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RCRP Faction Satisfaction Survey Results

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Jul 29, 2013



First and foremost, thank you to everyone who took part in last month's Faction Satisfaction Survey. Your invaluable feedback will help drive improvements to faction standards for the benefit of everyone. 106 people took part in the survey and some of their responses have been summarized below, but please understand that I cannot summarize every single bit of feedback in one post due to the sheer volume of them. With that being said, I will be constantly reading over the results to ensure every bit of feedback is at least acknowledged.

Below, you can find a summary of the responses, as well as my brief response to them.


The majority thought faction standards had improved compared to over 12 months ago, with the rest disagreeing or being unsure. This result shows there's still lots of work to be done and I look forward to raising those ratings with the help of this survey. The majority also thought that Faction Management's expectations of factions were high enough. This tells me the majority agree with the standards we strive for as a team.

Overall, the server’s faction standards have improved compared to over 12 months ago:

Agree - 51
Disagree - 29
Unsure - 22

Overall, Faction Management’s expectations for factions are:

High Enough - 43
Not High Enough - 22
Too High - 21


The majority were satisfied with the roleplay and topic standards of our official factions, whilst being less satisfied with their activity and the variety of factions on offer. Many criticized the variety of official illegal factions in particular, since there were only two of them at the time of the survey. Since then, two further illegal factions were made official, including the server's first white criminal organisation to earn official status. Some people also argued against there being too many street gangs and, whilst I do understand the concerns around it, I'd also argue it'd do more harm than good to stop people enjoying such a popular type of illegal roleplay. I would, however, like to see more variety and more factions appropriate to the rural environment, but this isn't something that can be strictly controlled for the simple fact I cannot force players to create factions on things they don't want to.

The activity of our official factions was also heavily criticized. Since the survey, the official faction system was split in some areas so that the perks of it (such as gun crates and drugs) could be awarded at different stages instead of all at once. This was done in the hopes it would give factions more to aim for over their lifetimes and thus encourage more activity. This is a new change which we're still monitoring the progress of and I aim to add more to it in time, including ways which will benefit legal factions as well.

Speaking of official legal factions, many were critical of their activity. There's a few that have missed the one media post per-week target and I'll be clamping down on that more strictly from now on. One media post per-week requires very minimal effort and everyone should be able to do it.

Other people said that more factions need to be made official and the time it takes to reach official needs to be reduced. I agree with both those views but that's not to say I'll be lowering standards. Splitting the official status into stages will allow us to award basic official perks a lot sooner than before, so factions should be becoming official more often from now.

How satisfied are you with the roleplay standards of our official factions?

Very Satisfied - 18
Satisfied - 53
Unsatisfied - 22
Very Unsatisfied - 2
Unsure - 10

How satisfied are you with the activity of our official factions?

Very Satisfied - 15
Satisfied - 37
Unsatisfied - 35
Very Unsatisfied -10
Unsure - 7

How satisfied are you with forum topic standards of our official factions?

Very Satisfied - 33
Satisfied - 52
Unsatisfied - 11
Very Unsatisfied - 4
Unsure - 5

How satisfied are you with the variety of our official factions?

Very Satisfied - 9
Satisfied - 36
Unsatisfied - 36
Very Unsatisfied - 18
Unsure - 4


The feedback on unofficial factions was similar to the above; however people were more satisfied with the activity of our unofficial factions. Variety wasn't as satisfactory yet again. A lot of the points raised mirrored those above and so my response to them is the same and won't be repeated here.

How satisfied are you with the roleplay standards of our unofficial factions?

Very Satisfied - 15
Satisfied - 52
Unsatisfied - 19
Very Unsatisfied - 5
Unsure - 12

How satisfied are you with the activity of our unofficial factions?

Very Satisfied - 17
Satisfied - 44
Unsatisfied - 25
Very Unsatisfied - 5
Unsure - 12

How satisfied are you with the forum topic standards of our unofficial factions?

Very Satisfied - 23
Satisfied - 52
Unsatisfied - 12
Very Unsatisfied - 4
Unsure - 10

How satifisfied are you with the variety of our unofficial factions?

