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[Helper Application] Kathleen Moore

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Apr 4, 2011

Section 1

IG name (Main account): Kathleen Moore
Alternate accounts: Xavier Torres, BobbyJoel Brackers, Jayson Livingstone
Timezone (Compared to GMT, eg GMT +1 etc) GMT +2
Screen shot of /stats on your main account (You may only blur out your faction and faction rank):
Screen shot of your adminrecord (/myadminrecord)
How long have you played SA:MP? Around 5 years.
How long have you been RPing? Around 4 years.
How long have you been on the server? 2 years and half.

Section 2

Why do you want to be a helper? (Min 100words)
I'd like to be Helper (again) because I was around Helper Moderator in the old format around one year and six months, so I think that I have what I need to get my position back, being Active and doing my /n Duty. Also I'd like to become a Helper because you'll can help new members of this server.

Give an example of where you helped a newbie before giving full detail. (Min 50words)
For example, two months ago when I was Helper Mod in the old format of Helpers, I found a newbie who was walking around Montgomery without knowing where he have to head for SADVLA, so he could get his license, so I took him into my car and I drove to the SADVLA, where I explained him how to request for a Car License.

What do you think is the purpose of helpers? (Min 100words)
As helper you have to serve a lot of time to your duty answering the Newbie Chat question from the new members of the server who doesn't have the same knowledges like others. Also as Helper you'll have to explain a lot of things, for example if a newbie is asking something about the forum, as helper you'll have to explain him that the newbie chat is only for Questions about the Game, not about the Forum or Teamspeak, after you told him this you can easily tell him in PM about he asked so the newbie will know what to/how to do it.

If you became a helper, how much of your time would you dedicate to "helping", both IG and on the forums?
Half of my time I'll spend on Helper Duty and half of my time I'll stay as always Roleplaying.

Section 3

What is metagame? (Min 50words)
Metagame is a term used by Role-Playing server like Red County Roleplay. Metagame has the purpose when somebody is telling you informations IC'ly in OOC'ly. For example is somebody is robed by a gang member, he's PM'ing you his position, and you'll go there helping him. That means Metagame on a Role-Play Server.

What is powergame? (Min 50words)
People who Powergame usually RolePlay's things which may be impossible to do, leaving the other player no chance to fight back. Powergaming people usually focus most on his own character.

X : Hey, come in my car, let's go to my crib! You'll get some cash.
Y : Uhm, okay... I'll come with you in one condition...
X : No, get in!

X grabs Jack and throws him into car.
X ties him.

If a newbie asked you (Using the correct OOC method) what to do with the 4 numbers the just came up on the right hand side of their screen what would you respond? Please use your imagination and respond to any retorts you feel they may make (Retorts means follow up questions- and remember this is a brand new player) (Min 200 words)
I will explain him that those numbers are a Payday, so he will gain Experiences Points and he will can level up, so..I will take him with me, if he accepts it, and I will go to Palomino Creek Town Hall, where I will explain him that there is a rule near the Town Hall at paydays, that is not allowed to rush inside the Town Hall when you have a Payday. After I will tell him that if he wants to enter he need to use ALT and W, for walking slowly. Entering the Town Hall he will have to use /enter, and when he will be inside I will tell him that he has to reach the dollar sign "$" and he has to do /signcheck [XXXX].
After this I will explain him where he can find the other Town Halls. So I will start telling him that there is another Town Hall in Fort Carson and Angel Pine, I will take him into my car, and I will go there showing him where he can find them, so after he won't ask the same question in Newbie Chat because he is clever and he will remember what I told him. After I will explain him about the time when he will receive the Payday at [XX] after I will explain him that if he will go at Town Hall at [XX] he will receive tow points of Experience and if he will go at [XX:20-25] he will receive three points. After this I will explain him that at [XX] the payday can't be took anymore.

