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Red County RP Rules [Last Updated: 21st of December 2020]

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Feb 28, 2011
Added Rule 41

Rule 41
School rules

The Red County High School can be used by all players for any sort of school roleplay. A set of rules related to RP within the school has been established in order to ensure an enjoyable and smooth experience:
  • It is not allowed to carry or use firearms inside of the school interior and in the schoolyard. Any sort of "school shooter" roleplay is strictly forbidden and will be heavily punished. Note: this rule applies in the immediate area around the school building as well, if it involves students heading for/coming back from school roleplay.
  • It is not allowed to carry or use melee weapons (knives, baseball bats, etc) on school grounds without admin permission.
  • Factions are not allowed to claim the school as their turf or territory and/or treat it as their private property. The school is provided for the whole server to use and all factions should be able to make use of it.
  • Loitering inside or around the school as a character that has no valid IC reason to be on school grounds (eg. is not a student, a teacher, a janitor, an employee of a government agency holding a lecture, etc) is not allowed.

PunishmentUsage of firearms within the school will be punished with a permanent ban. Carrying a firearm or a melee weapon without permission will result in a warning or an admin jail. Factions claiming the school as their turf (directly or indirectly) will be warned or given a faction strike. Loitering on school grounds without a valid reason will result in a kick.
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