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[Helper Application] Krystal Keshall

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Jun 3, 2011
Europe, Romania.
Helper Application

Section 1

IG name (Main account):Krystal Keshall
Alternate accounts:N/A
Timezone (Compared to GMT, eg GMT +1 etc)GMT+2
Screen shot of /stats on your main account (You may only blur out your faction and faction rank):
Screen shot of your adminrecord (/myadminrecord)
How long have you played SA:MP?About three years.
How long have you been RPing?For about 1-1.5 years.
How long have you been on the server?I registered on the server somewhere in 2011 so it's quite a while. I had leavings and returnings but now, I'm back "for real".

Section 2

Why do you want to be a helper? (Min 100words)
I like this server, it's unique and well done, but it has some parts where it's a bit tricky to learn things by yourself and so, sometimes, you need someone to help you learn. I want to be one of this persons who helps other learn, because like this, not only that I help a player, but that player might actually enjoy the server and play here for a long period of time. That would make our community bigger and we all know that larger communities, are better communities. But why I want to be a helper? Well as I said at the start, I really like this server and I want to help it's players. So you might say, then why don't you already help them? Well, I do my best trying to help by PMing those who ask questions on /n because I am level 6 and can't use the /n chat anymore. Also, even if the server has a quite large number of helpers, they don't really answer all the questions in time, sometimes answering after other newbies have already answered. I don't blame anyone, but with a larger number of helpers, the chance of answering a question in time is increased and like this... well.. everybody would be happy.

Give an example of where you helped a newbie before giving full detail. (Min 50words)
Well, until recently, I used to spawn at the "noobspawn" in Montgomery. There you could sometimes see confused players, so.. What did I do to help? Well one of the guys there was asking questions on /b and nobody was actually answered. I asked him to come in my car (by /b) and made him a short tour of the town, showed him the most importan places, where to make money and such and in the in the meantime, I was answering other questions he had. I really felt good doing that.

What do you think is the purpose of helpers? (Min 100words)
In my opinion, a helper is meant to help players,newbies in special, by answering them questions related to the server, related to the commands of the server. things that can be done on the server and so on... But, of crouse, not every single question should be answered, some things just have to be discovered ICly for the sake of the Role-Play. But, they shouldn't just always wait for players to ask them questions. If they see a player having problems, being unsure about something or anything like that, then they should offer to help the player. Same thing applies if a player is new and does something wrong, then the helper should explain the player that what he's done is wrong and what should of been done instead.

If you became a helper, how much of your time would you dedicate to "helping", both IG and on the forums? I would probably spent most of my time helping players in game, actually, because there I would be needed more(in my opinion). For that I would spend most of my time doing so by answering their questions on /n or looking for newbies and explain the things they don't know. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't visit the forums and try to help players here.. No.. I'll come and help as often as possible but not as often as I would do in game.

Section 3

What is metagame? (Min 50words)
Metagaming is where you use informations from outside of your character, inside it. Let's take an example: "The name tag" - Every player has a name tag above their head saying the name of their character, but of course that's an OOC thing so... Running to a certain player and saying Hey, Bob, or whatever his name would be, it would be considered Metagame because you used the OOC information (the name tag) inside chracter (in the discussion with the other character). There are many ways of metagamaing (Via forums, Private messages, /b etc... ).

What is powergame? (Min 50words)
Powergame is where you force certain actions in your favor, or just doing things that would be impossible, like for example, A player tries to kill you, but no matter what he would do, he would like always miss his bullets, always fail to knock you out, always fail to grab you or catch you.. that would be a powergame.

If a newbie asked you (Using the correct OOC method) what to do with the 4 numbers the just came up on the right hand side of their screen what would you respond? Please use your imagination and respond to any retorts you feel they may make (Retorts means follow up questions- and remember this is a brand new player) (Min 200 words)
I would explain the player that the number are actually representing and IC number for their paycheck. Then Even if he asks or not, I would explain him that he would have to go to a town hall (and tell them where to go.. like in Palomino Creek and describe the building or Fort Carson and describe that building too). Then, I would say that when he is about to go and claim his paychecks he should walk slowly and calmly around the city hall and not run to claim his paycheck because that doesn't happen in the real world and would be considered Paycheck Rushing (PR) and probably punished with a kick.. Then.. I would tell him that once he got in the building he would have to keep walking slowly towards the dollar mark where he would have to use the command /signcheck and the number he's got in the right of the screen and then walk out slowly again. I would then mention the thing that they have 30 minutes to claim their paycheck from the time when they recived their paycheck otherwise it would expire.Also I would mention that a paycheck is recived every hour and if they don't have at least 31 played minuts from their last paycheck, they won't recive any paycheck but they won't loose the accumulated minutes. I would then keep up by explaining he that he has to play at least 31 Minutes on the server(Since their last payday) in order to recive their money and 1 experience point. He may ask how to gain more experience point and I would tell them that it depends how much time they spend on the server, without claiming their paycheck. So, if it has passed 31 minutes of online time since their last paycheck, then they would get 1 exp point. Then, every 30 more minutes would gain them another experience point so, at 61 they would gain 2 EXP points at 91 3 and so on up to a limit. I would also mention that even if they get more EXP points, that won't get them more money, no matter what.

If someone approaches you on the street while you are RPing (Say RPing getting your car fixed with a mechanic) and asks in /b "Where can I buy a car" what would you respond? (Min 100 words)
I would try to handle both the RP and helping the person, but I wouldn't explain it on /b because It would probably disturb the RP, so, what i would do is start Private Messaging the player telling him the main locations of the dealerships and tell him to visit the /forum and go to the guides section where they would find a list with the prices of the vehicles. After that I would tell him to wait a bit, before rushing to buy a car and explain him that he can Icly buy second hand vehicles from other players which are almost as good as the new ones, except for the thing that when a vehicle gets to 500 Traveled miles, it's engine oil has to be changed. As an ending, I would tell him to use /help vehicle to get a list with all the commands related to vehicles and explain him the commands in case he doesn't understand them.

