incoming texts and ability to SMS them from contacts list.
Added /cancelassistance for players.
GPS now allows you to enter a house/bizz name or part of it by using /navigateto.
Added /togadverts to disable/enable all types of adverts showing for you.
Added formal handshake /fshake.
Ping limit has been decreased to 750
Gas price has increased to $1/% for petrol and $2/% for diesel. Total cost will be displayed while refueling.
Fixed bug where materials would re-appear after an officer has used /take on them.
Fixed bug where /writecheck would not save the given check correctly to player.
Fixed bug where /makeammo would mix up cash and material amounts.
Fixed a few bugs with estate agent regarding the removal of houses.
Fixed bug for all delaerships bugging out when pressing 'Next' at the last car.
New /members with leader management to quickly promote, demote and fire members.
Admins: Added new admin commands and admin jail reasons.
Aperture: Now exluded from speed cameras and have access to /mdc.
Fixed a bug regarding /d not working as expected.

1.5.5c (Old)
Fixed bug where the wrong trunks were being saved to faction vehicles.
Fixed bug where /frespawn would not work.
Fixed bug where /impound would not work.
Added /donation and /donationvehicle as explained in the donations section of the forum.

1.5.5 (Old)
Re-scripted the owned vehicle system to a more efficient system which also allows unlimited vehicles to be bought. Less processing load for the server so might reduce some lag. Vehicles will no longer respawn after 15 minutes.
Fixed masked names showing when using /frisk.
Fixed bug regarding faction custom ranks not disappearing when getting fired or quitting faction.
Altered the RP quiz to make the questions appear in a random order. There is now 25 questions of which 15 are the current test mixed up and another 10 are picked from random from a bank of questions. Added auto banning after failing the test several times.

1.5.4c (Old)
Added the Stranger ID when a masked player talks In Character etc.
Added /frespawn for factions to respawn their cars.
Several changes and aditions to the Admin system.

1.5.4b (Old)
Added SADVLA exterior and interior maps along with /door for inside.
Added RCIO exterior and interior maps.
Added /vlights to choose how you want your vehicles lights to behave when pressing your submission key(usually [2]). Options are toggle off/on and flash mode.
Added Aperture to the /d radio (works all the time since Aperture does not have /duty).
Fixed Palomino Creek Fire House ground issues.
Added Axiom map.
Added San News CEO Office map.

1.5.4 (Old)
Changed colour of admins who are on duty. (Was red, now cyan to match forum)
Made /ac chat a brighter color as some players felt it was difficult to read.
Made /enter on Dillimore PD roof for police only.
Removed /weapons from La Onda.
Corrected a few spelling errors.
Locked Sprunk Comer & Monster Truck as people kept driving it.
Players can now view their own admin record with /myadminrecord. This will allow factions to request admin records for applications.
Added what a player shouts above their head, like standard chat and /ame.
Fixed bug with /members not showing correctly in some cases.
Fixed bug with police MDC not always showing the "warnings" option.
Renamed /openbonnet to /bonnet.

1.5.3 (Old)
Increased slots.
Added a noob spawn in Fort Carson.
AK-47 will now require 1350 materials to make.
Moderators can now see vehicle owner names and toggle PMs on/off.
You can now clear your criminal record when changing name for a total fee of $100,000.
SAES: /heal is now for anyone over rank 3.
SAES: Added the stretcher script (/stretcher) and random fires which are toggleable.
New hospital interior for Montgomery.
Speed cameras will now give a fine depending on your speed. (Higher speed = higher fine)
Ability to have 'custom ranks' in all factions (/setcustomrank). Useful if you have departments and jobs within your faction.
SASP: You can now give a warning that will be on peoples record (/warning).
Added a GPS tracker to the electronic stores so you can attach it to cars and trace them when you forget where it is.
RCRW: Added commands for creating, deleting, moving and rotating roadblocks and roadwork objects. Also the PSA-like announce command (/rwan) and /m(egaphone).
Ability to open your vehicles trunk from outside the car.
SASP: Added /releaseimpound to set the time and release fee of impounded vehicles to zilch.
Elite Trucking: You can now exit your trucking side-job vehicle without it autofailing for 15 minutes.
You can now whisper (/w) if you have a mask on.
Gyms: You can now train to get a fight style assuming you have some time and dosh.
Admins are now able to see faction adverts so abusers will be caught.
Aperture: Added the weapon cache menu at the current weapon area so you can choose your weapons.
Taxi Co: Can now use /forcefare to start a fare when a passenger has not called 444.
Added /tlon and /tloff for turning trailer lights on/off (Elite Trucking).
A percentage of all Hospital Bills will now be put into the SAES faction bank & members of SAES will now have a 'discount'.
Fixed a bug where using /medkit when masked would show your name instead of Stranger.
Taxi drivers can now /cancelfare [player id/name]. (either cancel a player who still has the yellow marker showing or if you have a fare it will end the fare and take no money)
Added a new chat channel /ac (Assist Chat) so you can talk to the Admin who is assisting you instead of using /b or /pm.
The command /fwithdraw is now for rank 7's only.
Donator cars can now be shared with anyone.

