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[Helper Application] John Mueller & Alt's

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Sep 27, 2011
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Helper Application

Section 1

IG name (Main account): John_Mueller
Alternate accounts: Earl_Tucker and Delmar_West
Timezone (Compared to GMT, eg GMT +1 etc) GMT+0
Screen shot of /stats on your main account (You may only blur out your faction and faction rank):

Screen shot of your adminrecord (/myadminrecord)

How long have you played SA:MP? Over three years.
How long have you been RPing? About one year and a half.
How long have you been on the server? Since April 2011

Section 2

Why do you want to be a helper? (Min 100words)

In my country, we say that no one is born learned, which means that we need to be teached in order to do something correctly, therefor, I want to teach the newcomer's of the server in order for them to be sucessfull. It's a passion, and sometime's I want to answer someone or try to help him, but I can't, unfortunately and therefor I need to be a helper if I want to continue to help the newcomer's. When I joined the server, a long time ago, I saw this "helper's" who helped me a lot, and I always though I could be like them, by teaching other's, I would continue the legacy of the "helper" feature for a long time.
I know what I can do, and I know I have a lot of experience and it can be usefull, so why not pass that information ? Many people will enjoy to know it, that's why I want to be a helper, I want to be sucessfull, even more and help those who need.

Give an example of where you helped a newbie before giving full detail. (Min 50words)

Well, I was driving around Palomino Creek, and I saw a person with a farmer skin walking around, like if he didn't know anything about anything, and I saw him, saying over the local OOC chat: "Where are the farmer's ? I want that kind of roleplay". So I PMed him, saying that I could help him and that I know a great farmer gang where he can fit in, he even said: " Why do you care ? " and I said: " Because I want you to have the same experience as I do ". So I introduced him to the leader's of the CHC, and two days after that, he was roleplaying with them and he was damn happy.

What do you think is the purpose of helpers? (Min 100words)

Helper is a standard rank, it's someone who continues the legacy and he is the one who helps the newcomer's to the server, their purpose is to help and introduce the so called " Newbies " to the server, they are excellent person's with experience on the server and they are always ready to help when someone needs it. They are the one's who build the ladder for the "Newbie's" to climb so they can be sucessfull and they are known for their purpose, they are known because they help, they also regulate the community and they keep the " /N " chat clean and they make sure it's fit for questions.
When someone needs help, they are there, when someone needs to keep the " /N " chat clean, a helper is there, that's why they are so usefull and that's their purpose on the server.

If you became a helper, how much of your time would you dedicate to "helping", both IG and on the forums?

IIncase I become a helper, I would certainly make sure I review every request from Red County Roleplay members and I would make sure they get their help, I would research and help them. I can dedicate a lot of time on the forum, beside's I'm more active In-Game, I would say I take 75% of my time IG, and about 25% on the forums doing some work, the position of being a helper will help do that time in a more smooth way, and I would be able to dedicate that time on a good way.

Section 3

What is metagame? (Min 50words)

Metagame is common know, on a simple way, as - " Using OOC information to apply/use on IC situation's ". It happen's on an unfair way, when, for example, let's say John and Brian want to do something together, so, instead of using an IC way to contact each other, for example a phone or a radio, they both PM eachother which is an OOC way to use on an IC base. Every IC action need's to be taken of ICly, if someone tell's you over PM that you forgot your phone on the floor, you shouldn't go and search for it, because you are using OOC information to use on an IC one.

What is powergame? (Min 50words)

Powergaming is doing something impossible and/or forcing an action against a player. It happen's when someone tries to do something irrealistic, such as: " /me takes a rock from the floor, as he launches it against the wall and smacks the building down ". And/or " /me takes a rock floor the floor, as he launches it towards a player and knocks him dead ", without letting him respond to that, and forcing that roleplay action on him.

If a newbie asked you (Using the correct OOC method) what to do with the 4 numbers the just came up on the right hand side of their screen what would you respond? Please use your imagination and respond to any retorts you feel they may make (Retorts means follow up questions- and remember this is a brand new player) (Min 200 words)

You are referring to the Payday number's, and those number's are always different from eachother, and it works like some sorth of password for you to collect 'Your own paycheck', that number's appear's at 'every' XX:00 hour, for example: ' At 8:00, 10:00, 16:00 ', each and every single hour, and they extend to over 30 minutes after that XX:00 hour, which means that you can take your check at: " 15:29 " but you cannot take it at " 15:31 ", and in order for you to take that check, you need to make sure, that you have been playing over 30 minutes and then you can use the command /signcheck [ Number ]without the "[]", which means you can collect your paycheck if you have 31 minutes of gameplay at the XX:00 hour. The way for you to check that, is by typing on " /stats " and you will find out how many minutes you have been playing after the last payday. Via payday, you can collect two important feature's, which is money and EXP, which is used to gain a new level, by typing in " /buylevel confirm ", you can also check how many EXP you have by viewing your /stats. Back to the payday, you can collect 1 EXP by having 31+ minutes after the last payday, 2 EXP for 61+ minutes, 3 EXP for 91+ minutes and that's it, you can collect a maximum of 3 EXP on a payday, unless you have a donator feature. You can find a townhall to collect your check at Angel's Pine, Fort Carson and Palomino Creek, you can also buy a GPS at a electronic store and use ' /navto ' and searching for a townhall or ' /gps '. The money you collect depends on your job, if you don't have a job, you may not recieve any money at all and you can also buy a new weapon skill by visiting an Ammunation and typing in ' /buyweaponskill confirm '. Also make sure you walk slowly towards the townhall, or you can get kicked for Payday Rush - 'PR'.

