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Helper application - Metwally - Jessica Windsor

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May 24, 2018
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Helper Application
Helper Application​
Section I

Master Account Name: Metwally
Character Names: Jessica Windsor
Timezone (In GMT) + Country: GMT+2 (Egypt)

Section II

Why do you wish to join the helper team? (Min. 150 words): I wish to become a helper because I do enjoy helping other people out. It is a notion and a life-style for me to be the kind of person who helps people along their things even if it will cause me to stop something that I'm doing just to help said person out. On the other hand, I do thoroughly find myself quite knowledgeable regarding the server and it's systems, which makes me more or less able to assist new players regardless (I have been finding myself dropping hints like "Don't drive illegally with no valid IC reason" to level 1s and 2s from time to time, after which they'd send me a multitude of questions regarding the server, and I'd reply to the best of my abilities) of whether or not I'm a helper. I'm mostly finding myself driving around anyways whenever I'm not in the middle of RP. If I ever find anyone struggling with anything I help them to the best of my abilities. If I'm super-busy I PM them to /assistance and wait patiently. In short, and to conclude, I find it quite fun to help other people out, and I also do love the RCRP community and want to do whatever I can to help it grow.

Please give an example of when you've previously helped another player. (Min. 75 words): That's an easy one. A major example of this is that at one point, a couple of days ago to be specific, I saw some guy basically racing me around the sweeper job. I looked at his stats and he was only level 3 so I refrained from reporting him, instead, I explained the rules around driving in general, and specifically what none-RP driving is. Afterwards, the guy kept PMing me asking about things relating to jobs, for example, he said "How do I start the coal mine job?" and I kept giving him the best guidance I could. Aside from that, I have a little guide on the basics of character development and it's importance.

What would make you a good helper? (Min. 150 words): Five main qualities. Patience, tolerance, good English, general understanding of RP works and how the server works, and, finally, actual will to help other people out.
I'm a patient person. I don't really mind responding to any amount of assistance requests as long as I'm not needed in RP with someone else, and even then, if the RP isn't mid-action super-duper high-stakes focus please situation, I wouldn't really care enough to stop the RP. Instead, I have the ability to multi-function between the RP and the /ac. As long as the /ac doesn't require me to TP away or something, I wouldn't ever mind multi-tasking between RP and accepting, then reviewing, the assistance request. I'm tolerant of newbies as I usually do not find them even close to annoying me, as a matter of fact, I enjoy helping out newcomers and people who don't really know how to RP in the first place. While I don't have much proof of the following, but I did help out quite a bit of people on discord, explaining how RP actually works and what you should do to accomplish the best out of it. Good English is quite self-explanatory. I type quite fast at the rate of about 20 words per minute, and I have good understanding of English, broken English, and advanced English. My general understanding of how RP works and how RCRP itself works is mainly coming from personal experience in RP servers as a whole (I've been doing RP for about 6 years now) combined with the amount of time I've spent on RCRP (Will be a year next June) and common knowledge/sense that anyone who ever RPed in a heavy RP server should know. And, finally, my will to actually help others out is generally coming from the fact that I thoroughly enjoy doing so.

If accepted, how much time would you be able to dedicate to the team?: Most of the time I dedicate to RCRP anyways. The next month and a half of my life will be quite hectic as I won't be as active as I should be, but come after the 4th of July, I can be able to nolife the hell outta RCRP for as long as I want to.

Section III

The following are situational questions. These are examples of assists you could get as a helper. Please describe how you would react to and handle the assist.

The following person is requiring assistance: "How do I level up?": Hello there! How's it going? Etc. Then I'll explain to the party asking how the leveling system works based off of the EXP you gather from checks that you get on an hourly basis, and how you can /buylevel when you have enough EXP for it.

The following person is requiring assistance: "FUCKING HELPERS ANSWER ME ALREADY": Probably refer to an admin to solve this situation. If no one's available, I'll either respond to this person and explain to them that this kind of request is punishable, or ignore them completely to show that this kind of behavior should not be tolerated.

The following person is requiring assistance: "What is Metagaming?": Hello there! How's it going? Etc. Then I'll explain to the party asking what metagaming is, and how mixing OOC information ICly and vice versa (depending on the situation, obviously) can get them into major trouble, reaching from a temp. ban, being fired from their faction, being frowned upon by other players, all the way up to being banned for extended periods of time if you re-do that action, all the while directing them at the end to re-read the server rules as they explain this quite well.

Section IV

Additional Comments, here you may include explanations of punishments, comments regarding the application or any questions you have: I don't particularly have much to say here except for the fact that the helper team is already doing quite well. Keep it up folks!

By posting this application, I confirm that all information I have provided is true and I accept that I may be given any administrative punishment if proven otherwise. I also confirm that if I am told that I am not allowed to reply for any amount of time, I will not post an application. I also confirm that this application was submitted by me and I have not received any help with this application.


Sep 14, 2012
Hey, you’re supposed to message this to Hassan and not make a forum post about it. I’m gonna lock and archive this for you.
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