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[Helper Application] - James Reed

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James Reed

Dec 22, 2010
London, England
Helper Application

Section 1

IG name (Main account): James Reed, Arnold Campbell.
Alternate accounts: Jake Oatham, Chris Rakels
Timezone (Compared to GMT, eg GMT +1 etc) GMT+1
Screen shot of /stats on your main account (You may only blur out your IP, faction and faction rank):

Screen shot of your adminrecord (/myadminrecord)

How long have you played SA:MP? 2 years
How long have you been RPing? Year and 7 months
How long have you been on the server? Year and 7 months

Section 2

Why do you want to be a helper? (Min 100words) I wish to be a helper as I'm a helping person, in other words if someone asked me a question, I don't just ignore it, I answer it. I mean last year the Helper Applications opened and I made an app, however for the interview stage I had trouble in finding an Admin who could take me within the two weeks, so I was later denied due to that reason, but it didn't mean I just give up, hence why I applying today and hopefully will become a successful helper/helper mod. Hopefully I will get through the selected processes and shine throughout the forums and IG to you.

Give an example of where you helped a newbie before giving full detail. (Min 50words) An example of where I've helped out a newbie was when they had no clue of mixing, basically I would talk to him on /b and he would just use the IC chat, thinking it's the OOC chat. I then showed him on how to use /b and the command, he then became used to that and began to use it generally in OOC events and I believe he still plays here.. That was back in 2011, but it helped him a lot; I've had two cases of people mixing between the IC chat and OOC chat.

What do you think is the purpose of helpers? (Min 100words) The main purpose for helpers is for the new players to use the /n chat system to ask the server's helpers on general OOC questions on the server, such as commands or different places they may want to get to, however some reply with "Find it out IC'ly.." and others say the exact location. Helpers are there to guide newbies through their two weeks of joining in my eyes, simply to help them and avoid them of being banned. I feel that a helper isn't just there for all the players under level 5 they are there as a trusted member, who doesn't get in severe trouble with Administrators, nor complaints against them. Helpers are a role model to others in my opinion, and that's why I think whoever is one, should be proud.

If you became a helper, how much of your time would you dedicate to "helping", both IG and on the forums? Both IG and forums I would put up all my forum and IG time I can into helping others, I've always been helping people and I feel it's good to help, so yes I would dedicate a lot of time in other words.

Section 3

What is metagame? (Min 50words) Metagaming is when you're using your IC information OOC'ly, lets say I'm telling everyone to come over to the townhall via DOOC as there's loads of cars, this is considered as metagaming as you are IC at the moment, as you're grabbing your check and parking etc.. Let this be vice-versa, where OOC information is transfered to IC information, such as your name tag, someone would read it OOC'ly on their screen and say it on the IC chat.

What is powergame? (Min 50words) Powergaming is when you simply RP to a win, RP'ing when they can't do anything or RP that a human can't do. Such as: /me picks up James with one finger, chucking him 20 feet into the air. /do You are now dead. This is a prime example, simply as I've seen a couple of people in the past do this and found it to be a good example. Basically you are forcing RP on someone else and they have no choice of the RP, other than doing what you've chosen.

If a newbie asked you (Using the correct OOC method) what to do with the 4 numbers the just came up on the right hand side of their screen what would you respond? Please use your imagination and respond to any retorts you feel they may make (Retorts means follow up questions- and remember this is a brand new player) (Min 200 words) Right, these 4 numbers that have popped up on your screen is your 'Paycheck' numbers, do not be alarmed. Basically a 'paycheck' means a payment for the amount of time you've been playing, like 30 minutes playing would mean 1 XP, XP is for you to level up, more about that soon. A paycheck is a check where you can go to one of any 3 townhalls, which are Palomino Creek, Fort Carson or Flint County, Angel Pine. (bare in mind that one is far..) You'll enter inside with the /enter command and walk up to the symbol that has a 'i' sign, you'll stand over that and type the command: /signcheck [YOUR NUMBER] then you'll receive a payment which will show on your screen of X amount of cash and you'll receive that in your bank; the XP I've been saying about earlier is what you use to gain levels, basically you'll need to gain another 10 XP to your level you are currently at, say I am a level 2 player, it'll cost me 30 XP to level up to level 3, so basically the leve you want you add a 0 onto that. Do remember when you are going for your 'paycheck', you do not rush any RP, or skip any RP to get there on time as you have 30 minutes to receive your check, leaving plenty of time for RP in the middle still.

If someone approaches you on the street while you are RPing (Say RPing getting your car fixed with a mechanic) and asks in /b "Where can I buy a car" what would you respond? (Min 100 words)
I would first respond to him by this: "If you were to ask where to buy a car OOC'ly, and want to drive around, you'll be OOC the whole time.."
"If you want to buy I car, I'd suggest you ask IC'ly to me and we'll start again, but IC'ly."
Once I've spoken to him on /b about that, I would turn to IC and RP from him just walking up to me and asking the same question he asked on /b, however we've ignored that and resorted to the chat required to ask a IC question. This should stick in his mind, as a mistake can sometimes stick in your mind better than any other method.