Very Satisfied - 17
Satisfied - 40
Unsatisfied - 23
Very Unsatisfied - 13
Unsure - 8


The majority stated they were very satisfied with the Head of Factions, which is obviously a result I'm happy about. Most of the additional feedback was praise and there wasn't a lot of criticism. Bias came up once or twice but, being completely honest, I really don't see how it's valid. In any case, the admin complaints section is there for it to be addressed if needed.

The majority were satisfied with administration, although most of the additional feedback was about general admin duties and not faction-related ones, which is what this survey is about. There weren't too many concerns raised besides activity and overall involvement in Faction Management duties. This is something I'm going to look at addressing in due course, possibly by assigning admins as Faction Handlers, much like their Faction Consultant counterparts.

Most people were also satisfied with the Faction Consultant team, although many questioned how much they really do. This is understandable because what they do is usually behind-the-scenes and out of public view and that's something I'm going to change. I'm going to discuss ways to raise their public profile with Management and perhaps more moderator privileges in the Factions section. There were a few concerns regarding activity when Faction Consultants are assigned as Handlers to their respective factions. This is something I may address by adding mandatory reviews of faction progress every so often.

How satisfied are you with the Head of Factions?

Very Satisfied - 37
Satisfied - 34
Unsatisfied - 7
Very Unsatisfied - 4
Unsure - 12

How satisfied are you with administration?

Very Satisfied - 19
Satisfied - 43
Unsatisfied - 18
Very Unsatisfied - 5
Unsure - 9

How satisfied are you with the Faction Consultant team?

Very Satisfied - 21
Satisfied - 33
Unsatisfied - 16
Very Unsatisfied - 8
Unsure - 16


The majority said they were satisfied with the faction rules we have in place and barely any points of improvement were raised.

Just like before, many questioned the purpose of the Faction Consultant system. This is understandable given a lot of what Faction Consultants do is behind-the-scenes and not in the public eye. They do actually do a considerable amount; whether it be helping me decide on faction requests and topic approvals or relaying feedback between faction leaders and the rest of the team. In all honesty, Faction Consultants are like unsung heroes in many ways; much of the progress I've made is through working with them, more than anyone else. If they weren't around, I wouldn't get anywhere near as much done. I aim to raise their public profile, like I said earlier, and engage them more with the rest of the community. I may also expand the team and allow multiple handlers to be assigned to the same faction.

The Faction Topic Approval system was one of the highest-rated in the survey but also faced some criticism. Some claimed it limited creativity and took too long. I can understand the criticism with it taking too long — in some cases, it's taken way longer than it should have done and I'm going to try find a solution to that — but I don't agree with it limiting creativity. The system is there to ensure substandard factions don't get posted until they reach minimum standards. Some have argued that the system should be removed altogether and that we should moderate the section as we did before by closing substandard factions down when they arise, but that didn't work before, hence why the system was added. It's always more problematic to let substandard factions set up and then close them down after they've established themselves. It's easier and less problematic to stop them from beginning at all.

The Illegal Item Request system and the Property Request system were also highly-praised and not many people suggested points of improvement for either of them. On the other hand, most people were unaware of the Roleplay Reward Request system and questioned its purpose; unsurprising, given the system is in the process of being overhauled and is pretty hidden-away, only being available to official faction leaders.

Most were satisfied with the time it takes Faction Management to complete requests, the effort it takes for factions to earn official status and the perks of official status.

How satisfied are you with the Faction Topic Approval system?

Very Satisfied - 41
Satisfied - 27
Unsatisfied - 10
Very Unsatisfied - 4
Unsure - 13

How satisfied are you with the Illegal Item Request system?

Very Satisfied - 39
Satisfied - 33
Unsatisfied - 3
Very Unsatisfied - 4
Unsure - 16

How satisfied are you with the Property Request system?

Very Satisfied - 37
Satisfied - 36
Unsatisfied - 1
Very Unsatisfied - 1
Unsure - 17

How satisfied are you with the Roleplay Reward Request system?

