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[Helper Application] BillyRay_Tucker

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Mar 16, 2010
Helper Application

Section 1

IG name (Main account): BillyRay_Tucker
Alternate accounts: Charlene_Sapphire and Liam_Mayweather
Timezone (Compared to GMT, eg GMT +1 etc) GMT -5
Screen shot of /stats on your main account (You may only blur out your IP, faction and faction rank):
Screen shot of your adminrecord (/myadminrecord)
How long have you played SA:MP? 3 years
How long have you been RPing? 3 years
How long have you been on the server? 2.5 years

Section 2

Why do you want to be a helper? (Min 100words) I have noticed times in the server when helpers do not answer questions asked by newbies for one reason or another. Sometimes another newbie will answer the question, but occasionally, this can lead to metagaming or a wrong answer. During these times, I sometimes pick up the slack and will PM the newbie the answer to their question.

Give an example of where you helped a newbie before giving full detail. (Min 50words) I have helped newbies in the past by giving them rides. Thus, providing them with a tour of Red County, during which I would explain things to them ICly and OOCly, eventually dropping them off at their destination or at a sidejob location/DMV where they can get started.

What do you think is the purpose of helpers? (Min 100words) The purpose of being a helper is to help newbies get started in the server. Also, they shouldn't get mad just because a newbie asks (what seems to be) an obvious question.

If you became a helper, how much of your time would you dedicate to "helping", both IG and on the forums? I am fairly active on the server, as I play when I have availability, so I will dedicate any free time I have while playing to helping newbies learn.

Section 3

What is metagame? (Min 50words) Metagaming is using OOC information ICly.

What is powergame? (Min 50words) Powergaming is forcing actions upon a fellow player without giving them a chance to resist.

If a newbie asked you (Using the correct OOC method) what to do with the 4 numbers the just came up on the right hand side of their screen what would you respond? Please use your imagination and respond to any retorts you feel they may make (Retorts means follow up questions- and remember this is a brand new player) (Min 200 words)
Newbie: Why do I have four numbers under my health bar?
Helper: Thats your paycheck number. You can collect your paycheck at a townhall.
Newbie: Is there a townhall in Monty?
Helper: No. You can find one in Angel Pine, Fort Carson, and Palomino Creek. Just enter the townhall and type /signcheck [XXXX] (or the 4 numbers on your screen)

If someone approaches you on the street while you are RPing (Say RPing getting your car fixed with a mechanic) and asks in /b "Where can I buy a car" what would you respond? (Min 100 words) I would tell him "/b ((Please ask me again ICly :D))" with the smiley. If he does so, I would answer him ICly, telling him that there's a car dealership in Dilimore. If he doesn't and starts walking away, I would catch him OOCly through /b or /pm, and tell him the same thing.

Describe your favourite RP experience on RCRP in full detail (Min 400 words)
My favorite RP was probably being kidnapped by Lee Chang of The Asian Syndicate. It started out as a simple car wreck between the RCPD and me, when Lee drove, acting as if to help my injuries. Before I knew it, I was being kidnapped, and the RCPD were slow in their reaction time. I was driven to the Panopticon where I was questioned and beatened after I refused to give out the information Lee wanted. I soon was able to recover and limped away from the barn, but didn't get far before I was recaptured and knocked out. When I came to, we were overlooking a cliff in Bone County - I was precariously perched with a gun sticking in my back. I had no choice but to give him the information. Lee eventually pulled me up, letting me live in exchange for a diplomacy meeting between CHC and TAS.

What is the best faction on the server, and why? (Min 400 words)
In my opinion, there is no "best faction" on the server. It all depends on what kind of RP you are into, the type of character you are roleplaying. Do I think some factions may not fit into the countryside setting of RCRP, or that some factions seem to not care about the rules as much as the others? Yes. But, other than that, they are all good factions. I don't have the authority to tell someone he can't create that faction because I don't believe it makes sense. That is the player's own personal choice. If a faction is breaking a rule, I can report them if I have the evidence. But no, there is no "best faction" on the server. You just need to decide what you like to RP: a cop, a secret agent, a criminal...?

Section 4

Additional comments, here you should include any extra evidence of you helping newbies, or explanations for any bans you have undergone in the past. You may also add suggestions or comments about the helper team as a whole.

By posting this application I hereby declare that all of the above is true to the best of my knowledge, if I have lied and this is discovered by an admin then I will be banned IG and on the forum for 7days. I understand that if I have been banned from posting applications to be a helper either for a long period of time, or just temporarily I will not post this application until my ban time has run out or risk being perma banned from applying to be a helper and may face IG punishment.


Jan 9, 2011
To the thread starter,

The helper administration team is sorry to announce that your application to be a helper has failed the first stage of the application process. The reasons for this are as stated below:

- I didn't really bother to start reading your application, your answers are simply too short and do not meet the minimum word-count requirements.

Please do not re-apply for the next 7 days. If you fail to follow this simple rule you may be perma-banned from applying to be a helper. Better luck next time

Yours faithfully,
The Helper Administration Team
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