Describe your favourite RP experience on RCRP in full detail (Min 400 words)
My absolute favourite type of RP on this server would have to be the Police, purely as I want to become a officer when I am old enough. Police RP has been great fun for me, since the FBI got shut down I was transferred to RCSD at the time, back in November and times back then were a hell of a lot different to now, especially with the leaders you have now to then, nothing bad about the new leaders, just a change. Anyhow the reason behind this is that when I am cruising around Montgomery and I find that there's a vehicle speeding, or whatever it may be. The fact I can stick my blues and two's on and pull the vehicle over is a first point, the next would be the sheer amount of GOOD RP you get with that person, whether it be a simple ticket to a pursuit with someone, it always ends up with good RP. I've spent a good 8 months now at RCPD and I must say it's already been a great time, so many 911's that I've turned up to, the amount of code 5's I've been in, shootouts, '57's the lot.. I am still in the PD, and the time is only getting better with a respectable rank I have earnt. I find working there proud and infact I am a board member to keep the forums clear of any un-wanted or un-needed posts.

Another type of RP I've always loved is being a medic, back in June 2011 SACFD a.k.a. RCFD they used to be really, heavily active, I would log on, regarding the time of day and there would at least be 3-6 members already online, and at weekends you'd expect 15-25 members online, which was massive as any 911 call we would get, you'd get around 3 ambulances and firetrucks just for a little MTA.. But that was great fun, especially with the leaders then making the faction as good as it possibly could've been, with the training being excellent and the general standard of RP was VERY high at the time, infact I would say it was the faction with the highest RP standards to be honest. I spent a good 4 months there before coming up to school again, and I had to leave as I didn't have the time to spend on the account daily.

In all for my main account it must've been the PD due to the sheer amount of work you actually do there, and for my alt it would have to be the SACFD, they've been the best experience of RP with alot of quality players with very good RP then, I mean the FD was probably what thought me all the exceptional RP.

What is the best faction on the server, and why? (Min 400 words)
(I don't know why we have this question, as I can't really say..)
Well when I first joined, I came across Cabbie Co at the time which seemed to be my sort of style RP, plus being a noobish faction for me. I joined that on the 24th of December 2010 I believe and since February, March I'm not quite sure, but I spent around 3 months ferrying people around. It felt a secure and good faction with a good leader, Ramiro and he lead the faction well, except being a little inactive IG, but good never the less. Durout my first week there I came across a couple of employee's one of which was Patrick Bauer, he seemed a great guy and for some reason was obsessed with Alpha's at the time, infact he bought two for some reason.., but he was a respected member and soon became a Co-leader of the company and done a smashing job at it, but one day Ramiro got pissed of with a number of employee's and took his anger out on firing EVERY single member from the faction, and left the faction for someone to claim.. Around a day later someone new came along and just fucked the faction up to be honest, Patrick left as he couldn't get his original rank back, I got annoyed, but managed to get my rank back along with a really good mate, Doddsy.

My second favourite faction has to be the PD, I've spent almost 9 months now with them and I have to say I've had minor problem there, been a great experience all round and a lot of changes have been in place, especially with members joining and leaving and new responsibilities of mine coming in place. When I first joined we had a great and huge recruitment batch of around 35 students, with a massive '57 and training process with the awesome leader Austin, who was a Captain I believe at the time. He did a great job and all the FBI students got through the academic process with ease, which was great as the faction was full of around 80+ members which we had tonnes on a day. Really has been a good time there, and will be to come. Now that I have gone through to become a 'RCPD Recruiter' I have the privilege to go through applicants and accept or denie them based on that, along with the rest of the crack team, who do a great job and we get a select students through, eventually. Hopefully my time at RCPD shall stay on and hopefully get up to the year mark soon.

Section 4

Additional comments, here you should include any extra evidence of you helping newbies, or explanations for any bans you have undergone in the past. You may also add suggestions or comments about the helper team as a whole.

By posting this application I hereby declare that all of the above is true to the best of my knowledge, if I have lied and this is discovered by an admin then I will be banned IG and on the forum for 7days. I understand that if I have been banned from posting applications to be a helper either for a long period of time, or just temporarily I will not post this application until my ban time has run out or risk being perma banned from applying to be a helper and may face IG punishment.


Retired Admin
Dec 22, 2010
To the thread starter,

The helper administration team is sorry to announce that your application to be a helper has failed the first stage of the application process. The reasons for this are as stated below:

- So close... you got several spelling errors in the last question which just pushed you over the limit, denie (deny) , durout (??? Throughout perhaps you meant?), of instead of off.
- A few grammatical mistakes "hence why I applying today" in the first question of section 2 should be "hence why I am applying today"

Please do not re-apply for the next 7 days. If you fail to follow this simple rule you may be perma-banned from applying to be a helper. Better luck next time

Yours faithfully,
The Helper Administration Team
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