Very Satisfied - 24
Satisfied - 24
Unsatisfied - 6
Very Unsatisfied - 3
Unsure - 36

How satisfied are you with the time it takes for Faction Management to complete requests?

Very Satisfied - 14
Satisfied - 28
Unsatisfied - 17
Very Unsatisfied - 9
Unsure - 22

How satisfied are you with the effort it takes to earn official status?

Very Satisfied - 20
Satisfied - 36
Unsatisfied - 18
Very Unsatisfied - 12
Unsure - 7

How satisfied are you with the perks of official status?

Very Satisfied - 38
Satisfied - 32
Unsatisfied - 5
Very Unsatisfied - 5
Unsure - 10


The majority were satisfied with the gamemode and UCP's current faction features but were less satisfied with the time it took to deliver new ones. Most people said the current features did their job but stated they'd never needed to use the UCP's faction features. In any case, the feedback will be relayed to Development for them to take it on board.

How satisfied are you with the gamemode's current faction features?

Very Satisfied - 24
Satisfied - 47
Unsatisfied - 10
Very Unsatisfied - 5
Unsure - 7

How satisfied are you with the user control panel (UCP)’s current faction features?

Very Satisfied - 25
Satisfied - 31
Unsatisfied - 8
Very Unsatisfied - 2
Unsure - 28

How satisfied are you with the time it takes to deliver new gamemode faction features?

Very Satisfied - 7
Satisfied - 33
Unsatisfied - 22
Very Unsatisfied - 7
Unsure - 19

How satisfied are with the time it takes to deliver new user control panel (UCP) faction features?

Very Satisfied - 14
Satisfied - 24
Unsatisfied - 15
Very Unsatisfied - 7
Unsure - 31

How satisfied are you with how the gamemode facilitates faction roleplay?

Very Satisfied - 26
Satisfied - 42
Unsatisfied - 8
Very Unsatisfied - 4
Unsure - 11



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Jul 29, 2013



The server's official factions had their roleplay standards, activity and media reviewed as part of this survey. The leaders of these factions were invited to write responses to their feedback, which have been included below. Please note that these responses were optional and the leaders were under no obligation to write anything too detailed.


As most of the feedback I'm seeing is related to activity I'll address that first.

As Giga took over we made the decision to open recruitment up one last time before we complete the transition to the San Andreas State Police. During that period we have hired roughly 20 cadets and 9 of them have graduated thus boosting morale and activity up. We've opened more promotional/leadership Opportunites in the faction that have caused members to step up and find some initiative to lead within the faction so activity so far is definitely as a major rise. We'll continue to keep recruitment going and such as we always and stay a progressive department as we always have. I know the last 6 months have been a drag for the SO.

Players exhibiting low levels of RP within the LEO faction. It's been my experience since I've taken over that people are starting to pick up a little more and RP better, so I'm unsure of the issue as I've not really seen any evidence to the contrary. Internal affais is lead by Bobalob, an admin, and he has been addressing these issues as they come to him in an excellent and productive manner.

High Command/Command being admins. This should always be a thing as it's good to have administrative insight at a faction leadership level. We're never "too busy" to do things so I find that comment a bit off putting. Players are encourage to interact ICly with ES/CMD, however it is rather funny that when we do interact outside in the field we're called robocops because its "unrealistic" to see high ranks in the field which is terribly incorrect. We love interacting with faction members and again encourage them to engage in rp with us when they see us.

Media, we currently have a lacking Public Affairs division that is being looked into as we quickly approach our transition. I'm not exactly a big media guy myself but I will at least try to see to it that some media is posted.

- Payne


I believe I'm speaking for the whole of SVC when writing this. Thank you for your honest feedback. Negative or positive - It sure has helped me as a leader to get a glimpse of the public's opinion. We're hoping to see you all RPing in one of our businesses or even joining the faction! We have plenty to offer and it's really not as hard as it looks. Once again - Thanks.

- Slipky


On the behalf of the whole faction, I'd like to thank everyone who provided us their invalauble feedback. Overall, we're very happy with our stats. Most people said they were satisfied with our RP standards and activity, and above satisfied with our media.

