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Go Kart Script

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Aug 31, 2016


Go Kart Script

Development OverviewFeature Name: Go Kart Script
Script Author(s): TommyB
Documentation By: Hassan
Special Thanks: TommyB for taking this script request on short notice!
Feature Version: RCRP 3.8


The Blueberry Karting Track is a new business added into Blueberry, which has a fully supported script. This script allows players to rent, repair, respawn and despawn their own karts. This saves players and admins time from having to either wait for an admin to come in-game or have an admin spectate the whole business opening when go-karts need repairing. As you know, go-karts aren't the easiest vehicles to handle and with SAMP sync issues and players with fluctuating pings, it can be hard to drive flawlessly in such a small space without accidentally damaging or disabling vehicles.

Core FeaturesThe main features for this script is of course the commands that can be seen below! Firstly, we'll begin with /rentkarts. This command is used to spawn in the go-karts. The person who spawns in the go-kart will be responsible for repairing, respawning and despawning. This is why during official business openings (by the owner) the owner would usually rent the karts and allow players to go and sit in the karts. However, when the business isn't open but you still feel like racing with your friends, you can choose a designated kart manager between yourselves and have them rent the karts! A further explanation of the commands can be seen below!

Related Commands
  • /respawnkarts - If you're going to start a second race, to make sure everyones karts are perfectly positioned to ensure that it's a fair race, this command will allow all of the go-karts to be respawned at the starting point.
  • /repairkarts - This command is self explanatory, if the karts have been damaged, which they most likely will after the first race.
  • /despawnkarts - This command will be used to despawn all karts. For example, if the business is going to close or the group has finished their races. They can despawn the karts with this command. Or the original renter of the karts may leave the building and it'll despawn the karts.
  • /rentkarts - This is the command used by the business owner or the person who'll want to take responsibility of respawning, despawning and repairing the karts. It'll cost $250 per kart and it'll allow the player to spawn a maximum of 6.

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