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[Massively updated]A guide to the racer RP


Jun 30, 2017
Hey y'all, it is me, PornMaster (I'm kindda anonymous here, lel) and, as I'm banned, I want to help the community with something, excusing for my mistakes this way. Maybe I can help someone. This guide has been written entirely by me, with no sources of "inspiration" else than the game, my knowledge and the spots I've got my knowledge from. By the way, I'm a mechanic IRL.
So, let's go to the actual guide...
Your character

A racer is someone who races cars, bikes and any other vehicle (Even planes and choppers, haha).
First thing... What is a racer and what is a car guy ?
A car guy is simply someone who loves spending time around cars, thinks about cars, or simply said, has a deep passion for cars.
Well, most of the car guys are also racers. As a racer is someone who races a car, pretty obvious.
But here's the main thing ; what will your character be. Most of the IRL racers are just car guys who race in the backstreets and what not from time to time, to get a smile on their faces, try out their car, etc.
The kindda racers we see on RP servers are FnF inspired. They are not just racers. They are criminals.To be a racer, you don't have to also be a robber, a drug trafficker, and all that shit. You're just a racer and that's it. I know that this might sound boring, but it is how it is IRL. So, a normal racer, at the beggining of his career, won't be a criminal. Just a car guy who takes his car out for a spin with his friends.
If you choose to RP an actual racer who's also a criminal, you've gotta have an actual reason to become one.
A rich guy driving a powerful car won't turn into a criminal, risk all his life and all that just for fun. It is something that brings you in. And when you get in, it's a hard way to escape out of the game. Maybe it's your old friends who get you in. Maybe you're poor and try to do something on your own, and get money to keep you alive, being helped by your car. Delivering drugs, and all that shit. But that's not essentialy racer RP.
That's just some criminal RP. But, these kindda semi-realistic or full arcade racing factions on RCRP are criminal factions, not racing factions.
Other than that, your character will be developed how you'd like it.
A logic, car guy's behaviour
About 70% of America's population is just stupid (not their bad tho, NWO and all that shit). But the actual racers rarely fit that category. So, those who are stupid do an exception.
I've seen many, many pursuits on this server. Some Clover r(i/a)cers provoking, trying to show off their ricebox and be some cool r(i/a)cer. Well, those people might be cool for their fellow friends, but for us, they are just stupid.
No smart guy would just want to get chased by police, risk getting caught and fucked up, or even get his belowed car impounded, just for the fun of it. That's utter bullshit. Do this in real life. Next thing you'll know is that your car is on the crusher list, and you have to spend your next month in a jail cell. Even tho, IRL police stopped pursuing people who aren't wanted for a hard crime, so if they just try to do a traffic stop and you run away, they won't risk that much. They'll just do some magic thing on the police database, and they'll get you when they have a safe chance to. More details here : http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a9 ... -15532838/
So, basically, noone would risk getting his car scrapped and a month in jail for no reason ;
or even worse

An actual racer will race on backstreets, or any zone that implies no risk for anyone other than him. And also, they don't take passangers. Because they know how deadly a hi-speed crash can be. I'll just copy-paste something here, the full link is the following one, and I reccomend you to read it : http://faze.ca/illegal-street-racing-th ... e-furious/
Cars and movies have teamed up for many memorable films over the years. Movies like the The Fast and The Furious have brought the high-powered cars of today’s street racing scene to the big screen. But, what many of today’s street racers will tell you is that it’s not all about taking risks.

One racer lays out his rules of the road: “Don’t race on busy streets, be it day or night, especially if there is a school in the area. If you want to act cool in front of your friends, you shouldn’t be racing. If it’s not your car, you shouldn’t be racing it. Know your area…if you don’t know the road or the area, you are asking for big trouble. And, use common sense. Think before you go, and if you don’t think it’s safe, it’s probably not.”
Remember that a car can kill you in any situation and that a real man lifts off the throttle in a dangerous situation,” says one racer known only as Dr. Disque.

The racers are also very adamant about flying solo.

“I will NOT race with someone in my car, no way, never,” says Turboed 2. “I know what I am doing is stupid, and I should be the only one to pay if something happens.”

