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[GUIDE] Roleplaying a crash propperly.


Dec 10, 2016
Hello RC-RP. It has been brought to my attention that most of you do not know how to role-play an automobile collision properly. I'm here to teach you guys the basics of automobile collisions.

Cars are divided into three sections. Unless a SUV or wagon(no rear clip).



A rear-impact car accident can be anything from a light "fender-bender" to a complete total of both vehicles. These accidents can happen when one car hits the car in front of it from behind. Usually, the case is that the first car does not brake in time to avoid hitting the second car. Insurance policies usually always put blame on the car who rear-ends another car for factors of driving distance and break-time.

Rear ending a car is crashing into the back of another car(rear clip). Many times the person in front applies the brakes violently and the car in back does not have enough time to react. Most of the time the car in the back recieves most of the damage/injuries and the car in the front usually can drive/walk away unless something mechanical is affected. Such as the rear axle, rear differential (if the car is rwd or awd).

Side impact.

A side-impact accident includes any accident where one car hits the side of another, whether by merging into another vehicle's lane, "t-boning" the vehicle by running a stop-sign or just skidding out of control and hitting the side of a car at an angle. A side-impact accident could also involve one car hitting a fire-hydrant on the side.


Most of the time side swipes are minor car accidents. Many of them happen when faggots try to squeeze in between lanes or people just miscalculate and swipe the side of another car with theirs. Most of the time injuries are minor to none. Cars are almost never immobilized unless the wheel is hit causing the axle/tie rods/everything else attached to the wheel to bend or snap. Then, will the car be unable to move.


T-bones are most of the time caused by people running read lights or stop signs. When the front of the car meets with the side of a car. If at high speed, these can cause series damage/injury. Arm, neck, back, head, and legs if the person was traveling at a high speed. The t-boned car's frame/body can be bent causing things to break/bend, immobilizing the car. T-boned car will also most likely be immobilized, receiving all the damage to the doghouse.

Head on.

A head-on collision is when one vehicle front hits another vehicle front or a stationary object. This is not only common in cars, but also trains on a one-track lane. With cars, this happens when one vehicle enters a lane on the opposite side of the street. This is most common at night when drivers fall asleep, but happens any time because of interferences or drunk driving. This can also happen when a car enters a freeway, driveway or one-way street from the wrong direction.

Head on collisions is when two cars hit each other dead head to head. Head on head collisions have much force and can cause cars to crumple. Cars are meant to absorb the energy and direct it around you. Which is why you see in the picture the rood crumpled, door frame, and other parts around the greenhouse. Older cars did not have crumple zones therefore if you're role-playing driving an older car you would most likely be dead in a head to head high speed collision.

Many people believe airbags are MEANT to hit you in your face. Airbags pop out with a tremendous amount of force that can kill any human if hit in the right place. Your head is NOT meant to hit the airbag if you are wearing your seatbelt. Seatbelts usually lock into place when brakes are applied or when the car is hit hard enough. If your head hits the airbag it means something went completely wrong with the seatbelts or you just didn't bother wearing them. To avoid all of that, ROLE-PLAY PUTTING ON YOUR SEATBELTS.

Hopefully this'll give you guys a better understanding on car collisions and how cars respond. And a more realistic thought so when you do crash IG, you'll know better.
If anyone has good screens for the each type of crash, please link them to me so I will update the post.

NOTE Credits to the creator, this is not my work.


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Mar 8, 2017
I wish all the players who just simply avoid RPing a crash would go through this. Nice tutorial though. :thumbup:


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Aug 29, 2016
Good job on this, hopefully it helps more people with RPing crashes.


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Oct 2, 2018
Very useful information. I wish I had known earlier when I got into car accident which was so unexpectadly. Good that I stayed alive and my insurance company general insurance quote covered everything. Already I am with them several years. Next time I will be more careful.


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Nov 26, 2017
Bumping this for people who get into crashes often and don't know what to roleplay.