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House System

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Mar 11, 2017

House system

Development overviewFeature Name: House system
Script Author(s): TommyB & Alec
Documentation By: BrianW
Feature Version: Various

General Summary

Red County Roleplay - House System
A good and well developed house system is one of the key features of a successful roleplay server. Red County Roleplay's House system has been around for a while, but, it is constantly being updated, with the new features, tweaks and bug-fixes being released. Years of the system's development led to it being what it is now - a complex and massive system, with a great amount of options and room for customization, but still, extremely user friendly and easy to understand and use by the players. Houses on RCRP are divided by a number of different classes and types, and are fully customizable by the user, which means, that the player can fully customize and personalize their house as they please. This thread will serve as a document with a complete list of things that you can do to/with your house.

Houses explained
On Red County Roleplay, players have an option to choose from a great number of trailers, apartments & houses their character can own & personalize them to fit their backstory the best. Houses are spread throughout the server's scripted areas, those being: Red County & Richman/Mulholland, Bone County & Rockshore and Flint County. They vary in price, type and size, and you're generally able to find them for sale either from other players via IG advertisements or the forums marketplace, or buy them off of Silver Trading, either IG or from the Silver Trading auctions that are hosted on the forums.

House types and classes

On RC:RP, houses are separated into three classes, those being - trailers, flats & apartments, and actual houses, which can also be separated by class depending on their size and location, but for the sake of simplicity, we won’t go into that. Of course, there is a significant price, availability and desirability difference between the classes, where the trailers are the least desirable alternative, and hold the worst market value, and houses, especially in the hills or around Red County, which is the main ‘hub’ of the server, are the most desirable - which reflects on their price. But, every class has it's benefits and disadvantages, and every class has a great amount of customization options, ranging from their interior & yard decorations (furniture system), and in some cases, for high-class houses, even their names!


Trailers on RC:RP are pretty much the same thing they're in real life. They're a very cheap, undesirable, and small living space. They do have their benefits, but they also do have a lot of disadvantages. Their main benefit would be their price, ranging from 25,000$ upwards to 200,000$ with the current server economy, which makes them a perfect starter home for someone who just created their first character on the server, and doesn't have much money to splash out on a house. Some of their disadvantages would be their ‘status’ and their size, along with a decreased count for outside furniture, and so on. Trailers on RC:RP are found in one of the many trailer parks all around the state, such as the trailer park that serves as the newbie spawn, Hampton Barns, Probe Park, and etcetera. Most of the trailers are stuck with one of the default GTA San Andreas interiors, and there's usually a pretty small outside furniture cap for them, as, in most of the cases, they're pretty close to each other and there's not much yard space around them. However, considering the nature of the server, some people do find trailers as a 'perfect' form of housing, due to their character's story & multiple other reasons. If we were to 'class' the trailers themselves, ones in the Montgomery trailer park (newbie spawn) would be ones of the highest rating on the list, considering they're right next to one of the main towns in Red County, and if you own one, you're walking distance away from everything you can ever need!


Apartments & Flats on RC:RP are the 'sweet spot' for the majority of the players. In most cases, they have a perfect balance of what you get for your money, which in turn makes them really desirable on the second-hand market, and increases their price by a significant margin. For that reason, apartments are a great way to make money if you're good with at real estate.
In reality, there's different classes of apartments on RC:RP, some starting from as low as 35.000$-50.000$ for a badly furnished small apartment in let's say Dillimore, to upwards of 400,000$ apartments in Stiffman Gardens gated community or East Pacific apartment complex, with a well furnished custom interior and sometimes even a their own garage! Of course, every form of housing has it's disadvantages, so do apartments. In 85% of cases, finding a parking spot won't be easy and there's really no room for exterior furniture, but, if you can live without those luxuries, they are a perfect form of housing for someone on a low to medium budget. Apartments are also spread all across the state, and you can buy one in pretty much every town on the map. Most desirable ones would be Stiffman Gardens, East Pacific or Montgomery Blocks, and the least desirable ones would be Dillimore, West Rockshore complex, and other corners of the map that don't get all that much traffic.
There's also always a chance to turn your apartment into an office space, smaller bar or a gambling den, recording studio, and much, much more, only limit is your imagination.

