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Introducing Thread Prefixes!

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Nov 29, 2010
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Introducing Thread Prefixes

Wow this is a cool title to put thread prefixes in

Hello everyone,

Thanks to Xenforo, I was able to add a new feature that we weren't used to yet. It's called prefixes, and allows you to tag your topic with a small banner.
At this moment prefixes have only been created for the Marketplace and Accepted Refunds forum, to help both admins and players keep better track of topics.
To add a prefix you simply select one next to your title when you create a topic.

This addition is handy to replace the title tags we currently use on certain boards. Of course not all will be replaced, like the ban appeal section, because we would constantly be refreshing the prefixes when admins leave and new ones might join. Anyway, this topic is to inform everyone about the new addition and hopefully answer the "what is this thing?" question.

Thanks for reading,

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