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[GUIDE/TOOL] SA-MP Chatlog Archiver


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Dec 30, 2010
Texas, USA.
Have you ever needed to go back and check a previous chatlog, only to realize it had been deleted due to SA-MP overwriting existing chatlogs every time your game is started? Some of you may be familiar with a popular AHK script used by many which solves this issue. This script, originally created by Shammy, is great for keeping track of your previous game sessions since it archives your previous session's chatlog every time your game is started. However, one downside to it was the fact that it created a new file every time players opened their game client. This didn't set very well with me, so a few years back I made an edit to the script which only creates one file per day, cutting down on clutter and making chatlogs more consistent. You can find the download, source code as well as instructions below.

Download: https://github.com/TommyB123/samp-chatlog-archiver/releases
Instructions: https://github.com/TommyB123/samp-chatlog-archiver#how-to-use
Source: https://github.com/TommyB123/samp-chatlog-archiver/blob/master/chatlog_archive.ahk