Getting into the additional feedback we got, activity was repeatedly highlighted as a point of improvement and understandably so. Someone hit the nail on the head when they said our activity was localized to three or four hours a day. This is definitely true and it's something we're going to try improve on from now. A few people mentioned how we haven't been pressed by law enforcement enough, which I also agree with but I believe it's steadily improving as we recently lost a handful of key members to the jail system. Someone else mentioned "constant cop-killing", something we've long-cracked down upon and continue to do to this day. Any members that are arrested for murdering LEOs (or any other serious crimes for that matter) are made to roleplay the full extents of their charges, which usually means a CK due to life imprisonment. One or two people mentioned we misrepresent US hood culture and I welcome them to contact me in private to elaborate on that. A few people also said we should involve ourselves more with the rest of the community; I feel this is improving steadily with the use of our local businesses 2Turnt, BB Liquor Store and the Oakridge Community Center. It will only improve further when our brand-new projects mapping is added which includes several new businesses. Someone said our media is too much about "torturing" people, something I don't quite understand as it's not. Someone made an issue of a few of us having multiple characters in the faction, apparently just to make our topic active or hoard properties. This is not the reason some of us do this; we have multiple characters purely because we want to tap into different roleplay opportunities. I, myself, have an OG character and a YG character because their day-to-day roleplay is very different. The same person raised an issue with our smuggling practices, which he claimed was done without consideration of security checks, something which is also very untrue. The same person again made an issue of the faction owning multiple properties and overbidding on them, as well as claiming an area to be under our control "when there's nobody living there" — none of which makes any sense to me, really. You're welcome to elaborate in private if you so wish. Lastly, someone said they had an issue with the videos I released and claimed they raised a "DM image" for the faction. I don't feel this is a fair statement, honestly; we've been around for nearly two years and I've only published a small handful of videos. It's not like we don't have a 300+ page faction topic full of passive RP and passive roleplay videos as well.

The feedback we received will be used to improve our faction and we thank everyone who gave us it.

- Menace


We would like to thank everyone that helped by participating in the survey. After reading and discussing the feedback provided by the public, we came up with the following official position:

After several months of faction downfall and multiple changes, County Press went through a leadership change. We have noted down the issues pointed out by the public and those highlighted by our employees, and we are doing our best to fix/resolve them. There is an obvious lack of active members and despite our many attempts at attracting new interns, the overall interest of the community is missing. We'll try to raise our standards, and we'll try to be more active. If you believe that someone has bad English or you have complaints about a specific member, feel free to report them privately to me @qwertz or @GoodFella.

With the lack of active employees come poor roleplay and reduced media uploads. We are looking for people to fill the exciting roles of Journalist and Broadcaster, and we are working on making County Press a better faction for everyone!

- qwertz


The results seemed to be positive overall, but there were also points made that we take seriously from some people who are not entirely satisfied with the faction. It is our hope to improve so that we can see those negative numbers decrease and provide good RP opportunities to those who are interested enough in the topic.

From a statistical standpoint, the feedback follows a somewhat normal distribution of the data, as one would come to expect from a survey format such as the one made.
It is clear that players weren't sure on our activity, and that is understandable due to the combination of purposeful discretion and lack of major community interaction outside of the faction. It is good to see the numbers being more in the positive side than the negative.
When looking at the media statistics, it's good to also see that more people liked our media than those who didn't, though reasonable feedback has been taken on board with hopes to improve.
Regarding roleplay standards, it is similar to the statistics for media, more people enjoyed the RP we provide than those who didn't, with the numbers for 'Very Satisfied' being more than any other category.

For a full analysis, see: https://forum.redcountyrp.com/threads/rcrp-faction-satisfaction-survey-results-argent-innovations.180142/

- Winged


Overall the results of the survey were great. We were really surprised to see how much support we have, despite previous criticism towards us that majorly stems from other legal factions.

I see there are some concerns in regards to our recruitment, and I'd like to assure everyone that these are false. Our recruitment is very in-depth, we look at applicants roleplay skills, ooc attitude, previous ooc experience and lots of other things. If you have been denied it's not because of bias, it's because we feel that you are not fit for the faction currently, and it certainly doesn't mean that our opinion cannot change.

