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Feb 23, 2012
Hello everyone. I heard a lot for this server and I know it is the best in samp. I would like to play this server with my friends but we cant pass the quiz.

Your answers were:

1. What does RP stand for in terms of this server?
Role Play

2. What are the correct definitions for IC and OOC?
OOC: Out Of Character, IC: In Character

3. What does DM mean?
Death Matching - attacking someone without a reason

4. What is the proper use of /advert?
/advert Selling a new 1992 Blista Compact for 30 grand.

5. What is the correct purpose of the /n chat?
Newbie chat for questions related to the server only

6. What should you do when you see someone hacking/cheating?
/report the player

7. What is the correct example of a proper English sentence?
I will eat a pizza tomorrow.

8. What is the correct example of a proper English sentence?
How can I make money?

9. Which one of these is not an official RCRP rule?
You may only Water Evade in a police chase.

10. What is the limit on robbing money?

11. What is the correct way of greeting someone you have not met ICly?
Hello there, what's your name?

12. What does Bunnyhopping mean?
Hitting the jump key repeatedely to travel faster on foot

13. Which option below is always fully OOC?
Event started by an Admin

14. What is the purpose of /b?
As a general, local OOC chat

15. What is the correct way to use /do?
/do *You can hear an engine starting*

16. If you meet an officer which is corrupt ICly, what should you do?
Tell one of his superiors about it ICly.

17. If you're ingame and in need of help from an Admin, what should you do?
Use /assistance.

18. What is the scam limit on this server?

19. Define ban evading.
Rejoining the game with a new IP after being banned

20. Which of the following concludes the rule 'You must remain In Character ...'
... at all times, unless permission from an Admin is given

You scored

Can you please tell me what question is wrong?
I was reading the "rules" and the "guides" but I didn't find anything.
Thank you!


Aug 8, 2010
Look very carefully at the rules. We can not tell you directly which question was wrong.


Feb 7, 2010
I spotted the wrong one - however I cannot tell you which one is incorrect but I give you a hint: Look at the rules again, but REAL CAREFULLY.
it's one tricky question, I know, many veterans fell into it aswell..
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