If someone approaches you on the street while you are RPing (Say RPing getting your car fixed with a mechanic) and asks in /b "Where can I buy a car" what would you respond? (Min 100 words)
I will think about two solutions. One of them will be to explain him using the Private Message that I'm busy staying In Character doing Roleplay, so I will suggest him to ask in Newbie Chat to somebody who is ON Duty as Helper and who can help him. And as another solution I think that I will explain him that for buying a vehicle he has to go in Dillimore - Where he has to be level 3+ if he want to buy a new car, also I will tell him that he can go in Montgomery as well where he can buy a vehicle if he's level 5+, after I will explain him that with the command /viewstock he'll find what type of cars he can find and how much are the prices for them. After those information I will explain him that I told him is OOC, so I'll tell him to go at Electrical Store from where he can buy a GPS, and he can use it for the Location of those Stores for cars. After I will tell him those three things, I will explain him that my opinion about buying a car is much simple if he'll try to buy a car from another player because he can find vehicles for cheap prices. After I'll tell him that for this he can go in Montgomery, Fort Carson or Angel Pine where he can do some /adverts with looking for a cheap vehicles.

Describe your favourite RP experience on RCRP in full detail (Min 400 words)
My favorite experience in Roleplay on Red County Roleplay was the time when I was outsider for "La Onda" where I found and I understood that staying IC'ly you can find more things to do, not just doing some simple /me's and after you'll start being OOC'ly doing idiotic things. So yeah those times was great since I understood how to use more often /me's, /ame's, /do's commands. And from this I found what is Roleplay in general. Because there I was told to SELL narcotics on the streets, not like others outsiders who took the drugs, storing them inside the trunk and after they went to ATM's withdrawing some money from it and after two minutes they were back saying that they sold all the drugs that the leader of La Onda gave to them. So yeah those things tough me how to create my own way in Roleplaying into a gang with a lot of Activity and a lot of Creative Roleplay. Because one of the most important thing is that in "La Onda" - "South Side Locos" I found that you have to use a slang where you had some words in Spanish like "Hola"/"Horale"/"Amigos"/"Hermano"/"Primo" ..etc. So it was really exciting since I learned a bit of Spanish roleplaying with the members of this gang. Now I reached experience from this period being in La Onda and now I'm Veterano that means in OOC'ly ranks Rank 4, so from not being into a faction to reach to be Rank 4 means something. Also I can say that being in La Onda since August 2011, learned me how to RP Fear, to be Creative using /me's and /do's, also now I found that being rank 4 you have a "bossy" experience, yeah' it's not the same as rank 6 or 7 but, meh' as rank 4 I'm the one who can give orders to outsiders, give them creative things to roleplay like selling drugs, making some money for the faction that can be used for buying weapons or things like this, so it was a really great experience Roleplaying with them all of those times. Also I can say that an unique experience that I had as Veterano in La Onda was the time when La Onda was active with an around of 15-20 members per day when there was a lot of new roleplay because you wasn't alone doing Roleplay or just talking, you had some good friends from another Country who were doing the same thing like you AKA talking with you in English using some words from Spanish, or coming after you, helping you with ways of torturing some outsiders who has a bad attitude towards the leaders, or just simple things, like following you for a beer, or following you for smirking some drugs, or something that a gang will do in Real Life.