A couple complaints that we read mention robocop behaviour, but after further investigation there was no evidence, we even reached out to one of the complainee's through Menace and the response was that he "didn't remember writing it, and didn't remember why he wrote it". Anyone else who has concerns about this is free to reach out to us directly or via the faction management team.

We are always actively open to constructive criticism, and the faction is constantly evolving. Our messages are open, and any concerns can be made directly to us, or through the faction management team for the sake of confidentiality.

- tomato


Hello! Thank you for all of the positive and critical feedback, here I'm going to outline a few of the concerns and or issues and what I'm doing to tackle them. I'm glad a lot of you have commented on the improvements made to Silentium over the previous months as well as the actual criticism that we have received. A lot of it, is based on previous leadership, so I have addressed it. I'm sorry if you ever had bad experiences with Silentium, but please do remember we are trying our hardest and have been making major improvements in the past six months. If you have any more criticism or feedback, do feel free to pm me, charizardisdead.

General Feedback:
  • Activity - I've had mixed reviews on the basis of activity, however, there is a large amount of activity internally, but people don't spend all day on their Silentium characters and that is okay. But, we are always around when we are needed, and are around for more unique events.
  • Stale Roleplay - I understand sometimes our roleplay can look very bland, but there is more to it under the surface. It's more about developing a character with a story than the basic security work. I understand that to a lot of you, the faction can seem very robotic with just IDs and frisks, however, we do have more than that, it's just more limited as we're more available for typical security work, however we often do have unique opportunities arise. A lot of Silentiums' roleplay is more private and has to be viewed in our thread. We do things such as convoys, research work, private investigations and personal security.
  • Licensing regulations - We didn't put any of those in place, that is on the Govt and the old leader of the courts. We understand it's a pain, but it is how it is in the real world. You do need licenses to do these things.
  • Admins within Silentium - Currently, there isn't a single admin within Silentium. Silentium is fully run by myself, charizardisdead, and has been for months. Even when admins were leading it, it has changed a lot since then in the past six months.
  • Screenshot standards - Prior to the survey, I wasn't happy with the screenshot quality, both myself and Arky, spent a long time monitoring how our screenshots look, comparing recent pages to our first, I'd say our screenshot roleplay has skyrocketed, I hope we managed to change the opinion on our screenshots in the past month or so! We implemented screenshot approval, so if there are still bad screenshots on the thread as of late, they have probably not been posted to be accepted and will promptly be removed if not.

Specific Feedback:
"Been part of the faction I'm obviously a bit biased but without understatement, charizardisdead has been putting everything she could IC and OOC into making the faction what it is right now (high activity and solid RP for members and customers) and this deserves praise."
- Thank you! I'm glad you appreciate the work I put in! Investing all the time I do, I'm glad a few people do notice it! dedicate far more time to Silentium than I'd like to admit. So, honestly, thank you.

"I think the faction is just a big meh. It's a spot for female RPers that want to show how strong they are and wannabe cops imo. It's the impression it's given be since it was created."
- I understand how that is seen, but you haven't seen my interviews where I've bullied females into tears telling them they aren't adequate or strong enough to be in the security sector. However, if you look at our male to female ratio currently, there are four females, two of which are command of high command, one being an ex aperture member, the other two are lower ranking members (one being a trial). This is a concern that I address a lot ICly and OOCly, but, it is also important to remember, females aren't inherently weaker than males.

"bad rp, backlash to the server"
- I'm unsure on how to respond to this, if you wish to address this with me privately, we can have a chat about it.

"I am currently a member of Silentium. I joined four days ago and I can say that until now I liked what I saw. There's one or two trollish members and one of them already got removed. Charizardisdead is doing a great job with the faction during her transition to a director position and is able to answer to criticism as well as suggestions. As long as she leads the faction I have no doubts that it will not fail."
- Whoever this way, thank you! I try my best, as long as things are reported to me about trollish members or incidents, I tend to handle them. I'm sure my members can attest, I'm not one to avoid issuing strikes and IC punishments!

