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returning person trying to get back online

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Jun 28, 2015
hey guys! its been forever since i was on red county roleplay. i am interested in coming back on so i need help on trying to either create a new master account or retrieve it. i tried to create a new one, but it detected the same IP address i was on and thus i can't create a new one. can somebody help me with this? thanks. my name is mikey tate.


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Mar 29, 2014
thamikestathab0yz56 said:
that's not mine. that's my bro's info. can you help me set up a new master account?

Hello there buddy, yes you can make a new master account, but...since you already have a master account on the IP. For security purposes, your 'brother' has to open up a support ticket via the master account. Your brother then has to request a second master account via the IP. This will then be approved/declined by the management team, most likely approved. Afterwards, you can then register the master account. After you have completed the above step, let me know and I can assist you with the rest.

Only if you did as I stated can you follow the next step.

1) Go Here.

2) Then sign up by filling out the blanks.


3) Once you have registered your account, go ahead to your email account and confirm the redcountyrp.com confirmation email.

4) After confirming your email, go ahead and take the quiz!

5) After passing the quiz, go ahead and create a character!

6) Once you've created your character, go ahead and login to SAMP with your Master Account.

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