If someone approaches you on the street while you are RPing (Say RPing getting your car fixed with a mechanic) and asks in /b "Where can I buy a car" what would you respond? (Min 100 words)

The best way to ask that, is by using the In Character chat, since the /b chat feature is not the correct chat for me to tell him something for him to use ICly, because that is Metagaming. I would also PM him that he could ask that ICly to me. That way, I would finish my roleplay and give him some also, I would also tell him that he could get a GPS and could redirect him to one, I would PM him telling that the Dillimore dealership is for lvl 3+ player's and the Montgomery one for lvl 5+ player's, and that the bike dealership in Dillimore is also the same as the Dillimore one. I would also advise him to check the stock if he wants to see what kind of vehicle's are in, without viewing them or I would also tell him over PM that he could visit the dealership help topic on the 'help' section for further help.

Describe your favourite RP experience on RCRP in full detail (Min 400 words)

There are a lot of memorable roleplay experience's that I have, but I would say that the one that matche's my current faction was a riot situation in Montgomery, which happened a long time ago, I believe 2011. So basically we we're having a roll call over our Teamspeak with our chief, where we were facing a terrible situation on Montgomery, and that there was a big number of injured civilians there, so we decided to pack up and go to the Police station, where the words of our chief mathered a lot, he was talking about bravery, he was saying that it wouldn't be easy, but that he trusted his deputie's and that he knows that we can do it, as we all were trained to server the state and server the population in a general, so we marched inside the Police Station in Dillimore and we got our gear ready for action, we got the best kind of vest's there were and equipment that only the S.W.A.T had at the time, and we decided that it was time to act and liberate the city, so then, we walked back to the garage and we picked up our SWAT truck's and we organized in two teams, one to take over the north and one the south, so we could clean the city on a line tactic. So we rushed to the place and we heard a lot of shooting there, so we got out, we got our gear out, we screamed and we told the population to stay home and to clean the city, trucks threatened to ram us over, but we were so strong and confident, that they didn't even come close, afterwards, they tried to disable us with their fist's, and we built up a barrier and with our ASP nitestick's we defended ourselfs and we disabled the suspect's, we then captured those who were causing trouble and we placed them inside the truck's and we made sure they got arrested, still on scene, we were so many officer's, that we occupied a single street and we made sure that the town was protected. So we packed up, and went back to the garage, where our Chief was very proud of us, and told us they he was proud of us and it was just memorable, one of the best experience's I ever had on a 'Action' roleplay way.
What is the best faction on the server, and why? (Min 400 words)

It's not easy and I cannot respond correctly, because there are a couple factions which I want to be part of and I still have to know more about them, but based on my current situation, my faction is the RCPD, which is the police department.
The Police Department is very friendly and they without any doubt help everyone, we are very well trained to be sucessfull also. Basically when I first joined the police department, there was a training program which is quite big, a program that only the best could finish and suceed in, the trainer's were very friendly and they help us with everything , they wanted us to suceed so much, and after that, I had a big experience in roleplay with other govermental faction's, so I felt really confident on what I could do, and I knew that the PD would help me a lot, I loved what they did and I still do, so they trained me, we went over 5 phases of training, which, I had the maximum pontuation in, and I nailed it to be the best student there, it was so great and the PD was just... a faction that understand what we feel and they give us what we need. So after that, I made it to Sheriff Deputy, and they had an awesome ceremony, which just showed how the PD was, at the time it was the first batch of the RCSD, it was just epic and awesome. It's really a good faction, and I've been on a lot of factions and I never had the same experience as I have here, I met a lot of friends there that were really cool with me, they helped me a lot, they made me climb up. So I recommend everyone to join it and have fun there, because I really do and everyone can. It's a faction that is simple on a base, but it can also be very hard and you need to make sure you like that kind of roleplay, or you may not like it.
I just hope and hope that it continues, since it's a faction that is old and that is needed, you will love it if you join, it's just.. the faction that most accepted me yet.
Their member's, members that are good people, it's the base of the server and it's what built the server since the beginning, only good roleplayer's can join it and be a part of it, it's a real professional faction.

Section 4

Additional comments, here you should include any extra evidence of you helping newbies, or explanations for any bans you have undergone in the past. You may also add suggestions or comments about the helper team as a whole.

The permanent ban was not give by any kind of rule breaking, it was something "apart" and the kicks are basically the same, some were given because I did something wrong, but I never repeated it.

I also want my TS interview to be delayed to next week because I won't be available all weekend, incase I get accepted.

By posting this application I hereby declare that all of the above is true to the best of my knowledge, if I have lied and this is discovered by an admin then I will be banned IG and on the forum for 7days. I understand that if I have been banned from posting applications to be a helper either for a long period of time, or just temporarily I will not post this application until my ban time has run out or risk being perma banned from applying to be a helper and may face IG punishment.


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Dec 22, 2010
To the thread starter,

The helper administration team is sorry to announce that your application to be a helper has failed the first stage of the application process. The reasons for this are as stated below:

- Lots of grammar errors- overuse of apostrophes where it is un-needed, or even changes the meaning of the sentence.
- Lots of words mis-spelt, especially in the first question of section 2, including using double l's in words such as useful and successful.

Please do not re-apply for the next 7 days. If you fail to follow this simple rule you may be perma-banned from applying to be a helper. Better luck next time

Yours faithfully,
The Helper Administration Team
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