1.5.2b (Old)
Fixed bug that double fills your car when you use all the fuel in your fuelcan to refill any car.
Fixed bug with 'Time since last PayDay' not updating correctly.
Fixed bug with the SAES HQ having 2 floors and vehicles falling through it.
Fixed bug with /depositcheck not removing the check from your inventory correctly.
Removed a floating gate near Blue Berry.

1.5.2 (Old)
Fixed bug with /detain not working for SASP and FBI.
Added new SAES HQ near Montgomery.
Added SOA HQ in Flint County.
Removed vehicle owner name from appearing if you enter an owned car.
If you are killed by a sniper headshot, it will now tell you who killed you.
Added /detox for SAES.
Speedometer will now turn red to indicate speeding if you drive over 65MPH or 104KMPH.
The Buffalo now costs $300,000 from the shop.
Faction cleanup!
If you die with a wanted level, you will now be auto-jailed.
You can no longer drive-by with a Desert Eagle, SPAS or Sniper.
Added RCRW HQ.

1.5.1 (Old)
[Trial Run] Vehicle modifications bought from the shop will now save on your owned vehicles.
Added /removemod so you can uninstall a vehicle modification.
Fixed bugs with weapons not disapearing, freeze after /fix and armour not saving.

1.5.0 (Old)
Upgraded to SA-MP 0.3c
More realistic engines(/eon /eoff)
Added ability to toggle vehicle lights on and off (/lon /loff)
Made the vehicle number plates visible on the actual plate and removed the floating label.
Made use of the new colour embedding feature with some text.
Added visible fishing rod object when fishing.
Re-scripted 'Collect Money' in estate agents to try and fix the $0 sale bug.
Fuel for your owned vehicles will now save (will no longer give you free fuel when you login)
You can now only have 1 'Fuel Can' and it can be refilled at the gas stations. (/fuelcan [amount] to use it on a vehicle, /refillfc)
New Admin Jail system for Admins.
New trunk system, you will have to /opentrunk then walk to the open trunk where you can then use /trunk. /closetrunk to shut it(anyone can close any trunk)
Fixed the 'bumble bee game' GMX music, it will now play for everyone again!
Added new Maps: Elite Trucking Office, Smalls Club
FBI: Added HQ interior, /health, /weapons, /duty, /cctv and /door(9 doors added in HQ)
Added the ability to get instant kill headshots for the Sniper
When using the fuel can, you will now have to get out of the car and goto the fuel cap to fill it (if the vehicle has a cap)
Redesigned Toll Booths that will also now rotate up and down to let you through.
Fixed a bug where new players would have the accent 'None' showing.
Fixed a bug with '/usedrug cocaine' and '/usedrug moonshine' showing your remaining weed instead of cocaine/moonshine.
Emptied all motels to allow other people to rent them.
A fix has been attempted for weapons disapearing on GMX.
Added /rinfo for checking your radio frequency and whether it is on or off.
Added /togglef for faction leaders to enable/disable /f chat.
Added the Admin Record system for Admins which is very similar to the police MDC but this has all your punishments (a.ajail, kick, tban etc).
Fixed a bug where JunkBuster would not ban players via the database.
Removed all the ramps in the boat test to make it more RP. Added a part with 'pipes' to test on your ability to turn and menauver tight areas.
Added a mileage display for all owned vehicles so you can see the total distance you have drove the vehicle.
Significantly decreased the MySQL processing load to try and improve server lag issues.
Cabbie Co: Edited the duty messages to show the employees rank. Added /skin and /duty icons in the office.

