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[IMPORTANT] Additions and changes to the RC:RP rules

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Jan 31, 2011


Additions and changes to the RC:RP rules

[legend=#B40000Introduction ]white
We've had a mass rule update not so long ago, but it seems that over that short time a couple other issues and misunderstandings came into light. A couple rules were tweaked and edited, two new rules were added aswell. This thread will hopefully let you all know what's changed, even if you're too lazy to check the rules section periodically. We ask you all not to go hard on people who will take a while to adapt to these changes, the Admin Team will also do their best to inform and warn instead of punishing, at least for the first few days.

The most important changes include three things:
  • The widely awaited removal of /do Accept brawl? - from now on no brawl permission is required, however you still have to roleplay starting the attack with a detailed /me (that means "/me rushes X" is not sufficient).
  • /mask usage is now allowed only if clothing items are actually covering your face.
  • Empty/custom house interior rules have been introduced.
Please continue reading for more details on these changes.


[legend=#B40000Tweaked rules and new rules ]white Here's a summarison of all the rules that have been edited or added. All the enhanced / edited / new parts are red in order to make it easier for you to find out what has exactly been tweaked. If there's nothing red - then it's a completely new rule.

No Death Matching (DM).
You may not kill players without any- or with a weak reason.

Deathmatching is when you are killing / inflicting injuries upon a player for a reason that does not justify such extreme actions, or without a reason at all.
Murders/shootouts/brawls are to be be fully roleplayed.

Other offenses related to deathmatching that are strictly prohibited include, but are not limited to:

Non-RP brawling - You are required to use a proper, detailed /me if you want to start a brawl. It is not acceptable to start hitting a player with no roleplay whatsoever, you have to roleplay attacking them beforehand. You should also wait with the brawl for at least 1-2 seconds after sending the message, to allow the other player to read it. The /me for starting a brawl has to be detailed, actions such as "/me rushes X" are not considered sufficient.

Revenge Killing - Killing, injuring or engaging with a player who has previously killed you. After your character gets killed - they no longer remember anything about their death, and you're not allowed to use your OOC knowledge about the death in any way ICly.
Returning to the scene of your death for any reason (e.g, retrieving your vehicle) is not allowed and you should wait until the situation has come to an end before returning to the area. This includes doing these things with an alternative character.

Car-parking - Using a vehicle to park on top of somebody with the intention to injure/kill them. GTA SA mechanics allow you to easily kill someone by driving over them and leaving them under your car for a couple seconds - parking a car over a body would not kill a person in real life and therefore is not allowed.

Car ramming - Using a vehicle to ram another player (on foot or in a vehicle) without a proper reason or any roleplay.
Note: You are allowed to ram a player without a /me in a situation when you have no time to type it (eg. the person is running away or you need the surprise factor). However, you are expected to roleplay something about the ramming - letting the other player know that it was intentional and was not deathmatching. This should be done as soon as possible after the ram.

Terrorist Roleplay - Roleplay acts like suicide-bombing, kamikaze attacks and etc are strictly prohibited unless you have permission from an administrator.

Bomb Roleplay - If someone wishes to RP a bomb, they need admin permission for it. In order to obtain admin permission you must provide screenshots of in depth roleplay of making the bomb and the /time should be included. You must make the bomb yourself, unless you are in a faction that has access to these kind of weaponry, eg. the State Police (C4 charges etc).
Depending on the severity of the offense, punishments may vary from a date ban to a permanent ban.

Character Kills (CK) cannot be forced upon a player.
Every player must agree to the CK OOCly

A Character Kill is when you agree to have your character's life ended (via death, and not eg. leaving the country), and must get a namechange using /changemyname and begin to roleplay a completely new character. You may not bring back a previously CKed character.

Committing suicide to avoid roleplay/arrest results in a CK. Suicides must be fully roleplayed.

Committing suicide to avoid Roleplay/arrest with Non-RP actions and clear intentions of getting out of a situation will result in a temporary ban AND a CK. This includes taking out a gun or reaching for it while held at gunpoint by police officers / other players.