What is the best faction on the server, and why? (Min 400 words)
In my opinion the best faction on this server is South Side Locos, because this faction was from the first factions created on this server, long long time ago being known as "Hillside Trece La Onda" after they changed the name and the location of the gang in Las Barancas and after they revamped again the faction in South Side Locos, changing again the Location in Fort Carson. Also I like this faction because In Character those members are leading the whole Bone County and if there is a new unofficial gang located for example in Octane Springs, they will have to pay a tax to stay around there or to face the punishments from South Side Locos members. Also this faction has a unique roleplay because In Real Life there is a lot of gangs representing the Blue Color named SUR, that is a division of mexicans created in South of America. All of this SUR divisions are now located around America's states, where they have to fight with Crips, Bloods, Northenos and Cholos for leading more states. So this faction In Game has a lot of unique experience coming from Real Life, because if a game faction is not created for first in Real Life somehow this doesn't have the same support like one faction who is based on Real Life. Also this faction is unique because of the members, because some of them have only accounts for South Side Locos, yeah maybe another ALT where they are into an Legal faction, but some of them roleplay only in South Side Locos, and they never getting bored or tired of Roleplay. Meh' I have others accounts in Axiom, Bone County Sheriff Department, Corn Hauling Cunts, but I'm half of my time for playing on Computer is only in South Side Locos, because from the time when I got hired until now I found that I have something to do in this faction and I never can be bored at all, because I can create my own roleplay being creative, also if I can get one or two or more members online I can do many things.
Also I'm saying about this faction because for example on Corn Hauling Cunts only I can do creating my own roleplay is taking some corn, taking milk from a cow or cleaning my own pump shotgun, towards helping the other members with a gang attack or something, because there isn't too many things that I can do, like in South Side Locos. Also I'm based on Illegal faction because onto an illegal faction I start roleplaying on this server, being into a Street Racing faction who was involved into a lot of things with police. That should be some reasons why I'm saying that the best faction for me on this server is South Side Locos.

Section 4

Additional comments, here you should include any extra evidence of you helping newbies, or explanations for any bans you have undergone in the past. You may also add suggestions or comments about the helper team as a whole.
Hmm, I was helper on this faction by a long time when I was in the first time hired by Phil, as Helper , after he told me that I'm good enough as Helper so I asked Cook if I can receive a promotion to Helper Moderator, that was happening after two months, when I found that being a Helper and helping the newbie players that just logged on this server for the first time is not easy like I though when I was a newbie responding in /n. So I decided to keep half of my time when I wasn't roleplaying for helping the newbie chat. I can say that in the last days I wasn't so active because I saw that there is a new system coming through so I decided to wait until I can be fully hired as a Helper, also I was a bit lazy helping the newbie chat because every time when I was checking the /helpers I found that there is a lot of members with "Helper" and "Helper Moderator" position who can respond as well.
About my adminrecord, I can say that all of my Date Bans, Ajails or Kicks was in the newbie period when I start discovering the server, and in the time when I wasn't so clever to understand all the rules, what means Roleplay at all, and things about staying IC'ly all the time, creating your own mood of roleplay, being nice or being mad. So yeah, all of the times that I got banned was from the time when I was a newbie, ajails for the same situation, and kicks some of them for troll, some of them for asking TommyB to kick me, some of them because I was AFK in bad locations, or for being Inactive/AFK in Ajail.
For suggestions, I can say that one of the most apart suggestion that I can say would be to remove the /n and to add something like an /assistance but only for helpers because using /n we'll fail again like in the last system because of the newbies who start responding in the Newbie Chat without being Helpers/Helper Moderators, and because in some ways they start using the /n for OOC like responding to an Admin /asay or for asking idiotic things like "where is da' forum : D", and that's stupid. Using an /assistance command for helpers will be more easily for Helpers to respond also doing an /Duty On/Off for Helpers would me more helpful because the players of the server will see who's roleplaying and who is On Duty, like for /admins with /aduty, there should be a /hduty as well. That will help a lot this new system, only my opinion. Also could you please change the Helpers and Helpers Administrators Usergroup Color, is a bit too bright :D

By posting this application I hereby declare that all of the above is true to the best of my knowledge, if I have lied and this is discovered by an admin then I will be banned IG and on the forum for 7days. I understand that if I have been banned from posting applications to be a helper either for a long period of time, or just temporarily I will not post this application until my ban time has run out or risk being perma banned from applying to be a helper and may face IG punishment.


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Dec 22, 2010
To the thread starter,

The helper administration team is sorry to announce that your application to be a helper has failed the first stage of the application process. The reasons for this are as stated below:

- Answer to the first question of section 2 is under 100 words

Please do not re-apply for the next 7 days. If you fail to follow this simple rule you may be perma-banned from applying to be a helper. Better luck next time

Yours faithfully,
The Helper Administration Team
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