Houses on RC:RP are seen as the highest class of housing. They're the most 'elite' form of housing, and have the least amount of disadvantages, and their price reflects that very well. They can be found from anywhere around 200,000$-250,000$ to upwards of a few million dollars for very high class and unique properties. Houses have many benefits that apartments & trailers don't, that justify their price, some of them being a great amount of yard space, possibility to have a custom interior and a garage, basement/attic, in some cases a custom house name (Only applicable to unique houses) and, they're a great status symbol. Houses can be set into three different classes, depending on their location, size and general desirability. Houses with the worst price are the smaller ones away from general population, such as houses in Bayside, that can be found for around 200,000$-250,000$, and the highest class would be various mansions around the map and houses in the hills of Los Santos, that can easily go for millions. Pretty much, everything else (Palomino, Dillimore, Montgomery View, Fort Carson) can be classed as medium-middle upper class and can be bought for anywhere between 500,000$ and two million. Besides that, houses can also be used for a wide variety of things, legal, or some less legal than others, depending on your character's story. Only real disadvantage with this form of housing would be their price, which might be a bit too high for some of the players.


Here on RC:RP; there's a few ways players can obtain a property, be it a house, trailer, apartment, or a business. Most common ones are via the in-game advertisement system, via Silver Trading and through the forums' IC marketplace section. Quickest way to find a house for sale that'd fit your budget is going to the Silver Trading and checking the /properties list, where you'll be able to find the list off all the houses currently set for sale by their owner, or unowned houses for sale. However, you'll surely be able to find a better deal on the forum marketplace or through the adverts, as prices for the Silver Trading's houses are not negotiable.


This is one of the easiest ways to look for a house, but, it's surely not the cheapest, nor you're guaranteed you'll receive an offer. You have a choice of putting out an advert at the Montgomery Information Center or waiting for someone to post an advert about selling their house themselves. Whole system is rather self explanatory so I won't go in any depth regarding it - it's just what you'd expect.


On our forums, there's a specific section that's set up as a marketplace, where players can post 'for sale' or 'wanted' topics, with a short description of what they're selling or what they're looking for, or - auction off their properties. If you're looking for a residence, you'll be able to find houses in this section of the RC:RP, that's specifically designated for just that. There's three types of topics you'll find inside, those being: 4SALE, WANTED & AUCTION, their names perfectly explain their purpose so there's no need to go in any depth regarding them. Once you've made an agreement with the buyer/seller on the forums' marketplace section, you'll be required to go in-game and collect/sell your property.


What is Silver Trading?
Silver Trading™ is dedicated to buying and selling assets. It works in the following ways... We purchase assets and auction them off to the players, the player with the highest bid will then receive the business for the price that they purchased it for. The money collected is then taken out of the server to help better the economy, NONE of the money is given to any member of the faction it is all taken out of the server. The faction has access to a few commands. With these commands we can add properties that we have purchased to the Silver Trading™ properties list in-game and we can remove items from the properties list and put them into our own hands to then sell on to other players of the community. More valued properties are going to be sold on the forums in the fairest way, bidding. We also have the /properties command in the HQ which is the old A&K building located in Montgomery. If you have any questions about Silver Trading™ then you can private message Earl or TommyB on the forums. If you wish, you can also reply to this topic with any general inquiries.

There's three ways of obtaining a property from the Silver Trading. The easiest and quickest one being purchasing one of the houses players have put out on sale at the Silver Trading offices themselves, and then there's also a list of unowned (for sale) houses & forum auctions. However, Silver Trading forum auctions are mostly reserved for higher-class houses.

