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SAMP mappings / ENB

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Jan 22, 2018
I just downloaded samp back again a few days ago and now I have a big problem with it. So... when I'm in the game and driving around then mappings bugs for me a lot. For example, when I'm in front of FD then I can see through the doors but my friends can see these doors are closed. When I drive through the doors then others can see I'm bugging through the doors. When I ALT+TAB then the game goes lighter for me as well and If I try to play with ENB then I won't get ENB loading screen (two white boxes, black screen), Im, just seeing windows desktop and in a few minutes it will give me samp loading screen. When I'm in the game and I want to ALT+TAB with ENB then all the mappings are gone for me and I can't even see TAB then. Anyone have faced the same problem, If you had then I would really appreciate that If you can help me with it.

Sorry for having bad grammar :(

Not open for further replies.