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Helper / Helper Moderation Wipe!

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Apr 5, 2010
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Helper / Helper Mod Wipe

Dear RC-RP Helpers and Helper Moderators. As the title says, your statuses as helpers and helper moderators will be removed. We are not glad about the situation, and the actions we are forced to take by the abusers and discursive use of the helper and helper moderator rights. It's obvious that too many of you didn't get the idea behind the helper moderation status. It's to help new players, not to punish, show off, mute and downgrade others.

Therefore we decided to start off from scratch, with additional steps built into the process of becoming a helper / helper moderator.

The future process will more or less look like this...

First comes the application which will be accepted or denied by the responsible administrators, which would be Mike and me.
If the result of your application is positive, you will be able to proceed to the next step, which is a TeamSpeak interview. You will be interviewed with questions ranging between the server itself, and personal questions. They will be randomly picked during the interview.

You might want to ask, "why the interview?". Simply because this is a demanding job in the server, unfortunately only a few individuals of you realized it.

After the interview, you will have to wait for the results, if you are accepted or not. When the answer is positive, you will be proceeding to the final step, which is a meeting of all accepted candidates in a TeamSpeak channel together with me, where i will be introducing you the commands and the use of them. Not only that, you will be informed about WHEN you are allowed to take actions and when not, including the consequences you will have to face in case of an abuse.

Removal of your current status..

Alec was informed and requested to do a global wipe if possible. However, during the time all Administrators are adviced to remove your helper status manually when seen online. You can't get around it, no matter what. Everyone will loose his status.

Fixed number of ..

Helpers and helper mods. We'll be having a fixed number of helper and helper mods. As soon as we reach the number (still to be set yet), we will close our applications. Questions of when we will be opening them again, will be completely ignored.

Promotion to Helper Moderator ..

Upgrading to Helper Moderator from the Helper status is still possible... However, it will require another application, another TeamSpeak interview, and another group introduction in TeamSpeak. Further requirements are: 4 weeks of Helper status (Starting from scratch, as soon as you re-apply it will start off from 0.).

Difference ..

The difference between Helpers and regular players: None. You all are regular players, however, helpers wear this title to show that they are voluntary helpers for newbies and the community. That doesn't mean you are allowed to downgrade others, or abuse commands to mute others and fool around in the newbie chat. The rules are made for EVERYONE in this community, not just for regular players. Beeing a helper or helper mod doesn't mean you are allowed to abuse your commands and the chat, nor does it allow you to mute others for fun, even if they are helpers or helper mods / friends. There will be a staff list of helpers soon.

Possible consequences ..

Consequences you will need to face depends. However, you can count with a warning up to a ban from now on. We do not tolerate abuse of commands, or similar stuff.

Once again, we had to take this action, thank the players who forced us to come to this conclusion.

- Jazz
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