“I never drive stupid when I have a passenger in my car,” says noslow5oh. “Usually it’s my girlfriend and I couldn’t live with myself if I did something that got her killed.”
“Racers like to use streets on jurisdictional borders,” said Holtzheuser in a Toronto Star article, “so they can disappear a few blocks away, then resume when the cruiser turns around.”
“A lot of people view street racing as these hellions who like to race in the middle of the city and endanger the public,” says a racer known as LT, and adds, “In this, like anything, you have your morons [and] these people are your morons. The rest of us go far out in the sticks to avoid hurting anyone and causing anyone trouble.”
Something I wanna point out : “A lot of people view street racing as these hellions who like to race in the middle of the city and endanger the public,” says a racer known as LT, and adds, “In this, like anything, you have your morons [and] these people are your morons. The rest of us go far out in the sticks to avoid hurting anyone and causing anyone trouble.”

The cars

Well, first thing first. We're in America. Here, some cars are illegal. Other cars are more pricy than you might think. Let's take, for example, a Nissan Skyline BNR34 GT-R, as this is the car I see most people RP their cars like.
That car is illegal to import. There are very few on the entirety of America. Same on the BNR33s, which are also rare. BNR32s are rare too, but now, since the 25 year rule passed on them, they can be imported.
However, it takes a rough 35k to buy and import one to the states. Same goes for the Lancer EVO X, and many other cars. You can do research, but please, don't just RP R34's...
Other cars I've seen RP'd are the 69 Charger (as a Sabre, most of the time, which is a pitty because they are very rare, and they go for like 50k. Which is very easy to make IG, but not as easy IRL. With 50K, you can buy many nice cars IRL, but not IG.) Other cars are the Toyota Supra, which can be seen very often RP'd as a Jester (which I don't like to RP it as because the Jester is FWD, I RP it as a Celica).
I want to see people RP other cars too. Haven't seen people RPing classic BMWs, Audis, other JDM cars excepting Skylines and Supras, or anything other than a Mustang/Dodge Charger. I still wanna see Nissan Pulsars (Flash is inspired by it), and many other not so known cars. C'mon guys, do something creative.
So, after talking about this... What kinds of cars will your character drive ? Well, an "Uncle Sam" guy will most likely drive heavy-modded American muscles. Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs (Even tho that's a pony car),
Chargers, and all that.
A guy from the city would preffer JDMs, because that's what he is used to. Where are the Civics, Suzuki Swifts, Nissan Pulsars, MRs, Mazdas, (excepting the RX-7 FD), the 3000GT, the Z series, and waaay many more of those ?
Don't be a ricer :"Ricer" means "Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements", even tho this is not where the term comes from. I'll just copy paste this shit in a spoiler, this is taken from here : http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=ricer
(Ricer: from the latin word Ricarius meaning to suck at everything you attempt)

A person who makes unecessary modifications to their most often import car (hence the term "rice") to make it (mostly make it look) faster. The most common modifications are (but not limited to):

- Huge exhaust that serves no purpose but to make the car louder
- Large spoiler on the back that looks like something Boeing made for the 747
- Lots of after-market company stickers they don't have parts from, but must be cool
- Expensive rims that usually cost more than the car itself
- Bodykit to make the car appear lower, usually accented with chicken wire
- Clear tail lights and corner signals
- A "performace intake"- a tube that feeds cold air to their engine usually located in areas of excessive heat (behind or on top of the engine)
- Most of these riced cars (a.k.a. rice rockets or rice burners) are imports; Honda Civics, Accords, Integras, CRXs, RSXs, Del Sols Mitsubishi Eclipses, Lancers, Subaru Imprezas, however there are some domestics such as Chevrolet Caviliers, Dodge Neons, Ford Focus; small, slow, economy cars designed specifically to go slow. Please note that some Supras, Skylines, WRX's and other higher performance imports are designed to go fast, and are therfore not always considered rice. It really depends on the severity of the case.