1.4.1 (Old)
Re-scripted every single command to a more efficient system (sscanf + zcmd).
Added a system where Admins can login to their main Admin account from an alternative.
Fixed a bug where private adverts would still have a fee for donator level 4.

1.4.0 (Old)
Estate Agent (in Fort Carson) for selling and buying houses. Houses will save so people can come and see them.
Added CCTV so police/aperture can view certain places with a "camera".
Added ability to have someone move into your house, /movein.
Cops can now revoke your license, /revokelicense [id] [license type] [number of hours(0-10)].
Private registration plates from the DMV.
Added /removedateban and /setunbandate for Admins.
Ability to store materials in vehicle trunks.
Fixed a bug with a randomly spawning briefcase if you exit a car.
Added /kiss (similar to /shake).
Added Parachutes and Tear Gas to SWAT.
Increased the /tazer fall time.
Added Phone Contacts system (view, edit, add, delete, caller display) /contacts.
Maximum Entree Fee for businesses reduced to $25.
Added 5 new questions to the RP quiz.
Merged EMS commands into the SAES faction. (/pager /pagermsg /heal /breathtest)
Added the date to /time and added /date as a copy command for /time.
Added /paystranger for when you dont know a players ID.
Added /hit unassign for Hitmen Rank 7.
Added /factiononline so you can see how many people are online from each faction.
Added materials to the /sell command so you can securely sell them.
Added /fcars so you can see your factions vehicle IDs.
Added /health to Aperture & Hitmen.
Made a new /weapons for Hitmen.
New Maps: Stinger Enterprise HQ, La Onda hangout, Bone County Fishing Dock
MDC can now be used at a Police Computer.
Fixed a bug where the sender of a SMS would not appear correctly.
Added a Dynamic Fuel Station system where Elite Trucking can supply fuel to the gas stations.

1.3.4 (Old)
Added abillity to choose which hand your briefcase will be held (/bcase [hold] [l(eft) OR r(ight)]).
Briefcases will now temporarilly disappear while in a car and will be placed back in your hand when back on foot.
Trucking: If you are Trucker Level 5 or Elite Trucking you can now choose your job with /truck instead of a random one.
You can now store weed and cocaine in your briefcase.
Police: Parking tickets are now applied using the registration number.
Houses: You can now store up to 1000 armour in your house.
Fixed bug with /respawncar not fixing a broken engine.
Fixed bug with camera views if you login and havent completed the tutorial.
Added animation to /time.
Changes to the RP Quiz: you will now be assesed at the end and will need 100% to pass.
Fixed bug with the Shout Animation not disabling correctly.
Added /frisk for everyone, '/accept frisk' must be used to actually do it though.
You can now use /pm in Admin Jail.
Edited layout on /ip.
Fixed bug with Speed Cameras detecting incorrect speed if using KMPH.
Re-coded the vehicle trunks so they should not randomly disappear.
Added a few different 'mask' options to /mask.
Added cash and all drugs to the frisk system.
Added First Aid Kits to the General Store (/medkit).
Made the Fire Brigade extinguisher spawn with infinite ammo.
A few tweaks to the license plates (hopefully they wont bug out anymore).
Added new SAFB HQ near Montgomery.
Factions: /promote and /demote now work with offline members.
Fixed bug with /setspawnpoint not saving the spawn name correctly (re save your names).

