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Red County RP Rules [Last Updated: 12th of April 2021]

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Feb 28, 2011
Added Rule 41

Rule 41
School rules

The Red County High School can be used by all players for any sort of school roleplay. A set of rules related to RP within the school has been established in order to ensure an enjoyable and smooth experience:
  • It is not allowed to carry or use firearms inside of the school interior and in the schoolyard. Any sort of "school shooter" roleplay is strictly forbidden and will be heavily punished. Note: this rule applies in the immediate area around the school building as well, if it involves students heading for/coming back from school roleplay.
  • It is not allowed to carry or use melee weapons (knives, baseball bats, etc) on school grounds without admin permission.
  • Factions are not allowed to claim the school as their turf or territory and/or treat it as their private property. The school is provided for the whole server to use and all factions should be able to make use of it.
  • Loitering inside or around the school as a character that has no valid IC reason to be on school grounds (eg. is not a student, a teacher, a janitor, an employee of a government agency holding a lecture, etc) is not allowed.

PunishmentUsage of firearms within the school will be punished with a permanent ban. Carrying a firearm or a melee weapon without permission will result in a warning or an admin jail. Factions claiming the school as their turf (directly or indirectly) will be warned or given a faction strike. Loitering on school grounds without a valid reason will result in a kick.


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Jul 26, 2018
Two additional points have been added to Rule 38 to cutdown on unrealistic robberies.

Rule 38
You must portray believable roleplay at all times

Unless specified otherwise by an Administrator.

Portraying unrealistic, OOC, and trollish behavior is something we do not allow on our server unless specific permission is granted (during OOC admin events for example). New players are quickly introduced to bad habits and act like it's the standard, therefore other people's immersion and fun will mostly be ruined.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Abusing the IC chat to OOCly troll another player.
  • Jumping around aimlessly with no RP involved.
  • Shouting random stuff for no reason.
  • Using animations like /pee, /wank, /dance for no reason.
  • Having OOC fun with a made-up IC justification for it.
  • Hitting and shooting each other for no reason other than OOC fun. > Not to be confused with DM.
  • Wearing a heavy bulletproof vest in public without a proper reason.
  • Committing robberies without good enough IC justification to support your character/development.
  • Using expensive sports cars & high powered weapons to continually committ unrealistic robbery sprees.

If your character has some kind of disability that will make it look like you're breaking this rule, always use enough /dos and /mes to explain the situation to those around you. If an admin still does not agree with your style of roleplay, you can be asked to forfeit the personality of your character.


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Aug 30, 2016
Although this is pretty much common sense, the rule didn't state it clearly so to avoid any gray areas, necrophilia is not allowed at all and has been added to rule 14.

Rule 14
Sexual and disgusting roleplay

You may not force any player into a roleplay scenario that involves sexual actions or actions that could be seen as highly disgusting, unless all players present agree to it OOC'ly.

Due to the fact that many players find roleplaying certain activities disturbing and/or disgusting, you are required to ask the person you wish to roleplay with (as well as any other players in the area) if they wish to participate in such activity. This includes all kinds of sexual roleplay (sex, rape, harassment, etc) as well as highly disturbing/disgusting roleplay in general (extreme tortures, animal violence, etc).

This rule does not forbid you to commit such actions completely though - if the other party refuses to participate in the roleplay then it is simply skipped and still happens ICly, but should be simplified to a simple /do message (for example "/do Anna Smith would be brutally raped by John Doe." or "/do John Doe's left leg would be cut off with a chainsaw."). You can contact an administrator if you're unsure of whether your planned action falls under this rule or not.

Pedophilia, necrophilia and incest behaviour however is not allowed at all.
PunishmentThose who are found to be breaching this rule could face an admin jail or a permanent ban, depending on the situation.


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Jan 31, 2011
A new rule about CCTVs and similar devices has been added, as most of the CCTV-related rules were either unwritten or located in private faction sections.

Rule 42
CCTV Rules

You may roleplay reviewing CCTV footage of a scenario if a physical mapped CCTV object (or a similar device) is aimed at the general area and you have IC means of accessing the footage. This process is done fully ICly (there's no actual video footage) and requires cooperation from the parties present on the scene when it happened. Such players are required to describe the scene in-depth OOCly to the person reviewing the CCTV footage, and/or (if possible) provide videos, screenshots or chatlogs of the roleplay. Being dishonest about the situation will count as OOC lies and will be punished.
  • Public CCTVs (usually mapped on power poles) are connected to a network accessible by law enforcement factions, who can review it remotely when needed. Footage from these cameras is being sent to the CCTV control room at the Dillimore Police Department and can be accessed there, it is not stored on the CCTV. Most of those CCTVs can also be used for live surveillance at any time using a designated script (LEO factions only).
  • Private CCTVs (mapped via the furniture script or roleplayed in case of businesses) can be placed on private property by its owner. The footage is being sent to the owner's private computer (or other device) or in the camera device itself and cannot be accessed remotely by law enforcement - physical access to the storage device is required. In case of disagreements about the existence of non-mapped CCTVs or ways of data storage, the owner of the CCTV is required to provide proof of installing the CCTVs.
  • CCTVs in/around public buildings such as banks or town halls (and other buildings that would realistically be monitored by CCTVs) can be roleplayed if all involved parties consent to it.
  • Dashcams can be placed in private vehicles and faction vehicles using the vehicle attachment script, and can only be roleplayed if a physical object is present. Footage recorded by dashcams is stored on the device unless stated otherwise (eg. dashcams used by LEO factions).
All CCTVs footage is stored for 48 hours, then overwritten by new data. If you're unable to map a CCTV yourself and you'd like a physical camera object mapped in, you can ask an administrator to place one for you after you've roleplayed installing it.

PunishmentRoleplaying CCTV footage that doesn't exist or that you cannot access ICly will result in an admin jail. The roleplay that resulted from the footage being checked will be voided.
Refusing to describe the situation recorded by the CCTV, lying about it or bending the facts will result in an admin jail.
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