Buying a property from the /properties list

Buying a property (both player owned (home listings) and unowned (unowned homes)) from the Silver Trading's listings is surely one of the quickest and easiest ways to get your hands on a property, be it a house, apartment on a trailer. All you need to do is have sufficient funds on the character you're looking to purchase a property on, then go to the Silver Trading office building that's located in Montgomery (Big S Liquor and Deli in the vanilla game), on the southern side of the Well Stacked Pizza Co. As you enter you'll have to do /properties where you'll be greeted by a dialong box like this (picture on the right).

'View Silver Trading Properties' will bring up the list of the houses that're currently owned by the Silver Trading and might go up on auction sometimes in the future, it's not a direct way to obtain a house, as you'll have to wait and go through the auction topic on the main forums (Marketplace). It's the slowest way to obtain a house from the Silver Trading, and more times than not, it's reserved to pretty 'high class' properties, however, with some exceptions. Here's an example of a Silver Trading auction being done on the main forums.

'View Unowned Homes' will bring up a list of the houses that aren't owned by any of the players & are pretty much just sitting there waiting for someone to purchase them. They'll be one of the cheapest houses you'll be able to find, as they'll go for their original intended server price, sometimes tens of thousands, if not more, less than the players would sell them for. You'll be able to purchase a property from there by selecting it on your GPS then driving to the property itself, standing on the pickup icon (Red house pickup) and doing (/buyhouse)
NOTE: Clicking on the property from the Silver Trading /properties menu will automatically set your phone GPS to it.

View Silver Trading home listings will allow you to see a full list of the houses set on sale by their owners, also, to set your own house as 'for sale' for a small fee. Upon checking the list of the houses from the list, you'll be able to purchase the property from the Silver Trading menu itself, by clicking on the property you want. You'll see a brief description of it, name of the person who listed it as for sale, and the option to buy it or cancel the transaction. If you click buy, money is automatically taken out of your account and you'll receive the property, if you cancel, well, nothing happens. Seller of the house will receive the notification that his house is sold, and he will have to go to Silver Trading and manually collect his money selecting the 'collect money' option.


On Red County RP, players have a variety of options when it comes to what they can do with their houses and what they can use them for. Be it furnishing/customizing the interior to their liking, having people as guests inside of their houses, storing items inside of their houses, or in some cases, even changing their house's name - we've got it all.

House furniture - House interiors on the server can* be fully customizable. You can changed everything about your interior, number of rooms, walls placement and design, number of floors (in some houses that have the exterior suitable for that), make and customize hidden rooms for storage or whatever you might want to use them for, and etcetera. Furnishing your house allows you to place(buy)/remove/move any of the objects from the list (that counts well over 1,500 objects), change their texture, angle, duplicate them, and much more. However, due to the game's limit and in order to keep everything as optimized as possible, there is a limit to the number of objects you can place inside of your house, it depending on your premium level, or lack of any thereof. Without a premium level, you're able to place up to 500 objects inside of your house, which can be increased to 2000 with premium level three. If you don't think that you're too good at furnishing, you can always have a friend help you or hire a professional. You can allow them to edit your house's interior through our guest furnishing system.
* There is a completely empty interior, that has no walls, floors nor ceiling by default, that players can use to create their house 'from scratch', more about that can be found in the Silver Trading's sub-forums.
All the commands related to the house furnishing system can be found inside of their respective section further down.

House storage - You will be able to store various kinds of items inside of your house. You're able to store guns (both legal and illegal), drugs, body armor and a variety of other items, such as fuel cans, melee weapons, cigarettes and others.
All the commands related to the house storage system can be found inside of their respective section further down.

