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Apr 30, 2017
1318 Peckerwoods originally started as a crew formed of a few white supremacist friends, Thomas, Freddie, Arthur and Carter. Having bought a house in Palomino they originally started with the goal of keeping the block clean, picking up other white supremacist degenerates they would find living in the neighborhood. The crew started making a name for itself due to the extreme violent acts they would perform, highlighting a dumbbell bashed against a black persons skull and a black person sprayed entirely white. Violence kept boiling which led to Thomas being imprisoned for a duration of two months, where he got institutionalized and affiliated with the Aryan Circle, so did the rest of his friends. Coming out Thomas was ordered to form a crew to keep the race war going, and for inmates to have somewhere to go after being released. The 1318 Peckerwoods continue to keep their portion of Palomino Creek clean from minorities and don't hesitate to get violent for their cause.
Not open for further replies.