1.3.3 (Old)
Upgraded to SA-MP 0.3b.
Re-made the 911 Emergency System (changes to Fire and EMS calls).
Fixed bug with cocaine where you couldnt get any from your house. ('You don't have that much Cocaine stored')
Added ability to toggle shout animation with /togshoutanim.
Off duty Admins can now disable certain messages to avoid screen spam while in RP.
While doing the trash collector side job, the rubbish bag will now appear.
Added /low(/l) for a low range chat.
Added the Check system where you can write players checks that can be deposited in the bank (/writecheck /depositcheck /checks).
Added new command to show details about your age and birthdate: /Age. You can also change your D.o.B. using /changedob(25K fee).
Added vehicle registration plate system.
Added spot in the Angel Pine town hall where you can send adverts.
Aperture and Police can use /lookupplate.
Added ability to toggle the News Broadcasts on/off using /tognews.
Fixed bug with cops and Admins removing masks.
There now needs to be 5 cops on duty to start a Robbery. Also made it so if the leader dies, gets jailed or leaves the server a new leader is appointed.
Added /buy inside the Sex Shops, if you ever feel the need to buy a dildo...
Added /buy inside the Drug Shops. (Morphine, Bong, Rolling Papers, all of which can be used with /give)
Changes to how weed is used, you need either rolling papers or a bong to smoke it.
You can now get a health boost from using a Morphine syringe: /morphine [playerid/name OR "me" for yourself].
Added the Briefcase to general stores (/briefcase(/bcase) [contents / hold / hide / store / get / lock / unlock / setcode]), you can also drop them for people to pickup.
Added a Basic Calculator to the General Store and Electronic Store, you can use /calc to do basic maths.

1.3.2c (Old)
Removed camera views from DMV tests.
Animation for /s will no longer activate if you are already doing a looping animation.
Made some changes to the Pay Day interest and online bonus formulas.
Fixed bug with Utility trucks being undrivable by workers on duty.
Fixed bug for when you dont have enough money to take a driving test, you will no longer get bugged.

1.3.2 (Old)
Fixed bug 0000041 [Speed camera mixup with MPH and KPH].
Sorted 0000042 and 0000037.
Trucking markers will now appear (Your radar will now show only the closest icons).
Added date ban system for Admins.
Added around 20 new Achievements.
Reduced the XP requirements to buy weapon skill.
Added new functions to the ATM's.

1.3.1 (Old)
Fixed bug with MDC not exiting properlly.
Fixed bug with MDC not showing speeding ticket details.
Fixed bug with /skin saying you are not at your change area (certain factions only).
Re-added the signcheck numbers in the form of an onscreen message.
Fixed bug with /internet when you don't have $5 on you (You would just face the computer).

1.3 (Old)
City Halls - Pay Days must be signed there, internet access, employment information.
Expansion to Bay Side including new businesses and expensive housing.
Expansion to Angel Pine.
Dynamic Factions - /setrankname [1-7] [name], /setspawnpoint [1-3] [name], /removespawnpoint [1-3], /setinternettext
MDC - /mdc, A (IRL) database that logs every jail, park ticket, fine, speeding camera ticket and wanted star count.
Weapon License - /grantweaponlicense (rank 4+), /revokeweaponlicense (rank 2+)
Arms Dealer: Can now make types of ammo using metal scraps at Marvins, prices and success ratios vary.
Noob Spawns: You will be able to change it by using /changenoobspawn
Addition of speed cameras that will automatically give you a speeding ticket if you are caught speeding.
Removed fee from /phonebook.
Added /checknumber so you can browse your phonebook and get the name and address of a phonenumber.
Added new JOB: Maintenance Worker(you may have noticed random litter spawning in Montgomery so it will have to be cleaned by these guys), they can /picklitter into a litter bag that can have 30 bits of rubbish at a time, then they can /emptylitterbag to get their pay ($10 per litter pick and $100 bonus for every 10 disposed at one time). Maintenance Worker will require /jobduty at the HQ otherwise you wont have the skin, litter bag or litter pick stick.
Internet: Both Town Halls will have computers that you can /internet at. You can view factions websites as well as "hidden" websites.
Added several new trucking routes and improved the trucking side-job(IMO). Removed difficulties, kept the 3 medium and 3 long routes then added another 14 new ones.
Added new animations: /relax /givedrink /washhands /pickupitem /putdownitem /swipecard /pickupcase /hitchhikeR /hitchhikeL /scratchcrotch /copmove /angry /cheer /loot
Added animations to: /drink /facepalm /s /lean [3]
Added command /detach for releasing anything you are towing.
The Road Block system is now avaliable for EMS and Fire Fighters along with 3 new block types: /roadblock [1, 2, 3, 4].
Command /find now requires a phone number (for a phone thats on) and no longer shows the exact location on the map.
Added /satellite for Aperture so they can view people with an airiel view.
Elite Trucking can now start /truck at their HQ and will have no cooldown timer after.
Added new Admin Command: /checkaccount (Level 1+)

