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Jan 31, 2011


Recent rule changes



We've recently discussed a few current and potential rules within the admin team and management (some of them following a community suggestion / discussion), and decided that there's a need for some changes and additions. To keep things short I'll list all the new rules and tweaked rules below, additional/edited content of existing rules will be red & bold for easier reading.

(NEW) Rule 38 - You must portray believable roleplay at all times

A new rule about acting realistically and believably has been added following various community discussions and suggestions.
Rule 38
You must portray believable roleplay at all times

Unless specified otherwise by an Administrator.

Portraying unrealistic, OOC, and trollish behavior is something we do not allow on our server unless specific permission is granted (during OOC admin events for example). New players are quickly introduced to bad habits and act like it's the standard, therefore other people's immersion and fun will mostly be ruined.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Abusing the IC chat to OOCly to troll another player.
  • Jumping around aimlessly with no RP involved.
  • Shouting random stuff for no reason.
  • Using animations like /pee, /wank, /dance for no reason.
  • Having OOC fun with a made-up IC justification for it.
  • Hitting and shooting each other for no reason other than OOC fun. > Not to be confused with DM.

If your character has some kind of disability that will make it look like you're breaking this rule, always use enough /dos and /mes to explain the situation to those around you. If an admin still does not agree with your style of roleplay, you can be asked to forfeit the personality of your character.

PunishmentThose who are found to be breaching this rule will be admin jailed or date-banned depending on the severity. Persistent rulebreakers will be banned from the server.

(NEW) Rule 39 - Roleplaying injuries

We used to have a rule about roleplaying injuries in the past, but somehow at some point it disappeared into thin air, and roleplaying injuries became kind of an unwritten rule that everyone had a different point of view on. We've decided to clear up all the confusion and reimplement the rule, to make sure all players know how they should act after being wounded.
Rule 39
Roleplaying injuries

You are expected to roleplay your injuries if you get wounded or injured during roleplay. You can use /injuries to see what kind of injuries you have and how they should be roleplayed.

- If you get shot/wounded while in an active shootout or brawl - you don't have to roleplay your injuries until the shootout/brawl is over (due to adrenaline). After it's over and if you weren't killed in the process - you will have to roleplay your injuries (as non lethal).
- If you get shot/wounded outside of an active shootout or brawl (eg. someone shoots you in the leg while you're unarmed) - you have to roleplay your injuries (as non lethal).
- If you get downed - you have to roleplay your injuries no matter if you're in an active shootout/brawl or not (depending on the type of wounds, they might or might not be injuries that could cause death).
- If you get downed and executed - you're dead, no roleplaying injuries required.

The following rules still apply if you end up getting downed due to bleeding out, at which point your wounds turn potentially lethal.
PunishmentBreaching this rule may result in an admin jail or a temporary ban.

Rule 2 - Vandalism Roleplay

A new paragraph about vandalism roleplay has been added to Rule 2, partially overlapping with the old bomb/molotov roleplay paragraph (which in effect has been edited too).
Rule 2
No Deathmatching

You may not kill players without any- or with a weak reason.

Deathmatching is when you are killing / inflicting injuries upon a player for a reason that does not justify such extreme actions, or without a reason at all.
Murders/shootouts/brawls are to be be fully roleplayed.

Other offenses related to deathmatching that are strictly prohibited include, but are not limited to:

Non-RP brawling - Brawling without the use of a proper and detailed /me beforehand. It is not acceptable to start hitting a player with no roleplay whatsoever. Actions such as "/me rushes X" are not considered sufficient. Also wait with the brawl for at least 1-2 seconds after sending the message, to allow the other player to read it.

Revenge Killing
Killing, injuring or engaging with a player who has previously killed you. After your character gets killed - they no longer remember anything about their death, and you're not allowed to use your OOC knowledge about the death in any way ICly. Returning to the scene of your death for any reason (e.g, retrieving your vehicle) is not allowed and you should wait until the situation has come to an end before returning to the area. This includes doing these things with an alternative character.

Using a vehicle to park (not ram) on top of somebody with the intention to kill them.

Terrorist Roleplay
Roleplay acts like suicide-bombing, kamikaze attacks etc are strictly prohibited unless you have permission from an administrator.

Vandalism Roleplay
You must have a valid reason in order to damage or destroy someones property such as a vehicle, house or business. The owner of the property you're damaging or destroying needs to be online at the time. Minor vandalism such as graffiti or scratching a car requires no administrative permission, however major vandalism such as burning down a car or blowing up a business does. In such case you are required to request an administrator via /assistance and provide a valid reason for such harsh actions, as well as screenshot proof of creating a bomb / molotov coctail / etc (if applicable).