House garages - If your house is suitable for it (exterior has a garage as a part of the house), you'll be able to have a garage connected to the interior of your house. It's size depends on the size of the house, and it requires a custom interior (ID 31 interior, more about it found in the 'House furniture' section or on the Silver Trading's sub-forums). What this system is useful for is self explanatory, you'll be able to store your land vehicles inside of the garage. If your house meets all the requirements (interior has a garage mapped in, exterior is suitable for a garage), you'll be able to request a garage entrance/exit point created for you in-game.

House guests - On Red County RP, you'll be able to have tenants/friends/family members live inside of your house. You'll be able to give them a 'spare key' to your house, which will allow them to use some of it's basic functions, such as lock/unlock, spawning at the house, /door control and such. You can give more access to your house to your guests by giving them furniture perms, which will allow them to edit your house's interior, place/remove/move furniture, and such.
All the commands related to the house guests system can be found inside of their respective section further down.

Special houses and house names - On the server, there's a number of 'special' houses. Mainly, they're bigger mansions/villas mapped in (or sometimes part of the default game map) throughout the server. If you happen to obtain one of those, you'll be granted a house name change, where you'll be able to change it's name to something that's fitting your character the best, example: You've bought a house from someone, and it's named after their character ("The Roberts Residence, for example), you'll be able to change it to something fitting your character more. Houses like this usually go for a couple of million dollars and they're really hard to obtain.

And lastly, here's a list of all the commands related to the house system. I'll just split it in two main sections (general house commands and furnishing commands), as there's no need to make an entire section for something like the guest system which has less than 10 commands in total. All the commands can also be found in-game by typing in /help and then selecting either 'House' or 'Furniture'.

- locks/unlocks the doors.
/buyhouse - purchases the house on whose pickup point you're standing (If you've enough cash on hand)
/sellmyhouse - sells the house on whose pickup point you're standing to the state (you get 50% of the price.)
/sellhouse ID - sells the house you select to the player, you can choose which house you want to sell and the price you're selling it for.
/writenote - allows you to write a note and attach it to someone's house door.
/checkhousenote - allows you to read the note someone attached to your house door.
/housefrisk - command for others to check someone's house storage (has to be approved by the house owner first)
/houseget - allows you to take something from your house inventory.
/housestore - allows you to store something in your house inventory
/houseview - allows you to check your house inventory
/houseguests - shows you the list of guests living inside of your house.
/housemusic - allows you to play music inside of your house (everyone inside the interior can hear it, too!)
/lights - turns the lights on/off inside of your house.
/lockgarage - locks/unlocks your garage.
/movein - moves a guest into your house.
/moveout - evicts a guest from your house.
/myhouse - displays a list of house you currently own or are a guest in.
/peek - allows you to peek inside of a house.
/sethousetime - sets the time in your house interior.

- opens the list of furniture you can buy.
/editfurn (/ef) - allows you to edit the placement/texture/a few more options of the piece of furniture that's already placed down.
/editfurnlabeldist - edits the distance at which furniture labels show.
/furniturecount - shows you how much furniture you have placed down.
/furniturelimit - shows you what your furniture limit is.
/furnlabels - shows furniture labels.
/guestfurnish - allows you to allow someone to edit your house's interior / furnish your house.
/guestfurnishers - shows a list of people you allowed to edit your house's interior.
/stopguestfurnish - revokes someone's ability to edit your house's interior.
/payfurn - allows you to set where do you want money for your furniture to be taken from (when /buyf).
/pickupallf (/pickupallfurniture) - picks up all the furniture placed down / resets the interior to it's default state.
/placef - allows you to place down a piece of furniture you already own.
/removeallf (/removeallfurniture) - removes all the furniture from your house storage.
/removef (/removefurniture) - removes a piece of furniture from your house storage.
/seachf [item] - allows you to search through all the furniture available on the server.
/searchownedf (/sof) - allows you to search through the list of your owned furniture.
/selectf (/selectfurniture, /self) - allows you to select a piece of furniture by clicking on it.
/sfl (/selectflist) [radius] - shows all the furniture in a certain radius from you.

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