1.2.6 (Old)
Major bug fixed with /park'ed vehicles, I am currently hoping this is the cause of all vehicle ownership bugs.
[0000024] Fixed bug where /lock and /unlock would not show "A Stranger" if masked.

1.2.5 (Old)
Attempted to fix MySQL disconnections that made accounts unregistered.
Added new lottery system.
Using /charity puts the money into the Lottery Jackpot to be won.
All account passwords are now hashed.
Fixed bug where weapons with ammo -1 were being saved.
Fixed bug with Journey Interior (/enter and /exit now works).

1.2.4 (Old)
Spelling errors corrected 0000014 and 0000010.
[0000013] Owned vehicles now spawn with engine off and 100 fuel.
Added several new objects.
Added /getveh for Admins.
Hitmen: Contract money now goes to the faction bank.

1.2.3 (Old)
Added Aperture Bone County HQ interior.
Hitmen: Increased the amount of money people can place on a /contract.
Hitmen: When the target dies, his money is now reset to 0.
Hitmen: Added rank names.
Hitmen: Fixed bugs with: hits not saving, hits undeletable, all hits resetting after GMX and duplicate faction cars.
Added Aperture underground escape tunnel for going from and to the Area 51 base and Bone County base (moving camera).
Made new moving start screens when you join the server.
Added Admin Duty: /admins will now show whether an Admin is on or off duty. Off duty means they are fully IC and roleplaying.
Attempted to fix bug with temporary bans not working correctly.
Added the option to exit the server on the login and register screens.
(Hopefully) Fixed bug with vehicle doors and trunks 'magically' unlocking if they were locked and the car respawns.
Vehicles that are being towed will no longer respawn while towing.
[0000008] Fixed major bug with business owners losing ownership after a GMX if they have just bought the business.

1.2.2 (Old)
Aperture: Sorted skins, weapons and ranks.
Added auto Admin Jail for IC/OOC mix detection.
Re-enabled /changepass(word) for now but it will require your current password first.
New muting system for Admins and Helper Mods, they must now specify the time and they will automatically be unmuted after that time.
Admins can use /mutes to view currently muted people.
Removed annoying Auto Kick message for non RP names.
[0000004] Fixed bug with events where your interior and world are not saved.

1.2.1 (Old)
Removed the minimum time for DMV tests, it's pointless if you are going the speedlimit.
Fixed bug with Blue Dynasty '/accept faction' spawn.
Hopefully fixed bug with Dillimore PD garage not taking passengers in/out.
Fixed typo/mistake in the DMV menu where it said 'DMV Maverick' and it's actually a Sparrow.
Increased the DMV pass times slightly to stop people moaning and being jealous.
Fixed bug with the NPC Bus Driver not having a driving license.