Disclaimer: Faction-related vandalism follows stricter rules, details on faction property attacks can be found in Rule 15 of the Faction Conflicts & Rules of Engagement.

Bomb Roleplay
Fake bomb threats require receiving permission from an administrator and providing proof of creating / obtaining the fake bomb, unless they're empty threats and your character doesn't actually possess a bomb look-a-like object.

PunishmentDepending on the severity of the offense, punishments may vary from a date ban to a permanent ban.

Rule 32 - Account Rules & Security

The "You are limited to one Master Account" rule has been expanded and clarified.
Rule 32
Account Rules & Security

All RCRP related Accounts cannot be shared between players (Master/Forum/Discord/Teamspeak). Your Accounts are for you, and you alone. You are also limited to only one Master/Forum/Discord/Teamspeak Account. Multiple Forum accounts are only allowed in specific cases with admin permission.

If you have a family member who wants to join the server on the same IP as you, we would like to verify this by having a quick Teamspeak chat. Once your request has been approved, your IP will be whitelisted and granted 2 or more accounts.

You are fully responsible for the security of your account. If you share your password with someone, let a friend/brother/sister/dog play on your account or leave your game unattended and as a result someone gets your account banned - you will have to serve the punishment as if it was you committing the rulebreak. Situations with accounts being hacked without a direct fault of the account owner will be investigated on a case-by-case basis.

PunishmentPlayers found breaking this rule will be permanently banned and their Account(s) will be disabled.

Rule 13 - Ramming players/vehicles while driving a motorbike

We find it highly unrealistic to ran players or vehicle while driving a bike, so we decided to include it in the Driving/Vehicle Rules.
Rule 13
Driving/Vehicle Rules

We all wish to promote fairness towards everyone while driving a vehicle, therefor there are a few rules considering driving and vehicles in general.

Adding NOS/hydraulics script-wise is allowed only after proper roleplay of installing these mods has been finished.

Ninjajacking (using the GTA physics to jack someone from a vehicle without any RP) is considered powergaming and is not allowed. You have to fully roleplay such an action and give the other party a chance to react.

Tapping a certain key while riding a bike allows you to gain a large and unrealistic speed and therefore is not allowed. This applies to tapping the lean forward key on motorbikes and tapping W on pushbikes.

Using side-job vehicles for personal use is not allowed, as it is unfair towards players wishing to use the vehicles for their intended purpose.

Driver drive-by (using GTA's drive-by mechanic as the driver of a vehicle) is not allowed due to the excessive damage it causes compared to on foot gun usage.

Drive-by shooting as the passenger of any bike, motorbike or quad is not allowed, as it moves the hitbox of your character in an awkward manner and makes you more or less invincible.

Carsurfing (standing on top of a moving vehicle) is not allowed. Some vehicles (eg. pick-up trucks) are exempt from this.

Non-RP driving is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: heavy offroading with non-offroad vehicles, stunting, mountain climbing, cliff jumping, drifting on sidewalks.

Unrealistic driving may only be done if you have a proper reason to disregard road laws (for example being in a chase or a race). Speeding dangerously, swerving into oncoming vehicles, drifting, etc out of OOC boredom is not allowed.

Crossing roadblocks - you are not allowed to cross or go around police/emergency roadblocks just to get to your destination quicker. It is considered unrealistic and you're supposed to have a detour instead.

Locking a vehicle in a Non-RP manner where your character would be unable to do so is not allowed (e.g. while downed or held at gunpoint).

Ramming a player or vehicle while driving a motorbike - such act is highly unrealistic, as in real life you would immediately fall off the bike and get heavily injured (which usually doesn't happen with GTA SA bike mechanics). This includes lag-PITing vehicles.
PunishmentThis offense will result in an admin jail. Persistent rule breakers may be permanently banned from the server.

Three robberies per day limit

A limit of three robberies per day has been added to the Robbery/Scamming Rules.
General Scam and Robbery rules
  • The player you're robbing and/or scamming must be level THREE or higher.
  • You yourself need to be level THREE or higher in order to scam and/or rob.
  • You may not assist when robbing and/or scamming a player until you are level THREE in the interests of fairness.
    Exception to this: In the interest of fairness, committing illegal acts such as dealing drugs or using illegal weapons as a level 1 or 2 removes the under-level-3 protection. This means that other players will be allowed to rob or scam you in such a situation, despite of your level not being high enough.
  • In the interests of realism, you may not commit more than THREE robberies or scams within a 24-hour period.
End note

Thank you for your attention, we hope those changes will make your ingame experience more enjoyable. Have fun playing!

Earl & Bauer
RC:RP Management