"Some players seem slightly noobish, however I feel that so much more could be achieve if they weren't perceived as being strangled in terms of development by development (taser removal) and FA."
- I'm not afraid from having newer players in Silentium, as I see it as a playground for the faction to groom them to higher standards as the longer standing members of my faction do enforce them. We aren't being strangled, but we are lacking script support for almost everything we need, but, we will still soldier on. Regarding taser removal, I'm not happy it happened, but, I'm not mad either, we still have access to our firearms once I've trained them enough.

"Silentium started out very impressive, and in my opinion, now rests in the middle of the pack. It checks all the boxes, but doesn't excel in any of them. Some of their security can be really robotic, and there's of course a certain history of corruption in the faction that doesn't really mirror a realistic security corporation (not corruption in general, but the type of corruption in game: murder, robbery, etc.), but this does not happen too often, and has probably only occurred a handful of times. That being said, there also seems to be a general 'wannabe Aperture' feel from the faction, but since branching away from the Courts, this has mostly dissipated."
- I understand the view of a wannabe Aperture, but that was in the early days when most of the members WERE ex Aperture. There hasn't been a wannabe Aperture feel to the faction for a long time, as nobody from Aperture has been enforcing that. Me and Arky when we were working together, tried to push the faction to be realistic to actual security work. Security doesn't excel in any form, we do our job, we do investigations, we do research, we keep it pretty simple. There hasn't been corruption in the faction since before Christmas, and that was not approved of by the HC at the time. We try to not limit people on being slightly out there with their roleplay, after the incidents where Silentium got a very bad view, I did bring in OOC protocols and have limited people from major illegal rp within Silentium.

"Same RP of going on duty on thread. Driving around.. grabbing coffee. Admiring nature. Silentium offers a lot of variety on paper, but in reality all their employees do is patrol in FBI Ranchers and provide security to some business openings. A lot can be changed here too :)"
- We offer a lot more than just that, we have trainings, we have personal protection, we do camera fittings, we just aren't requested for these things as much as we would like, as people on the server would rather use police. There is also a large portion of passive roleplay within Silentium, it just shown to the public as much as it is easier and more interesting to send security work. An example of this recently, is the office dog Hera! There are also other things we do such as convoys etc. The reason we keep to FBI Ranchers is because, they look good, they look unique and you can always recognise Silentium.

"Silentium feels more like a Call of Duty security company, the way they dress and their mentality is overrated, they have all these fancy recruitment requirements but out on the field are nothing but simple bots, literally NPC's, /crossarms at a club and ''ID please''. Instructors on Quad ATV's with bandanna's on and army outfits, what?is this a milita? I've been a recruit in Silentium and it was the worst thing ever, I've been in 4 security companies on another server and they've all been better than Silentium, please up your game. They hire people who cannot build their character, I've met someone who got in Silentium and off duty he's a criminal, like what the F? seriously? and they don't even have an U.S security uniform, more like milita's. The whole system is rotten to the core and needs to be fixed in this faction ASAP and their leaders too, they are not up to date."
- Quads? I've never seen that, if you did, feel free to report it as I have protocols and that would have been breaching them. I have a feeling you were recruited a long time ago, prior to mine and Arkys leadership. The reason we don't have uniforms yet is because tomato has been making the mods for a while. Our boards are up to date. On who is who, or relatively up to date as we do have a high turnover in trials. We allow people to go in Silentium being who they wish, with the development they wish, if they are a criminal, with no record, we can't monitor that ICly, we monitor it OOCly, and handle it if it comes to situations where we need to. Not a single person in Silentium has a criminal record. Our recruitment requirements aren't all that fancy, it's just a clean admin record, clean IC criminal record and a good sense of English and some basic knowledge of the duties of a security contractor.

"Top notch faction."
- Thank you! I've been working my butt off for this kind of feedback!