1.2.0 (Old)
SAST will move back to Dillimore, new interiors and garage with the pickups back into the Dillimore HQ.
Added DMV center driving tests and licenses: /DMV. You will lose all licenses you currently have.
Added police vehicle impounding: /impound [fine] [hours] [reason]
Added Aperture SAM Site system, you will be targetted if you fly in Aperture airspace. (Aperture can do: /sam [off/on])
Contents of vehicles trunks will now save (forever if its owned or until a restart for other misc. cars). Contents will 'burn' if the car blows up.
You may now store drugs in your house: /housestore [..weed/cocaine/moonshine..] /houseget and /houseview additions.
Fixed all bugs relating to pickups not working (weapons and packages).
Added animations to /pay and /atm.
You will now actually sweep litter on the road while doing the Street Sweeper job in Palomino Creek.
Added /showbadge to Epsilon.
Fixed bug with /breathtest showing the wrong title (Officer instead of Paramedic).
If you are banned, your account will now also be banned.
Fixed bug with /togdooc not actually disabling the chat messages from appearing.
Fixed bug for when you die in a robbery causing you to spawn normally without visiting the hospital (bills, weapon removal etc).
Fixed bug with adverts costing nothing and mixing up Donator adverts.
Added /ChangeMyName so players can request a name change from Admins, it costs $50,000 and needs Admin confirmation.
Added Temporary Ban System: Admins can now ban for a specified time and you will be unbanned automatically after this time.
Added commands to lock and unlock your vehicles trunk: /locktrunk /unlocktrunk.
You can now store all types of drugs in your vehicles trunk.
Added Spike Strips/Stingers for Police: /stinger and to remove use /rstinger. Tires will be popped if you drive over(near) them.
Added the Pool Cue and Golf Club to the General store menu and increased the price of the Shovel to $30.
Removed the 9mm pistol spawn weapon from rank 5+ members in the Cabbie Co.
Added /weapons for Epsilon.
Added /fpark for parking faction vehicles.

1.1.5b (Old)
Added MySQL threading for players registering. Should fix bug with players unable to register.
Removed NPC bus driver, as it caused chaos during RP situations.

1.1.5 (Old)
Added the Hidden Packages system: /packages.
Added 3 new achievements for the packages.
Made owned vehicles save the virtual world so you can save them in garages etc. (/savecar)
Added Public Pay Phones around Red & Bone county for when you have no mobile or no battery.
Fixed the Elite Trucking spawn point.
Added a new spawn point for SAFB at Fort Carson.
Added the Jefferson Motel interior so members can enter/exit.
Added mobile phone signal system so some areas have no signal.
All factions with the megaphone can now use it on every faction car of theirs.

1.1.4b (Old)
Fixed several bugs relating to vehicle attributes when they respawn including: engine broke, engine status, window state.
Added server uptime to /version.
Removed some objects in Blueberry and Bone County.
Added some objects at the Dillimore PD and underground garage. (From Falenone)
Fixed minor bugs that have been present since 1.1.3.
Added the 2 new donator levels.

1.1.4 (Old)
Fixed a bug with the Taxi garage and /exit not working sometimes.
Added a new Admin Assistance system where you will be informed when an Admin assists you. They will also end the session when complete.
You may now only have 2 failed logins, if you enter 3 wrong passwords you will be kicked.

1.1.3 (Old)
Faction vehicles now save the virtual world (as SOMEBODY decided to use the Taxi garage which is already in use).
Fixed bug with parked/owned/faction cars respawning into the wrong interior or virtual world.
Vehicles that respawn will now keep their damage (no free fixes anymore) after respawning.
Extended the Bus driver route and increased the completing route bonus.
Added 24/7 NPC bus driver.
Updated the Vagos to La Onda (new ranks, skins, name, cars, interior).
Updated the WCS gang (new interiors and objects).
Added Epsilon Security faction (cars, ranks, skins, interior, objects).
Fixed bug with Admin/Cop command /removemask not working after the mask update.
IMPORTANT: Added new report stranger command: /ReportStranger [stranger number (ie: Stranger_X)] [reason].
Added faction interior restrictions to interior script(means nothing to you but helps me alot, and plus SOMEBODY wanted keycards).
Re-opened vehicle shops and increased the owned vehicle limit.
Vehicle shops now have an "Are you sure? [YES] [NO]" before actually buying the vehicle.
Cabbie Co: You can now /meteron and /meteroff in all taxi faction vehicles.

1.1.2 (Old)
Fixed bugs with Faction Vehicles not spawning/respawning correctly.
Improved /mask system: Now giving players 'names' such as 'Stranger_76' so Admins can get everyones actual name with /strangers.
Masks are now restricted to: Level 8+, Police and Aperture only.
Added Motel System: You can rent out rooms to stay: /rentroom, /unrentroom, /myhouse(Room info added).

1.1.1 (Old)
Fixed bug with /buyclothes causing players to lose health/armour.
Added Admin command for creating new faction vehicles: factions can now get new vehicles.
Added SAST gate.
Re-arranged some admin commands.

