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Psychology of reasoning.


Mar 4, 2019
Bro, i dont know what you have been using but sell me some of it, i wanna be in the same dimension you are right now.


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Jun 5, 2016
You're not your character, why? Because YOU do not exist in San Andreas (hopefully), your character does. What do both have in common? They're human, and both have a skull and a functioning brain until they're dead.
Everyone has a process of thought and reasoning which has been developed even out of their own life span via evolution, reasoning is linked with emotions. Many thinking processes are done hypothetically, why does the grass get wet? Because it rains, and rain is water, which is wet, also the grass gets wet all the time, if Mary stays late studying in the library, the library must be open until late.
Inductive reasoning works on a case-by-case basis, while deductive reasoning works by deducting properties and outcomes to a certain case (hypothesis > logical but not generalized conclusion). Abductive reasoning works with the best data available, an example would be case law and known diagnosis cases for doctors to use.
Humans are believed to decide based on risk (logical basis) and regret (emotional basis), humans are designed to cope with outside emotions, which is why you'd vomit 99% of the time you see someone getting clipped in the head (somatic markers) > someone is killed in front of you, you might be at risk > risk is a factor (or you, for anything else) that makes your body decide to vomit. Why did you get Pepsi? Because coke wasn't at the machine, and you are afraid of feeling thirsty and sugar-sick for your whole class > fear of regret (emotional basis).
We as people heavily base emotionally on the prediction of the future too, which is why some may do an action in fear of regretting not doing it later on, but not to forget about the past (why was Hitler evil? Because he killed many), since the same regime applies.
People put out thoughts based on their past experiences; the environment they were brought up with, how they were, with who and when. It comes down from hard-wired human instincts in our subconscious all the way to our hobbies in our conscious mind, every small action you do leads up to a way bigger picture, and with this, going on a robbing spree because you feel like it OOCly is not a reason, but an excuse. And if someone did something, it was because their past and possible future made them, in order to roleplay realistically a character you cannot cross an OOC past & future with an IC one, simply because it wouldn't fit together, and OOC mechanics aren't realistically an easy way out of IC situations due to this.

You should atleast credit the person that made this. Cause I've seen it on the LSRP forums.