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[Opened] Suggestions Board


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We have just opened up the suggestions board after a huge re-work. As you may notice, all suggestions in the board have been removed. Some had been sitting there for years, and it was overdue for a clear up. Rest assured that no suggestions have been removed, they have been moved to a hidden forum for the time being. If you had a suggestion that you still stand by, PM a member of the development team, and they should be able to retrieve it for you.

In recent months, the server was without a developer for a long while and the server was currently facing a lot of buts that caused upset and frustration to the community. I can assure that this will not happen again and we will answer your suggestions properly and give you a response within a couple of days once the topic has come to a verdict.

The development and tester team will be taking these suggestions as one of their priorities to ensure that these bugs are fixed and new systems are implemented. This in result allows the server to operate in a stable environment without the risk of facing any bugs that could effect any gameplay experience.

Your suggestions are what we hold most important to us because we may run out of ideas and may need input from other sources. Whilst your suggestion is being handled I do ask that you refrain from PM'ing Adminstrators, Developers or Testers about the thread.

Thank you, if you are in need of any help please don't hesitate to ask!

Red County Roleplay Development Team.[/legend]