1.1.0 (Old)
Added WCS Gang into the official factions.
New faction vehicle system: /spray /setrank /flock /funlock /fsave, All now saves to SQL Databases.
Repairing a vehicle now has a time you must wait while fixing.
Mechanic: /offerspray now only works if you are not driving and the customer is driving the car.
Car Keys: You can now '/givesharedkey [player id] [time in minutes]' so someone else can also use your car. Remove it with /removesharedkey.
Post Office Services: New business type and /sendletter so you can write a letter to a house address.
Post Office Services: You can now get your mail from your house: /checkmail.
Some general changes: http://www.redcountyrp.com/forum/genera ... -t3951.htm.
Edited some drug stuff: Lowered some prices, increased max carry amount and added new emotes.
Added /loudspeaker [on/off] for mobile phones.
Added /appearance and /describe Roleplay commands.
The faction advert command, /fadvert, is now restricted to Rank 3+.
SAMP Client Conflict: Admins could set your name to longer than the SAMP limit casuing "Bad Nick" on join.
Added Toll gates at county bridges: /paytoll ($5 or $10 is you have a trailer or are towing).
Bug fix for fuel not displaying correctly after using the start engine key.
Adverts and Private Adverts now have a minimum limit that you must write. (Prevents some non-RP/spam)
Adverts and Private Adverts can now only be sent from the Red County News Corp Building. Ad cost goes to News bank. (More realistic)
New /(get)number system: Removed option to search via player ID(non RP), you can now search full/part of names.
New text colours for /f(now light blue) and /r(now greenish).
Added the new pager system for EMS. (/pager, Rank 6+: /pagermsg)
Added ability to /recharge inside your owned vehicles. (Slower than house, shop, needs Car Adapter from general store)
New objects: Roadworks in Fort Carson, SAMS fences in Montgomery, Welcome Pump fenced.

1.0.61 (Old)
SAMS: Fixed bugs with /respond priority codes.
SAMS/SAFB: Fixed bug with /drag and having to cuff the other player.
Edited /stopdrag to allow SAMS/SAFB to stop dragging.
Revised Admin commands: Admin Jail, Goto Vehicle, A.Jail Cases to level 1 Admin.
Added extra information to /members and fixed a bug with it not showing.
Bug fix for the make helper command not allowing the Admin status.

1.0.60 (Old)
Aperture: Added /find.
EMS: Added /drag, fixed priority codes(1,2,3), removed vehicles from El Qeubrados, added EMS Message to /respond, added full armour as standard, edited rank names.
You will now auto /crack when your HP is very low. Paramedic will be required.
Bug fix for markers not showing on /eback, /pback and /fback.
Added Helper Mod rank with /nmute and /nunmute. Level 2 Admin: /makehelper.
Added object streamer update code and new general objects.
Added vehicles to the FCFB Garages.
Made /d have a proximity message of the message (like /r).
Added a bar to the Fort Carson Lounge.

1.0.59 (Old)
Changes in the way vehicle, house and business owners are loaded & handled.
Minor bug fixes with vehicle creation via Admin commands.
Fix for 2 Radios in the Electronic Shop.
Bug fix for /payparkingticket Police message.
Police vehicles now sprayed 99,1.
Business command /enterfee now has a maximum fee of $100.
Bug fix for people being killed in Jail/Admin Jail, they now get auto re-jailed.
Removed global messages after creating a new business, car or house.
Added garages for FC Fire Department.

1.0.58 (Old)
Added /p(arking)ticket for the Police. /payparkingticket for car owners.
Bug fix for Journey interiors where you were frozen on enter.
You can now enter Journeys if the are unlocked from the outside.
Account register date is now stored.
Added Cola and Vodka to the bar. Added bar emotes.
Removed all vehicle mods and the ability to add mods. (except NOS & Hyd.)
Edited SAST rank names.
Re-enabled the IRC to Server communication.
Added object blocks at certain places to prevent Non RP Trashmaster etc.
Added SAST HQ objects. (NOTE: This doesn't include gates, interiors etc.)
Fixed bug with Admin Command for setting house owners.
Fixed bug with Hitmen commands accessibility.
Edited Trash Collector checkpoint for Fort Carson Hospital.
Added Dillimore Bastards new objects. (NOTE: This doesn't include gates, interiors etc.)
Removed all vehicle modifications and mods will no longer save. Car shops closed.