Describe your favourite RP experience on RCRP in full detail (Min 400 words)
I can't say I have a certain time where I enjoyed some RP a lot, every day on BCRP brings something new, a new Role-Playing opportunity and a new Role-Playing experience. I enjoy the Role-Playing I am doing every day and I don't have like favorite momments,things or places where I role-play. But, to be honest, I preffer smaller role-playes with fewer people because if you'd try to role play in an area where let's say 20 other people role-play also, it would be a bit difficult because of the flood in the chat. I try to make my role-plays look as original as possible and sort of try to make my character act somehow like I do in the real life. I don't care what I am role-playing, which means I don't care If I role-play getting killed or if I role-play having a race or helping someone, it just doesn't matter for me as long as there is something to role-play. Also, for me, every role-play experience is a good and pleasing experience. I don't have momment like: "Oh my that guy didn't even know how to role-play what a noob" or "Oh my god that RP was so freaking booring -,- " or anything like that. For me, if the other persons involved in the role-play do their best to role-play even if they are unskilled, or not speak perfect english or anything, I appreciate the thing that they at least tried and well... We all have to learn how to role-play somehow.. and the best way to improve your role-play is to role-play as much as possible. A weird thing about my role-play is probably the thing that I sometimes forgot that the IC year is 1995 and sometimes, I always want to talk or do things in that times like using an iPhone or listening to an artist that wasn't even singing in that time, but luckily, somehow.. I always remember the IC year before doing something embarassing. Even If I'we been role playing for about one year and a half, I still consider that I still have quite a few things to learn. One.. negative thing to call it like that, would be the thing that I am somewhat lazy and don't always role-play every tiny thing and every single action because it just takes so much time sometimes. As an endging, I would like to say that I learned how to Role-Play here, on this server and I am glad and grateful that this has happened, because I really enjoy it.

What is the best faction on the server, and why? (Min 400 words)
As for the question above, I don't have a certain Faction that i am like "in love" with it. But mostly, I like FD and PD, for everything they do to help the citzens, for all the sacrifices and for all the good and bad things they go for just so that citzens could feel safe and live happily and probably be able to role-play properly without being mugged every 5 minutes or something. In my opinion, these factions are not appreciated enough... Why? Well, the members of these factions would die just to help a citzen survive but nobody really appreciates that. Instead some are something like: Police sucks, let's speed up just because we hate them or, FD members are retards because they never respond in time and now my brother/cousin/friend etc.. will die cause of it.... But.. the things change when they actually have problems, if for example they are followed by someone who wants to kill them, they actually ask for help from the police, because when they are in danger, police is good but in rest police sucks. Same applies to FD, if for example they have an injured friend or something, they need FD to help their friend but in the rest when FD is busy with other calls or such, FD sucks. Also, one problem would be that some citzens are arrogant and consider that PD and FD ar being payed for what they do and they are forced to help them and therefor they shouldn't even say thank you and act like they're the most important people on earth and PD and FD are insignificant people who are forced to help him no matter what. I also role-played with both PD and FD several times and I consider that they RP is good and pretty heavy RP also, something that can be enjoyed. Also, I, personally, never seen them meta-gaming or powergaming or whatosever, this is why I always respect them both ICly and OOCly. So, As a conclusion to everything written above, I think that people should start being more thankful and grateful for everything that these departments do for them because even if they realise it or not, that have a nice role-playing experience because of these two departments. (at least this is my personal opinion). Anyone else is free to have their own opinion about these two departments and I understand that Criminals or such are not supposed to "love" PD or FD for the sake of the RP.

Section 4

Additional comments, here you should include any extra evidence of you helping newbies, or explanations for any bans you have undergone in the past. You may also add suggestions or comments about the helper team as a whole.
Well, for my admin record you might notice two jails and two permanent bans and you might wonder if I actually deserver being a helper with such things or simply, why did that happen? Well, As I said above in my post, I actually learned how to role-play here so... like all those who actually learn something, sometimes we do mistakes which we learn from. Well... these mistakes that I'we done and been punished for were back in the times where i barely had any idea about role-play but I actually had the change to learn from that and now I am a great Role-player!
EDIT: Proof that I help(ed) players. I do this most of the time, I just don't usually take pictures to brag with them. But I took some this time to proove that I am helping as much as I can.





By posting this application I hereby declare that all of the above is true to the best of my knowledge, if I have lied and this is discovered by an admin then I will be banned IG and on the forum for 7days. I understand that if I have been banned from posting applications to be a helper either for a long period of time, or just temporarily I will not post this application until my ban time has run out or risk being perma banned from applying to be a helper and may face IG punishment.


Retired Admin
Dec 22, 2010
To the thread starter,

The helper administration team is sorry to announce that your application to be a helper has failed the first stage of the application process. The reasons for this are as stated below:

-Several grammar mistakes in the first few questions of section 2. (Please note "..." is proper grammar ".." is just 2 full stops which is wrong on so many levels)
-Some spelling mistakes present in addition to the grammar issues.
-Somewhat incoherent. Rhetorical questions are good when used sparingly... not all the time!

Please do not re-apply for the next 7 days. If you fail to follow this simple rule you may be perma-banned from applying to be a helper. Better luck next time

Yours faithfully,
The Helper Administration Team
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