The "ricer" attempts to make their car "performance" by adding the modifications listed above. These ricers are not confined to any one ethnic group or color, however different ethnic groups are known for certain styles.Here, we have a very good-known pic of a riced Civic yooo, cos if it's Japanese it's gotta be a Civic,
even if it's an Eclipse : http://imgur.com/gallery/18pcWeR
Miscellaneous about cars
There are many things that won't fit any category, so I'll just put them in here.
1.There are 2 kinds of cars : Daily drivers and project cars. Your daily may also be a project car, but if you mod it too much, it surrely won't be a daily. A project car has things that aren't really nice for driving it an extended period, such as bucket seats (which are anything but comfortable to sit on for a couple of hours+ everyday), loud exhaust (which might be stressing on a long journey, even for a petrolhead), no A/C, or any other luxury thing stripped down cos of weight reduction bro, which make a car nice to ride in. A heavy modded car (and I'm not reffering to 1000 hp+ dragsters or anything this crazy, but a sports car with many mods) will eat lots of high octane, expensive fuel, which will cost (especially if U are in Europe, but hey, SA is in America), and be unpractical and uncomfortable. That is why car people usually have either one or more project cars, and one or more daily drivers. Examples of daily drivers : whatever practical car you like. Example of project cars : whatever car you'd like to mod a "bit" (I know, I'm a philosoph), or just a daily driver which is slightly modded, or stock (especially in the eastern europe, shoutout to my Romanian bros).
2.Great car development is always the key to great RP. But our major problem is that, the only kindda tunning you can do in SA is only visual. So, RP how much you want on your car, but remember that it won't change a bit. But it's very pleasant to RP modding your car, as it's the best part in the car culture ; having your own "identity". Please, don't do /do's to describe your car, and tell the HP trough that because it is dumb, just think a bit. I've seen it more than once. Don't also tell the engine capacity trough a descriptionary do (here I reffer to strictly the description of the car, not of any RP U do with dynos or other shie). You can just tell if there are any signs on the car specifying the engine capacity.
3.Don't drift at all times, as most people do. If you're a serious car guy, please drive normally while not racing. I hate seeing people drift along the intersection of Monty/PC. To a true RPer, doing this will just make them think you're not serious into what you're doing.

The tunning
Now there we go ! Finnaly reached this part. The good ol' tunning. When your car's got off the production line, there were thousands of cars like it. It was born as a copy, make it die original.
The car world would surrely go down without the car mods. We all love it. Making your car go faster, stop faster, and looking better. I'll spread this guide in 3 parts : Performance mods, exterior mods, interior mods.
Performance mods
This one is the most important one. The one we're now talking about is the one that'll make your car go fast, stop fast and corner fast. We all love big power outcomes from our cars. Because making our cars unreliable is something we love. If you drive a modded car, and was thinking about the cash you spend... please, shift down and do pedal to the metal. You won't bother to ask about your passion in the next time period. You'll just enjoy your time to the fullest. Everybody loves smoking supercars, huh ? Well, this is what makes your car make that rich supercar owner cry. The performance.
Engine mods
These are the things you make to that metal box, covered in wires, filled with more metals, and always stinking.
First missconception I've seen from different people : the forced induction systems. Either if it is one or more turbine (plus the afferent parts), a supercharger, a Nitrous Oxide kit, or whatever, you gotta understand that, just by fitting a big turbine to your Honda Civic won't make it have 1000 hp. That's utter bullshit, the best thing that may happen is your car's engine blowing off. That's because car parts go hand in hand.
First off, for getting into engine modding, the car matters very much. There are many ways of making a car reach higher numbers, and they all depend on the car. For instance, you can always put a bigger turbo on a Supra (as this is a very popular car, that everybody wants) without replacing much of the internal components. But the same story won't go on a Chevrolette Aveo.
You see ; There are engines that are meant to be turbocharged, and engines which are simply not. A 2JZ offers great outcomes from supercharging, while the 409 Chevy Big Block (example) is actually supporting a very low PSI rate.
But now, here, we're speaking about normal cars that a car guy would tune. If the car is already turbo'd, you can fit a bit bigger turbo in there. But if it's not, you might just start with turbocharging it. It's granted to get you a way bigger power. Attention : Don't put too powerful turbos on stock engines. If you do so, you'll just blow up your engine when you first rev the car. So yeah, you'll be pretty much done. For a factory N/A car, you can fit a turbo of around 5-8 PSI. Most likely, it won't support more than 10, so it's better to not risk so much if you're unsure.
To get bigger turbos, you've got to get better, more resistant parts. Like pistons, injections, performant fuel pump, which is a must, coils, spark plugs, camshafts, and all that engine components. It will be more resistant, that making your cillinders able to handle lots more pressure. So, that's how you can get bigger turbos, which make lots of power. But for more power, the car needs a better drivetrain. Drivetrains consist in all of the things which get the power to the wheels. From the clutch, gearbox, driveshaft (if it's rwd/awd), differential, to the drive axle. If you get a 600 hp engine and mount it to a stock Nissan Pulsar, the gears will simply jump off the gearbox. And that means that you're fucked. You've gotta get a drivetrain that resists to a great power, in order to keep the horsepower and torque on it's right way, which is to the wheels.
The wheels. Anything, from rim to tire, has to be in a good connection with the surface which they are on. To handle bigger power and reduce wheelspin, bigger tires with (obviously) bigger rims are an essential mod. The wheels vary, and are mostly chosen by the design, as most of the rather not cheap ones are resistant. There are thousands of wheel models. Choosing them is just made by the owner/tunner's taste.
But, when we speak about tires, you gotta choose what will make your car reach the full potential. They have to have the same width with the rims, and be tall (or rather short) enough to fit in the wheel's spot, especially if the car is a lowered one. You can find all sorts of tires : anything from hard compound, resistant, daily used tires, to full racing slicks made from soft, quality rubber. Keep in mind that a harder tire doesn't provide as much grip as a soft-compound one, but it lasts for waaaay longer. A soft-compound tire is exactly the opposite.
((Topic is still under heavy working. I've just edited it again, wrote as much as it was before. Now it just doubled, after this massive update. I just felt like I'll post it now, and edit a bit later.))