"This faction is still iffy with me from experience with them and I'd say they'd still need to improve a lot. There is things that annoy me such as the long searching times and RP lengths I've seen security guards do. It shouldn't take that long to search someone as most nightclubs will just lightly pat you down and let you in as the only thing they'd be worried about is sneaking drugs or drink in as well as weapons but it should be obvious when weapons are visble as you'd feel them straight away. Also the fact most of the ask for IDs even when your said character looks well over 18 I understand it's to remember names of people who enter too but a normal person won't remember everyones name that comes through the night."
- In what ways do we need to improve? Feel free to privately contact myself to talk. It takes lengthy times as we do a full /me alongside a thorough check of the /frisk results, because sometimes we miss things that we shouldn't and wouldn't. It is still a light pat down unless it is said otherwise. The reason you are ID'd if you look over 18, is because it is a legal requirement in most places, Silentium are a by the book company, it happens in the real world. If you got to a club, you will be ID'd no matter who you are.

"The most, if not the biggest, trash faction it exists in Red County Roleplay. I do believe that these factions that have been around for so long really need to get archived and let something new breathe some fresh air. I remember one scenario when my faction that I was apart of confronted one of their employees and then later on killed him or her for disrespect, they made a shit storm out of it, they even banned LiquidHound for that. So pathetic to have an [...]"
- That was a specific situation, I believe it was either with Mars or with George McGarrett, either of, myself and LiquidHound have spoken about it privately a dozen times, he is even in the faction and is somewhat alright with how those situations went once seeing it from the other side. Within the faction, we do try to avoid bringing admins into it, as we prefer to keep it IC, however, there are situations when that isn't the case.

- charizardisdead


Hello All!

After reviewing the feedback that Menace provided to myself, I cannot say I am surprised by the results. Everyone's main concern was our activity and standards. Activity is something that I addressed previously and will readdress again. When I took over as Chief of the department back in December, multiple people came to me and explained that that current activity requirements of the department (1 Duty report every 5 days) is way too much to expect from someone. I agreed at that time and the High Command team decided to make it 1 Duty report every 7 days, which worked out great for the first few months and then it dwindled down. You will go through spurts of great activity and will go through rock bottom with little bit of activity but we always end up evening out eventually. There have been multiple days over the last 2-3 months where we had 7-8 people online at once. Its something that can be achieved but its hard to do so with the different time zones. Also, when it comes down to it, not a lot of people are interested in this style of roleplay when there are other factions they can go to and do the same thing minus transporting people. This faction does struggle with activity, always has and will continue to do so as most of you said within your feedback. Our recruitment process is quite easy, you fill out an application, pass the interview and then continue on with training. Previously, you had the choice to either self study and take the exams or attend the academy and be taught everything and take the exams. After the latest batch, everyone must attend a general academy session and if you cannot attend a session, we will make every attempt to ensure you are trained, including a 1 on 1 session.

I have introduced MULTIPLE incentives to get our activity/media output up, including taking after SAN News when it comes to paying employees to release articles. I offered an incentive of $15,000 per article and $1,000 per image posted in our media topic. As you all can tell, that has had little to no effect on our media output. I am currently considering making it mandatory to post 1 reply of roleplay scenario per week as it seems to be the only way to improve that topic.

Onto the meat and potatos of the Satisfaction Survey, standards of the FD. There are multiple comments that stated our standards are too high but there are also multiple comments that stated our standards are too low. This is the issue when it comes to this style of roleplay, most people don't like to roleplay the consequences of their actions (being shot for example). They believe that we can just put a gauze pad on a bullet wound and let them go, which is something we cannot do.

There are a few comments that say we are using too much medical terminology. Some people actually roleplay in-depth medical situations and use a lot of medical terms. If you do not understand something that my member says, such as a word or a term, ask them what it means. They will have no problem explaining it to you. I simply cannot have my members not knowing what something means, then a citizen uses a basic term that we didn't teach them and my member not knowing what to do. That would look worse on my department than anything else.

Another thing that people have said is that we are over complicating the treatment process along with our guides and handbooks. We aim to be a realistic department, it has nothing to do with "High Standards" as another person wrote. Our guides teach our members on how to treat injuries, what to treat them with and the basics of medical care which as a medical faction, it's absolutely needed. Sure, it's SA:MP, a 15 year old video game but there are people out there and in the department that LOVE this stuff, there are also people in the department and out there that HATE this stuff. It's a win/lose situation and when it comes to that, I choose realism over anything.