Most illegal factions reserve the right to force a CK upon you for any IC reason when you become a member - make sure to carefully read through the rules in their forum section/thread to avoid misunderstandings.

Cutting off limbs, kicking out teeth or doing any other kind of permanent damage to a character falls under similar rules as PKs and CKs. It's allowed, but the dismembered person is free to decide whether they want to roleplay the effects permanently or just until the end of the roleplay scenario they were wounded in.

If your character has not died scriptwise and did not receive injuries that would give him zero chances of survival, but you still decide to roleplay being dead - it means that your character will be CK'ed. However, if heavy injuries have been inflicted to you by a second party (eg. being rammed off a bike or shot during a drive-by) and you end up dying during the roleplay - your death will be a PK and not a CK.
Forcing a CK on someone when you do not have the authority to do so will result in a temporary ban and also the CK will be invalid.

Revealing the identity of a member of a secretive faction/division via OOC means is forbidden.

You are not allowed to OOCly share the fact that a certain player is a member of a secretive faction/division, unless they disclose such information themselves. This includes character names, forum/Master Account names and ranks within the faction/division. Such information incite metagaming and defeat the purpose of any undercover actions.

Factions and divisions that fall under this rule:
  • Aperture
  • State Police Detective Bureau (SPDB) - SASP division
  • Internal Affairs (IA) - SASP division
  • Any SASP member during an active undercover situation
The breach of this rule can result in a date ban or a permanent ban. The variation on the punishment is completely circumstantial.

If an item is script wise in your possession, it is in your possession.

If you are searched and are carrying any items that the searching player wishes to confiscate; you may -NOT- RP that the item is elsewhere. There are plenty of script opportunities to store weapons/drugs/money.

If you've specifically roleplayed hiding your goods to make finding them harder (for example stuffing cocaine bags into your shoe or strapping a handgun under your car) - you are expected to provide screenshot proof of those actions to everyone who requests it. The screenshot must have timestamps enabled. If no proof of hiding an item is given - it is up to the person conducting the search to believe you or not.

You are allowed to hide your visibly holstered weapons in clothing items such as backpacks, purses and duffle bags, however you may not "OOCly" store them in the scripted briefcase afterwards, to avoid abuse. The scripted briefcase can be used only if it's in your hand for the whole time.

Note: Briefcases are exempt from this rule in the case that they are not visibly being held via "/bcase hold (left/right)". If they are not in-hand, they may be roleplayed as not being on their character. This coincides with, if they are not being held, you may not access the briefcase or its contents prior to, during, or following an RP scenario that would involve the briefcase itself and/or its contents. Meaning you cannot hold/hide the briefcase prior or following an RP without adequately roleplaying it. Do keep in mind that if you have a briefcase visible, in-hand, the briefcase and its contents are all on your person as per the normal rule.
The breach of this rule will result in the item(s) being removed from you; repeated breaches will lead to a temporary ban.
If you are caught storing items in a briefcase to avoid losing them, then claiming the briefcase is not on you without having roleplayed storing/hiding it somewhere, it will be considered Power-gaming and you will be banned.

(New rule)
Some rules about going AFK you need to know.

You are allowed to go AFK (Away From Keyboard) at any time, as long as you're not in an active roleplay scenario. And if you are in an active roleplay scenario, then you have to make sure that every person involved is alright with you going away. You are allowed to be AFK (with the /afk command) for up to 30 minutes, and you're allowed to be alt-tabbed out of the game (without using /afk) for up to 15 minutes. Abusing these in order to avoid roleplay in any way (eg. doing it right after shaking off cops) is a punishable offense.

AFK and alt-tabbed players are considered OOC. You are not allowed to engage into roleplay with them and you cannot camp and wait for them to come back. They're simply not there ICly. If you feel that they abused the command to avoid you - report them to online administrators or via a forum complaint.

Going AFK without using /afk or alt-tabbing does not classify you as OOC. Other players can still roleplay with you, and you are required to respond to their roleplay.