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Nov 20, 2016
Re: A guide to the racer RP

Great guide man, if you add some info about ricers and how they can be found IG it would be great lol


Jun 30, 2017
Re: A guide to the racer RP

MarianuLL said:
Great guide man, if you add some info about ricers and how they can be found IG it would be great lol
Well, most of the ricers are low levels who mod their Clover or any cheap car, making it look shitty. I'm going to do some massive updates on it. Yester, I suddenly discovered that it was late and I had to go to sleep... Peace, thanks for the feedback.


Sep 13, 2016
Ankara, Turkey
Nice guide although it could be made to look more visually appealing and some grammatical mistakes as well could be fixed. Other than that, contentwise, well done.


Jun 30, 2017
iLegit said:
Nice guide although it could be made to look more visually appealing and some grammatical mistakes as well could be fixed. Other than that, contentwise, well done.
I'd gladly apreciate if you can tell me where those mistakes are. I don't have enough free time to look for that kindda things. Quote me back/pm me with what I could do, I'd be very pleased. Peace, and thanks, haha. Lost like 4h of my free time to do this one.


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Aug 8, 2016
Right now I am rping my car as a Chevy Chevelle which looks a bit broken down and it is on my new racer character. On my other character (that does not exist anymore) first I drove a Volvo from 80s and then I drove a Charger from 69 because my character actually had my money from various sources such as jackpots or some awards.

This would be good to know.
There are more racing types. Drifting, drag racing, time attack and some more. You don't do all of them (it would be a lil bit unrealistic). Do what suits your car best. People who bait cops and race in populated areas where they know someone will see them are really stupid racers. You don't want cops to ruin your car/race/car show/car meet etc... It is recommended that you don't race until you actually got the hang of the car. I've seen a guy on RCRP who drifted with a tow truck at that wavy road in Flint County and his character almost died because he rolled down that canyon/ridge. Also don't just "Hey I have money I will add all the customizations and modifications to my car." I created my new character because he was ruined. I modify my Clover step by step. I don't do sidejobs to earn money for my Clover because to me it ruins the story. You maybe saw me at BB Farm or Splish Splash Spa working. I am working for money so I could get myself a living space, better car, start a crew, host car shows, buy mechanic business and so on.

Buy mechanic sim to get known more to the parts or Street Legal Racing Redline

Sorry if I said something you said, I didn't read the whole tuning section and all of that.