I have already addressed the issue of people taking too long to treat someone on scene. If this is still an issue, please message myself and I will address it once again.

The Chief Officers and Line Officers of the FD have put in multiple hours to make this faction the best its ever been, some of you agree that it is at the best its ever been but there are some of you that stated its the worse its ever been. As you can tell, everyone has their own opinion of the FD and I value each and every persons feedback that was left in the survey. I can assure you that I will apply this feedback towards bettering the department.


- Will work on fixing our activity (Will bring it back down to 1 Duty report every 5 days).
- Will continue offering incentives for articles written.
- Will make it mandatory to post atleast 1 scenario per 5 days.
- Will try to hire more members in the department.

Yours Truly,

P.S. If you have any further questions or concerns, my messages are always open here.

- Kaos


We very much appreciate the feedback that we have received from the community. It encourages us to be a better faction and improve on our faults. Some of the feedback that we got was... interesting, to say the least. Some stemming from recent events, and some that was pre-existing. Regardless, we intend to act on these criticisms. Our goal is to encourage everyone, Elite Trucking or not, to participate in our roleplay. Working on our outwardly facing behaviors allows us to better involve and serve the community. This is the best way, in our opinion, to address our critics and also encourage all.

- Christopher


Hello! Thank you for all of the feedback about SAGOV, of course we understand it is very rocky currently due to recent threads and heat brought towards the faction. However! We hope talking through some key points of criticism here can clear things up!

We know activity is a keen point that people aren't happy with, that is because a lot of it has been done on the forums for a long while which aren't visible to the public, however, this is due to change upon discussions internally and we're trying to bring some fresh media alongside some new roleplay opportunities for others to get involved with.

Court cases
We had concerns about court cases sitting around for ages, this is due to the fact that the courts, now known as the Judicial Branch was recently moved to a new forum. Most of the people with outstanding court cases, were contacted and told that, if they required their cases would be moved across, however most either didn't reply or said not to worry as it was begun on previous leadership and it would not be confusing to conclude. Feel free to have a gander at the new judicial branch here.

Death sentences
We haven't executed one in a long time, usually, the other party agrees to it also. Or, they ask for it themselves as it is a unique area to roleplay. SBI and other members cannot force a death sentence. So there isn't anything to worry about there, sorry for any confusion on this, again, it is due to constant leadership changes, however it is looking to be stable for now within the Judicial Branch.

Of course, there aren't a million bar certified attorneys on RCRP, and once we have sorted out the law academy here, we will be allowing the first five to pass all criteria to become bar certified attorneys for free. We have also brought in a criteria that to keep your spot within the faction, you have to bring in at least one case a month. Charizard did recently take over from Yassin and has been restructuring the courts relentlessly with Limitless, it is functional now, however, law school is still in the works of transition.

We understand the issues with licensing and it has been in discussion for a short while between charizardisdead and zayats, neither of us agree with how licensing is run, we were just told this is how it is, this is what we do, so we did it. We are now contemplating bringing in a separate department that instead of issuing licenses, people would have them automatically, but introducing a three strike system where LEOs, civillians etc, can report businesses for breaching laws such as serving minors, allowing minors to gamble etc. Then licenses can be revoked and businesses can be fined, almost working like a blacklist essentially. It would only apply to the owner at the times name, so it would not carry over to new owners.

Player Involvement
The thing everybody actually wants to know is when we will have a functioning Government with votes when players can get involved, it is now. There is a senator spot that we will be voting on between the faction and FM. ANYBODY can run for this spot, you just have to have a political stance. There are however some requirements ICly and OOCly.

Thank you overall for the feedback, we do understand your concerns and hope this helps address them at least slightly. If you have any further concerns, feel free to contact any of us privately and we can discuss it in far more depth! We hope you enjoy what you start to see from the faction in the coming weeks.

- tomato, Zayats and charizardisdead
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