You are not allowed to go /afk or alt-tab in places that can be seen as annoying to other players (eg. at spawnpoints and enter points, in the middle of a road, etc).

The /afk command allows you to input a reason for going away. It should be legitimate, using any trollish or disgusting reasons might result in a kick, depending on the circumstances.
Using /afk or alt-tabbing in order to avoid roleplay can result in an admin jail, temporary ban or a date ban, depending on the circumstances.
Camping and waiting till an AFK/tabbed player comes back into the game in order to engage into roleplay with them will result in an admin jail or a date ban, depending on the circumstances.
Being AFK without using /afk or tabbing out will result in either a kick or one of the above, depending on the circumstances.
Going AFK or alt-tabbing in an improper place will result in a kick.

(New rule)
You are required to have a clothing object covering your face in order to use /mask.

You are allowed to hide your name via the /mask command only if your face is covered up enough to make recognising you impossible or very hard. It can no longer be used without an object covering your face.

Acceptable forms of hiding your identity include:
  • balaclavas
  • bike helmets (with visors)
  • bandanas (tied around the mouth)
  • masks (eg. the hockey mask or devil mask)
  • disguises (eg. fake beard + sunglasses)
  • skins that have the face covered by default (eg. the SWAT skin)
  • other (as long as at least 50% of the face is covered)

Ucceptable forms of hiding your identity include:
  • sunglasses
  • headgear (caps, hats, etc)
  • other objects that don't cover your face enough
If you're found to be wearing a mask without or with insufficient amount of clothing covering your face - you will be warned or admin jailed, depending on the circumstances.

[legend=#B40000 Rules about the empty house interior]whiteAlong with the raising popularity of the custom interior (also called the warehouse/empty interior - we've decided to add a set of rules and guidelines on how custom interiors can and cannot look like. We also went through all the custom interiors and examined their size, those players whose interiors are too big will be contacted via forum PMs and asked to resize them. If your custom interior breaks one of the rules below then you are expected to fix that within two weeks. You can speak to me if you're unsure on what and how you need to fix.

Empty house interior rules

The empty house interior (also known as the custom interior or warehouse interior) is one of the interiors available at Silver Trading. While all other interiors are made by Rockstar - this specific one allows you to create the whole interior from scratch, using SA:MP walls and other objects. It requires maturity and realistic thinking from those who purchase it, and while the admin team doesn't dictate you on how your interior should exactly look like - there's still some guidelines that have to be followed.

- House interiors should not be bigger than twice the size of their exterior. We understand that Rockstar made a lot of the house exteriors awkwardly small, and it's fine if your interior is bigger than the exterior - within limits though. Contact a member of Silver Trading if you're unsure whether your house will be too big or not.
- House interiors should not have features that their exteriors don't have. While things like windows are alright, unexistant back door entrances, garages or basements in a trailer are not acceptable.
- The empty interior allows you to create a basement. However, basements should not be seen as an extention to your house - if your house is small then it's small, you should buy a bigger one if you want to fit more rooms. You are allowed to create a small one-room basement, you need permission from a Silver Trading member if you want to create a larger one.
- Hidden passages and entrances are allowed, as long as they make use of the door object (either the swinging one or the one openable with /door). It is not allowed to exploit objects with no collision or use objects that can only be moved via the furniture editing dialog.
- House balconies and patios that expand into the blue void are allowed, as long as they cannot be entered (aka are only visible through a window / glass door). If your house exterior has a balcony or a patio - use the exterior furnishing feature to furnish it and roleplay there. If your house exterior doesn't have a balcony or a patio - then your interior may not have them either, refer to one of the guidelines above.
- If you don't feel capable enough of creating the interior yourself you can always seek help and feedback from Silver Trading members or the Mapping Team. You can also find various IC furnishing factions in the IC factions section on the forums, their members will surely be willing to furnish your house in exchange for in-game money.

These rules have been added to the House and Business Customisation Rules thread.


[legend=#B40000That's all folks ]white
Thanks for reading through all the updates, hopefully they will make the RC:RP experience even better!

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