1.0.57 (Old)
Bug fix for name changes.
Merged BCSD into RCSD to make SAST.
Added two new business interiors: Casino, Strip Club.
Fixed bug where phones with 0% battery can still be used after relog.
Fixed bug with Journey interior not working.
Police Faction Bank: /fine's now go to the Faction Bank.
Admin Jail: You are now frozen with no commands avaliable.
Major bug fix where some owned vehicles would start being owned by others and/or wrong vehicles would appear in /mycars,/respawncar.
Major bug/exploit fix for Police /weapons.

1.0.56 (Old)
Bug fix for /shake showing a wrong auto-emote.
Added /speed for police.
Removed suggestions to /give [playerid] Key as the comand has been removed.
Added Journey home interior. (/enter from )
Removed camera and radio from general store, added to Electronic Store.
Fixed bug with engines not breaking after using the wrong fuel type. (L.SHIFT only)
Owned vehicles can now be /park 'ed so they cant be pushed about etc. Police can check with /parked.
Owned vehicles will now respawn automatically (after 20 min, if car is empty) to the position from /savecar. If they are parked then respawn to that spawn.
Admins can now use: /removemask for the nearest player (0 chance fail).
Bug fix for police /tazer not freezing the player.

1.0.55 (Old)
Bug fix for /spray showing the wrong details.
Made /offerspray now save colours if its an owned vehicle.
Bug fix for trucking: the job was messed up at the end. I am still unsure about the checkpoints.
Bug fix for bank transfers not working at all.
Added roleplay feature: /shake [player id/name].
Added Anti-Cheat system: JunkBuster.

1.0.54 (Old)
Bug fix for the last Trucking checkpoint (new finish).
Added 3 business interiors (Sex shop, Pleasure Domes, Fanny Batters)
Made /spray for vehicle owners only.
Mechanics: /offerspray [player id/name] [price] [colour 1] [colour 2] - /accept spray for other means of spraying vehicles.
Made the /speedo type save your settings.
Made your radio on/off status save for when you relog.
Made your Accent save instead of always retyping.
Command /rw(/rollwindows) now uses: /rw [up/close OR down/open].
Increased /accent length limit to 11 characters max.
Fixed major bug with /fire as it wasn't working at all.
Fixed bug where AFK labels wouldn't disappear after Kick/Quit.

1.0.53 (Old)
Changed RCSD vehicle colours to green/white.
Made /fire work with names that are not online.
Added a message to /getid if none were found.
Death changes: You will now spawn at the closest Hospital to your death (Montgomery or Fort Carson). Hospital Staff can now take away your drugs.
Edited money hack detection slightly.
Fixed a few bugs with the last trucking checkpoint.
Added /ame for emotes above your head.

1.0.52 (Old)
Removed all the invalid weathers from Dynamic-Weather.
Added BCSD features: /skin /weapons /health.
Fixed the '/call 911' for Fire Dept.
Fixed bug with '/d' messages sometimes not showing.
Added Fire Dept. call markers.
Fixed bug with '/buyweaponskill' always saying 'Not in Ammunation'.
Added News Corp. to '/showbadge'.
Added restrictions to '/give' weapon inside cars.
Fixed bug/exploit with Itamis Credit cards.
Added '/PSA' for Fire Fighters.

1.0.51 (Old)
Fixed bug with Coalmine stats not saving.
Fixed bug where some achievements were not unlocking correctly.
Max players was increased to cope with server upgrade.
Made the Elite Trucking vehicle garage only accesible to Truckers.
Fixed bug/exploit with Itamis Credit credit cards.
Fixed bug with AFK Labels.

1.0.50 (Old)
Fixed bug with Coalmine spam timer not decreasing.
Added missing Ammunation pickup to the stores.
Changed all of Blue Dynasty cars to colour 79.
Updated Streamer and IRC plugins.
Fixed bug with IRC messages from disconnected players.
Added Dillimore Bastards rank names.

Older versions are unavaliable
Not open for further replies.